Brazil refuses to sell tank ammo for Ukraine Leopards – media. + West escalates more and More AND MORE Death and Destruction

from thefreeonline by Major Censored News Agency on 28 Jan, 2023 20:21

Lula da Silva had previously said that Kiev deserves some blame for the current conflict

Lula da Silva points during a meeting with governors and leaders

Brazilian President Lula da Silva shot down an offer to sell tank ammunition to Germany for use in Ukraine, Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo reported on Friday. A vocal critic of the West’s policy toward Ukraine, Lula has striven to remain neutral on its conflict with Russia.

The president allegedly rejected the request at a meeting with Brazilian defense chiefs and Defense MInister Jose Mucio last week.

According to the paper’s sources, since-dismissed army commander Julio Cesar de Arruda told Lula that Germany wished to purchase just under $5 million worth of shells for its Leopard 1 tanks. 

Lula reportedly considered asking Berlin to guarantee that it would not send the ammunition to Ukraine, but ultimately declined the offer, “arguing that it was not worth provoking the Russians,” as Folha de Sao Paulo put it.

Less than a week later, Germany formally announced that it would donate a company-sized force of Leopard 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine, and would allow other countries operating the tanks to transfer them to Kiev.

It is unclear whether the ammunition referenced by Folha is compatible with both generations of Leopard tank.

Like his right-wing predecessor, the left-wing Lula has taken a neutral position on the conflict in Ukraine. While Jair Bolsonaro’s government formally condemned Moscow at the UN General Assembly over its military operation, neither president has imposed sanctions on Russia, and each has partially blamed Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky for the outbreak of hostilities.

Lula has condemned the US for pouring tens of billions of dollars into Ukraine’s government and military, and suggested last year that US President Joe Biden “could have avoided [the conflict], not incited it.” He also declared that NATO leadership should have reassured Russia that Ukraine would never be allowed to join the US-led military bloc, which was one of Moscow’s key demands for peace before it sent troops into the country.

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Let’s send more weapons to Ukraine! And More. And More, more, more MORE MORE MORE…AND MORE! … And in the end peace will come, you’ll see.

The war in Ukraine has become a bottomless pit into which we continue to throw tons of weapons after almost a year of destruction and death. Faced with the prospect of a long war, we can only think of sending more and bigger weapons.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion almost a year ago, we have sent to Ukraine (“we have”: NATO, Europe, Spain) several consignments of M142 HIMARS missile launchers, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, NASAMS surface-to-air missiles, Javelin anti-tank missile launchers, anti-aircraft missiles, Radar systems, missiles that spread dozens of mines when falling,

At4 and NLAW anti-tank weapons, M77 howitzers, Panzerhaubitze howitzers, Caesar long-range howitzers, M270 rocket launchers, Panzerfaust grenade launchers, kamikaze drones, bomber drones, drones with laser-guided bombs, artillery of all calibers, machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, ammunition for all weapons, hand grenades, helmets, night vision scopes, several hundred modified T-72 tanks, patrol boats, armored vehicles, vehicles tactical and transport…

It looks like a macabre shopping list, but it doesn’t even include all the items sent. Tens of thousands of tons of material, tens of billions of dollars.

Since all of the above has not served to achieve peace, nor victory, in the coming days the dispatch of Apache helicopters, British Challenger 2 tanks, French Leclerc tanks, American Bradley armored vehicles, German Marder infantry transport vehicles and , if the German government accepts it, Leopard 2 tanks; in addition to batteries of Patriot missiles, GMLRS multiple launch rocket guided systems, land mines against armored vehicles, Humvees all-terrain vehicles, trucks, and new tons of ammunition to replace the one already used.

In the event that peace (or victory) is not achieved in this way either, do not doubt that we will continue sending arms, since the US president recently said he was willing to increase the already enormous economic and military support to achieve “a just peace”;

The NATO Secretary General recalled days ago the importance of providing more weapons to Ukraine because “it may seem like a paradox, but military support is the fastest path to peace”; our Minister of Defense reminds us every few weeks that “peace is not given to us” and that “investing in Defense is investing in peace”, and Josep Borrell, responsible for European foreign policy, makes continuous calls to increase the European military effort …for peace, of course.

Not by chance, the fund from which much of the money that the European Union uses to support Ukraine militarily comes from is called… European Peace Support Fund.

Once it is accepted that peace is not a matter of hippie pacifists, nor of university theorists, nor of outdated politicians, nor of well-intentioned international institutes for conflict resolution, nor of non-aligned countries that could mediate, nor of course the UN;

therefore accepted that peace is the exclusive competence of daring rulers, professional soldiers and arms manufacturers; accepted all this by an indifferent and resigned citizenry, when not bellicose (the same citizenship that once demonstrated against wars);

and since Russia also claims to seek peace and from time to time proposes conditions for peace and peace plans and peace negotiations while sending more troops and more weapons; we will agree that the path to peace is to continue sending arms, many more, without measure, without end.

We must continue buying new weapons and sending the ones we already had in the arsenals (which will have to be replaced by buying new weapons that we will send later, and so on), until peace is achieved. We must prolong the war as long as it takes, and the apocalyptic destruction of cities and the death of tens of thousands of people and the European economic damage, until peace is achieved.

If this latest consignment of tanks and helicopters and missiles is not enough to achieve peace in the spring, if peace ends up being a goal of several years, we will continue to send weapons:

newly manufactured, even experimental, which can be tested for the first time. in a real war, and everything that is left in our warehouses, replenishing as many times as necessary.

And after the tanks and the missiles we will send planes and heavier weapons and bigger missiles and big bombs, and if it is necessary for peace we will send, what do I know, biological and chemical weapons and of course nuclear, and if that is not the case, if peace resists, we can send small arms and bladed weapons and throwing weapons and spears and arrows and maces and clubs and iron bars and sticks and torn branches and stones and jaws and repairing cream for the hands when there is nothing left but the hands to continue hitting .

And in the end peace will come, you’ll see.

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