Madagascar, with tiny climate footprint, suffers mega drought and long series of Cyclones

‘Natural’ Disasters Now Three Times More Likely, Warns UN

Madagascar is paying for the Fossil Fuel Junkies of the West, suffering a ‘worst ever drought’ followed by a series of back to back intense cyclones. Many live on less than $1 a day and their climate footprint is a minuscule fraction of the average north American.

From 2008 to 2018, natural disasters have cost the agricultural sectors of developing economies more than $108 billion in damaged crop and livestock production.

Over the same period, Asia was the most hard-hit region, with overall economic losses of $49 billion, followed by Africa at $30 billion, and Latin America and the Caribbean at $29 billion.

Madagascar in Climate Crosshairs

Climate Denial Crock of the Week with Peter Sinclair shared with thanks

NASA Earth Observatory:

For the fifth time in six weeks, heavy rain and destructive wind are blowing into Madagascar from the Indian Ocean. Tropical Cyclone Emnati made landfall along the eastern coast between the cities of Mananjary and Manakara late on February 22, 2022.

In January,2022, a series of torrential tropical rainstorms was followed by tropical depression and storm Ana and a line of storms in Feb and March.

Exit Cyclone Ana; Enters Cyclone Gombe

February brought Cyclones Batsirai and Dumako. Now Cyclone Emnati made landfall in the same region where Batsirai flooded and displaced thousands of people.

New Alert on Tropical Storm GOMBE

Mar 09, 2022Malawi24 ReporterEnvironment


By Gracious Zinazi

Ministry of Natural Resources and Climate Change through the Department of Climate and Meteorological services (DCCMS) has warned Malawians to stay alert as Tropical Storm GOMBE s expected to enhance rainfall over Malawi.

DCCMS released a public notice on March 8, 2022 informing the public that the Tropical Storm GOMBE has developed in Indian Ocean and as of yesterday March 8, 2022 it landed over Madagascar and was moving westwards at the speed of 8kilometers per hour.

It has been noted that the weather models are indicating that GOMBE is expected to continue moving westwards and intensify as it enters the Mozambique channel by   today March 9, 2022.

“The storm is likely to make landfall over the Mozambique coast by Friday and enhance rainfall over Malawi.

Cyclone Gombe hitting Northern Mozambique

2 hours ago

According to the National Institute for Disaster Management, food aid destined for distribution in the affected districts was damaged by the rain, with the roofs of warehouses being ripped off.

After hitting the mainland, the cyclone weakened slightly, according to Mozambique’s meteorological institute, which said the cyclone’s winds were blowing at 130km/h with gusts up to 165km/h.

Heavy rains, very strong winds and thunderstorms are expected in the central and northern provinces of Mozambique, the meteorological institute said.

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