Ukraine War Day #368: Transnistria the next front?

Ukraine readies to invade Transnistria to provoke a Wider War?

The Transnistrians and Moldovans are mostly ethnic Russians and Putin can hardly abandon them to the Ukrainian buildup on the border, both are breakaways from US controlled Rumania. . The Ukies want to seize a huge WW2 soviet arms cache and hope to provoke Russia, which has no direct border, and bring Rumania, a NATO pawn into the war with Russia.

There are only 1500 Russian ‘peacekeepers’ stationed in Transnistria, but they have local support and stacks of WW2 era weapons!

Awful Avalanche

Dear Readers:

Today I have this piece by reporter Alexander Grishin. Who reminds us that we need to keep our eyes on that slice of territory wedged between Ukraine and Moldavia (=Moldova). Nobody can predict the future, but it is very possible that a new front will open there, in the current war. Hence, if you are a worrier, like me, then here is something else to worry about.

First recall that, like Russian dolls, there are several levels here: Transnistria is a break-away region from Moldavia; which, in turn, is a break-away from Romania (well, at least according to the Romanians). In the end, Romania would like to have all of these lands under its belt. Problem: Romania = NATO. Meanwhile, poor old Moldavia is squeezed from all sides: Russians in its break-away, Ukrainians to the East, Romanians to the West. Trying to be all things to…

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