updated..Mariupol: Russian Atrocity or False Flag? Child among the dead as explosions destroy “evacuated” hospital ….

Ukraine war: Child among the dead in Russian airstrike on hospital….

Update: Claims that 3 people including a child were killed were not confirmed. Russian reports claimed they notified the UN Security Council days befiore that the hospital was now an Azov HQ without patients.

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The US-led West and their proxies in Kiev have loudly condemned what they claim was Russia’s attack against the Mariupol maternity and children’s hospital, exploiting this latest event as the pretext for putting even more pressure on Russia.

This includes renewed calls by some for a so-called “no-fly zone” that dangerously risks provoking Nuclear War.[…]

Three people are dead, including a child, after Russia’s attack on a maternity hospital in Mariupol, the city Mayor said – as the latest round of peace talks to find a diplomatic solution failed.

But why would Russia commit an atrocity against their own people?

Russia To Blame For The Mariupol Maternity & Children’s Hospital Bombing.?..

The huge hospital was heavily damaged by a supposed air strike. The Russians earlier claimed it had been emptied and was an Azov attack base.

Yet a videos and photos flashed around the world showing an injured pregnant woman being carried on a stretcher and the photo appears on every western media outlet, defining the Ukraine war and condemning Russian butchery forever.

Mariupol is a mainly ethnic Russian port city close to the Donetsk ‘Republic’ which the rebels failed to occupy in 2014 and became a symbol for the extreme right militias.

Oddly Reuters published news of Russian statements which more or less admit they did it, either by accident or because they stupidly and criminally believed it had been fully emptied by the Azov nazis. Russia had even warned beforehand of the danger at the highest level.

At the hospital it seems the heavy bombing fell outside, blowing in all the windows and collapsing part of the facade.

Here is the Reuters publication if the Russian statements:

By Reuters:

Russia on Thursday shifted its stance over the bombing of a Ukrainian hospital in the city of Mariupol, with a mix of statements that veered between aggressive denials and a call to establish clear facts. Ukrainian’s president on Wednesday accused Russia of carrying out genocide after officials said Russian aircraft had bombed the hospital, burying patients in rubble despite a ceasefire deal for people to flee the besieged city. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, asked for comment in the immediate aftermath, told Reuters: “Russian forces do not fire on civilian targets.” On Thursday he said the Kremlin would look into the incident. “We will definitely ask our military, because you and I don’t have clear information about what happened there,” Peskov told reporters. “And the military are very likely to provide some information.” Other Russian officials took a more aggressive line on Thursday, rejecting the hospital bombing as fake news. “This is information terrorism,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said. Dmitry Polyansky, Russia’s first deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, went further, saying the building that was hit was a former maternity hospital that had been taken over by Ukrainian troops. “That’s how fake news is born,” he said, adding that Russia had warned on Mar 7 that the hospital had been turned into a military object from which Ukrainians were firing.

Indeed the Russian foreign minister Maria Zakharova announced BEFORE the bombing that the hospital was now an Azov position.

Every day for a week Russia and the DPR have warned, with evidence, that the Azov battalion and other nazi forces, who were given control of Mariupol since 2019, have been using the largely ethnic Russian population as human shields, and planning False Flag attacks.

It looks like Russia fell into a propaganda trap if there were some patients still at the hospital. Although we have read various reports of Russian military giving warnings before air strikes, in Kharkov and elsewhere, to avoid civilian casualties. Another background of the situation is the innumerable claims of false propaganda by the fascist militias who have been attacking Donbass for 8 years ‘with over 13,000 deaths’.

Russia has also set up evacuation corridors from Mariupol on at least 3 days this week,and organised buses to evacuate the besieged city, but firing and mines stopped them, with both sides blaming each other.

We really don’t know why this happened. But the media propaganda worldwide is already a done deal. Here’s another different account:

Finally here’s Andrew Korybko‘s view of the bombing. He is an American political analyst.

Whatever the case may be, and the world might never know for sure since the US-led West has an interest in propagating its unsubstantiated and premature claims that Russia was responsible for a so-called “atrocity”, there’s no doubt that this incident represents a milestone in the infowar against the RAF’s special operation in Ukraine.

It’s practically a copy-and-paste of what they claimed Russia was doing in Syria for the past six and a half years, all of which was never backed up with any uncontestable evidence and remained in the realm of provocative speculation propagated for self-interested narrative-strategic ends.

The very same is happening right now with the Mariupol hospital incident so everyone should remain alert and not allow themselves to be misled by the MSM’s fake news.By Andrew KorybkoAmerican political analyst

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