Permanent Suspension from Twitter — cathy fox blog on child abuse

Permanent twitter ban for @cathycathyfox. What now?

She had 19000+ followers

Ivermectin Lies, Big Pharma Pawns, Traitors to Mankind

Posted on2022, March, 9bycathy fox blog on Child Abuse

[Update 2022Mar9 15.56 I have been suspended from Twitter for posting this post, subject to appeal. In the appeal I said the post is true and not misinformation, and I have asked which parts are misinformation.]

Who Changed the Scientific Conclusions of a Paper that Could Have Saved Millions? At Last, We May Have a Name

The significance of this is huge. If Andrew Hill had not delayed and then Hill and Andrew Owen were honest with the research and not been paid off with $40Million to alter conclusions, then vaccines could never have received emergency approval as there was no emergency, as a treatment with Ivermectin was available.

People died due to lack of treatment for “covid”, people have died and injured due to adverse effects of the vaccine.

Instead a sabotage campaign against Ivermectin was launched despite it being a cheap, safe, tested prize winning drug. Ivermectin was later derided as a “horse paste” etc in a deliberate act of propaganda by the US Food and Drug Administration, to cover up the big pharma/regulatory lies and obfuscation.

full details of Cathy’s banning here: Permanent Suspension from Twitter — cathy fox blog on child abuse

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