Colombia: CHANGE Process advanced by Federation of State Service Workers

translation thefreeonline on 27th February 2023 by Prensa Bolivariana

SUCCESSFUL XVI NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF The National Federation of State Service Workers, With pleasure, the National Executive Committee of “FENALTRASE” expresses a warm greeting and thanks to the delegations attending.

This is the result of a process oriented from the EXTRAORDINARY MEETING OF NATIONAL BOARDS, on November 3, 2022, which welcomed the roadmap for the design and compliance of the FENALTRASE ACTION PLAN for the NATIONAL STATE NEGOTIATION 2023, which was endorsed by the NATIONAL PLENARY held in Bogotá, D.C., on December 6 and 7, 2022.


2. As a pillar of this plan, we proceeded with the collective and pedagogical construction of the thematic axes; tactics and strategy for the general negotiation of the specifications, as well as the specifications for negotiations of a singular nature to be carried out;

all this stems from the IV NATIONAL STATE seminar OF OFFICIAL WORKERS AND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES, FENALTRASE – CORPEIS, held in person from January 23 to 27, 2023, culminating finally and successfully with the XVI NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF FENALTRASE, held in person at the UNEB Bogotá headquarters, this past and recent Wednesday, February 22,, as agreed and with a remarkable 48% presence of women union leaders.

3. In a fraternal atmosphere, the contradictions of the economic political situation in which the national state negotiation 2023 will take place were identified; the historic opportunity to advance, with the structural reforms in the health, pensions and work sectors, as well as the active and determined role that union organizations have to play, each day more fragmented into numerous ombudsmen, reduced in digits of affiliations and prolific in multiple affiliations.

With the announcement of the Ninth Central, the position of demanding the certification of the number of affiliates is maintained and justified, so that representativeness and proportionality are the democratic axes of the formation of collective bargaining commissions.

4. The effort of those who took to the public squares on February 14 to express their solidary support and defense of the Social Reforms is recognized.

At the same time, and critically, the union leaderships, of the national and regional order, in the state sector, are urged to assume the role of promoters, disseminators and conveners of information, training and debate spaces, that neutralize the manipulative, misinformative effect , lackey and slanderous of the “FALSIMEDIA” apparatus.

Manifestaciones en Colombia en apoyo a las reformas

With class consciousness and identity, the state must assume the CHANGE, from the CHANGE, of the convictions that have turned them into submissive and functional servants of the political and corrupt dynasties that have usurped the State, so that they become authentic public servants, of a society eager for peace and social justice.

Calle 17 No. 5 – 21 Of: 502 Cel. 3125588926 Tel: 3 52 01 64 Bogotá, D.C. E-mail:

5. The work of the commissions allowed us to capitalize on everything previously advanced, integrating the editorial commission of the NATIONAL SPECIFICATION OF FENALTRASE 2023; approving the content in the transversal thematic axes, such as compliance with the agreements signed and pending of the previous ANEs and Special Chapters of Peace, Judicial Branch and Justice, Health (Territorial), Education (Administrative Sector), Transportation, Taxation and Public Finance , Mining and energy, Control agencies and Public Ministry.

6. We approved the NATIONAL STATE SPECIFICATION FENALTRASE 2023, the criterion was accepted presented to maintain a negotiating commission, whose composition continues to be a democratic example of proportionality and gender equity, as it was in 2021, equivalent to 50% of women and men; who are active public employees and linked to public service.

The commitment and management of the ANE 2021 monitoring commission was recognized, ratifying its members as 2023 negotiators. Within union autonomy, for the sectoral tables, the names designated by each organization will be received, for the corresponding notification.

7. With the motto, “CHANGE… FOR CHANGE!”, 63 years of struggle for labor stability, peace and social justice, the XVII NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF FENALTRASE was approved, to be held on September 26 and 27, 2023. By Therefore, the renewal of the executive committee in 60% of its composition, is the determining step in the formation and projection of a human management team that guarantees collective leadership; the solution of the administrative and contractual commitments of the moment and of the future; participation in the national and regional elections of the CUT; the continuity integrated into the action plan of the NATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR CHANGE “C.N.P.C.” and the active participation in the regional elections of October 29, which consolidate the social base of the popular power of the “GOBIERNO DEL CAMBIO”, in mayoralties, governorships, councils, departmental assemblies and Local Administrative Boards.

  1. Finally, until February 28, at, the certifications of the number of affiliates of each union organization are received, with payroll discount, accompanied by the list of affiliates. This is a requirement for the union to appear at the national state negotiation table 2023 and validation of the affiliated unions of FENALTRASE, for the CUT elections.
Gustavo Petro on Twitter: "No queremos las coordinadoras de la Colombia ...
  1. Tuesday, February 28 at 10:00 a.m., at the corner of Avenida Jiménez with Carrera 7 in Bogotá, is the appointment and starting point to march to file the state application documents of the national and district order. In the other cities, the subdirectives and state unions are directed to coordinate with the CUT.



The National Federation of State Service Workers

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