Smash EDL, don’t ban them.Today them, tomorrow us! Liverpool ANTIFA

Ban the EDL march. The current chant right now of the Left. They are insane….Some people are getting into the old rhetoric “We are proud of Tower Hamlets, a vibrant multiracial area, which has along and proud history of resistance to racism & fascism. From Cable Street in the 1930s, to Brick Lane in the 1970s and to Millwall in the1990s, the people of Tower Hamlets have come together to see off racism and fascism before. We will now stand united against the racist and extremist EDL.” Reads a letter from Hope not Hate in which they repeatedly ask for a ban….

Banning their march’s only further legitimises their arguments. A tiny tiny tiny minority of orthodox Islamic followers do need to be criticised and protested. If their march’s are banned their narrative of victimisation, that all Muslims are a problem and that the Left are willing to allow this country to fall into this minority hands becomes more acceptable, despite lacking any proof. If their marches are banned it makes them seem right, their numbers will grow, this is unacceptable. They must be stopped. And they must be stopped by the only language they know. On the streets.

The only thing that is certain is that a ban on the EDL march in Tower Hamlets will be a nightmare.

Without the EDL on the 3rd Sept to protest, our community will be attacked by another invading army, the police as seen before on June 20th last year. The groups that turn out to oppose the absent EDL will have the shit kicked out of them by the police. Kids will be rounded up beaten, arrested and months later sent to jail………

If the EDL are not beaten on our streets they will never go away, if they are not smashed to atoms – physically and ideologically – then they will continue to grow and infect. If the EDL are banned and go underground without being definitively defeated on the streets we will never be able to operate without a fear of them. They will become the bogeyman to radical politics……..

We don’t need to campaign for them to ban political groups. Today the EDL, tomorrow us. Liverpool ANTIFA




Unschooling is NOT ‘Hands Off’.

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It’s not enough to leave a child to fend for themselves when it comes to discovering new interests and the world around them. Unschooling parents should look for opportunities to expose their children to to a variety of people, new ideas, the community outside your immediate one and activities that don’t normally come up in your daily life.

If your family life is rich and full, there will be things to do, places to go, projects to tackle, interesting things to discuss. Don’t watch and wait for signs of an interest. Go out and bring them to your child… your family.

And when they find interests, support them! Get interested yourself, at least enough to understand what they’re doing so they can discuss it with you.

This is not about money either. Go to the library, free concerts, museums that have free admission, activities in your local parks….there’s tons of stuff if you look for it and are open to new things.

Unschooling is anything by passive and direction-less.

It’s about lighting a fire.

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DeSchooling for Social Revolution…Read ‘The Free’

This site is hosting 'The Free', a novel set in the coming collapse of Capitalism. In the story schools, along with most State institutions,  close down due to lack of funds, but community based free schools  take over. Based on self education groups and online OpenUni courses these youth culture gangs are recruited by the Free CoOps as the 'clan militias' which defend the anti capitalist revolution.  You can download the amazing 462 page book here for free, or read it online.

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15M Madrid: Fracasan las Cargas..Police Attacks FAIL

Lxs manifestantes, tras ser disueltos por la fuerza y con gran dureza, han retornado hacia las inmediaciones de la Puerta del Sol, donde la policía ha reforzado aún más el dispositivo de seguridad que tenía montado para hacer inexpugnable la plaza

Brutales cargas policiales contra manifestación pacífica de Indignadxs en Madrid

@acampadasol informa acerca de la carga policial frente al Ministerio de Interior. Calcula en torno a una decena de heridos. “No hubo provocación por parte de los indignados”, según la web Toma la plaza. Se puede leer aquí:

Al menos 20 heridos por acción de la policía

Al menos 20 personas resultaron heridas por la represión de la Policía a la marcha de los indignados en la noche de este jueves en las cercanías de la plaza Puerta del Sol de Madrid (España), confirmò la corresponsalía de teleSUR en España. El movimiento 15-M ha salido a las calles para intentar retomar estos espacios de los que fueron desalojados por la fuerza el pasado martes.

“Indignados dicen que hay al menos 20 heridos tras represión policial cerca a Ministerio del Interior de España”, reportó a través de su cuenta en Twitter @teleSUREspana la corresponsalía de teleSUR en el país europeo.

Según versiones que circulan por Twitter “la Policía sube a golpes por La Castellana”. No obstante, tras superar este obstáculo y con mayor determinación los miles de “manifestantes se reagrupan y se dirigen a (Puerta del) Sol”, informan estas fuentes.

Con las dos detenciones producidas ayer, ya son cuatro las personas detenidas por la policía en las protestas desarrolladas en el entorno de la puerta del Sol de Madrid. Las protestas que se volvieron a desarrollar durante la pasada noche por los alrededores de la Puerta del Sol de Madrid, que permaneció bloqueada por la Policía, se han saldado con otros dos detenidos, según ha informado a Europa Press un portavoz de la Jefatura Superior de Policía de Madrid.
La policía ha realizado la pasada noche (4 de julio) varias cargas brutales contra una manifestación pacífica de varios cientos de personas indignadas que se encontraban ante la sede del Ministerio del Interior en el Paseo de la Castellana de Madrid.
Agitación, Madrid – Castilla La Mancha – Extremadura, Madrid· 04.08.2011

La policia cierra por segundo día consecutivo la Puerta del Sol. Las manifestaciones prosiguen

Con ayer, miércoles 3 de agosto, son ya dos los días consecutivos que las calles adyacentes a Sol y las estaciones de metro y cercanías han sido cerradas para impedir el acceso de personas a la plaza. Al mismo tiempo las policías nacional y municipal han vuelto a tomar Sol cerrando la misma al tránsito de personas. Se han instalado cordones de vallas en todos los accesos a la puerta del Sol y el comportamiento de la policía ha sido más áspero y maleducado. Se han producido demasiados momentos de tensión, amenazas y violencia verbal. Como en el día anterior el despliegue policial ordenado por el Ministerio del Interior y el Ayuntamiento de Madrid ha sido espectacular. Se han repetido los registros de las pertenencias que portaban las personas, las identificaciones y la toma de datos personales, que luego se convierte en una sanción económica administrativa.

15M.Take Back the SUN–Tomamos SOL


Not only did the Madrid police dismantle the Info Post in Pl del Sol. They put in place a massive permanent presence to stop any demo reaching the symbolic Plaza . The police hope to take advantage of the August Holidays and the proclaimed pacifism of the thousands of protestors Solidarity demos are spreading and continuing all over Spain

Jueves 4 de agosto …some events today

  • 19.30 Asamblea de Política a corto plazo, en Ópera.*
  • 20h Asamblea de Política a largo plazo, plaza de Pontejos.*
  • 20h Asamblea del periódico 15MNews, en la c/ Pez (frente al Bar El Palentino).*
  • 20:30 Asamblea de Pensamiento, en la c/ Carmen, 9.*
  • 21h Asamblea del grupo de Salud, callejón de las cadenas (se accede por la c/ Alcalá, esquina Caja Madrid).*
  • 21.30 Asamblea de Biblioteca, plaza de las Descalzas.*

Unschooling movement a Wild Success

Unschooling works, of course, because anarchism works. However this article doesnt specify what these 'anti-schools' cost. Prejudice from the state system often means such schools dont get normal public funding and are thus a haven for the rich.

Students chat outside at Sudbury Valley School in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Unschoolers learn what they want, when they want

Six-year-old Karina Ricci doesn’t ever have a typical day. She has no schedule to follow, no lessons to complete.

She spends her time watching TV, doing arts and crafts or practicing the piano. She learned to spell by e-mailing with friends; she uses math concepts while cooking dinner.

Everything she knows has been absorbed “organically,” according to her dad, Dr. Carlo Ricci. She’s not just on summer break — this is her life year round as an at-home unschooler.

“It’s incredible how capable she is,” Ricci said in a phone interview from his home in Toronto, Ontario. “And I think that all young people are that capable … if you don’t tell them they can’t or they’re not allowed, they surprise us in a lot of ways.”

Ricci is professor of alternative learning at Nipissing University and an advocate of unschooling, a concept that’s gaining popularity in both Canada and the United States thanks to frustration with the current public education system. In unschooling the child is in control of his/her learning. They are free to decide what they want to study, when they want to study it.

Experts say there are about 2 million home-educated students in the U.S., and Ricci estimates 10% adhere to unschooling ideals. In addition, there are more than 20 Sudbury schools — private institutions that follow the same philosophy — in North America. A new one is set to open in Toronto next fall.

The unschooling philosophy is based on education pioneer John Holt’s 1964 book “How Children Fail.” Put simply, Holt wrote that living is learning. He believed children should follow their innate curiosity and passions rather than being forced to learn hordes of information they will never use.

“I think our education system as a whole is, to me, in a very delicate and precarious place,” Sudbury Valley staff member Mimsy Sadofsky said. “It keeps trying to do what it can’t do, which is make every child learn everything in the whole wide world. It’s like heading toward a cliff.”

Sadofsky remembers the terror she and her husband felt after deciding to enroll their children in the Sudbury Valley School in Framingham, Massachusetts. It was 1968 and her son was unhappy with the rules in his first grade class. But could they entrust a 6-year-old with his education?

“What an enormous risk we were taking with our children’s lives,” Sadofsky said, thinking back. “You’re told to take care of your children and that schools will give them a good education. Suddenly, you’re turning it around.”

But Sadofsky’s kids flourished and are an example of unschooling’s success: one is a mathematician, one is a software coordinator-turned-jam entrepreneur and the third is a geologist.

“They have, and I think this is true of [Sudbury] alumni in general, an incredible sense of who they are and how they work, and confidence in their abilities,” Sadofsky said. “Not that they know everything, but they know how to find what they need.”

Sudbury schools are democratically run, meaning every student and employee has one vote, whatever their age. The only rules are set by the student body and can be changed by a majority. The overlying theme — respect for yourself, others and the property — is taken more seriously, students say, because you’re judged by your peers instead of an authority figure.

Classes are offered but not mandatory — “certifications” are required to use equipment such as sharp cooking utensils. There are no grades. Staff members often do not have a teaching background; they are there simply to guide students in their individual pursuits.

..……….Ben Locke, 21, entered Sudbury Valley as a teen, feeling isolated and unhappy in his public high school.

“It was a radical idea… I’m certain at the time when I made the transition none of us knew exactly what I was getting into.”

Locke spent most of his first year at Sudbury Valley playing video games. Then he discovered the music room across the hall. Eventually he became comfortable enough to spend hours chatting with other students in the common room.

“The conversation in SVS is radically different than in public schools,” Locke said. “There’s no age segregation, no time limit. We would have a wide variety of topics, some of them totally lewd and some of them more deep and philosophical.” Unschooling advocate and former SVS student Freya Sargent said that even seemingly aimless activities like this have a purpose — they lead kids to discover new interests.

“A lot of parents express concern that ‘my kid is going to end up doing nothing,'” Sargent said. “And that may be true for a certain amount of time, but we as a species are very curious and we have this innate need to learn… People may sit around for a while, but then they get bored and they want to be involved.”

Locke is now studying neuroscience at Harvard University — a passion he developed after wondering how music translates across cultures (remember the Mario Bros. theme song?).

Approximately 90% of Sudbury Valley’s graduates go on to college (compared with 69% of graduates from the public education system). Those opposed to unschooling often say students will have trouble adapting to the real world when confronted with grades, tests or working 9 to 5 under an authority figure.

Molly Morningstar isn’t worried. The 19-year-old pre-med student at Hapmshire College in Massachusetts said the freedom she found at SVS didn’t teach her to avoid work — it taught her to work hard at whatever she enjoyed.

“Freedom is a funny word,” she said. “[The] structure of being a doctor is freedom in a sense because it’s what you chose to do with your life. I feel like I’m a very free person right now — but I still work as a barista at a café 30 hours a week. It’s more about taking charge of your time rather than choosing to do nothing.”


DeSchooling for Social Revolution…Read ‘The Free’

This site is hosting 'The Free', a novel set in the coming collapse of Capitalism. In the story schools, along with most State institutions,  close down due to lack of funds, but community based free schools  take over. Based on self education groups and online OpenUni courses these youth culture gangs are recruited by the Free CoOps as the 'clan militias' which defend the anti capitalist revolution.  You can download the amazing 462 page book here for free, or read it online.

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Cops forced to retract call to ‘Report all Anarchists’


The Metropolitan police initiated an embarrassing climbdown after a police station in Belgravia, west London, published a leaflet asking the public and businesses to report anyone with anarchist sympathies.

The call for information on a political rather than criminal group echoed a similar appeal for information about al-Qaida activity and “could have been better worded”, Scotland Yard admitted.

City of Westminster police’s “counter-terrorist focus desk” had last week called for anti-anarchist whistleblowers, stating next to an anarchist emblem: “Anarchism is a political philosophy which considers the state undesirable, unnecessary and harmful, and instead promotes a stateless society, or anarchy. Any information relating to anarchists should be reported to your local police.”

The move angered some anarchists who insisted that being an anarchist does not imply criminal behaviour, indeed the biggest problem with the anarchist movement is the predominance of Pacifists..

Capitalists, on the other hand are unanimously criminal and should be reported immediately

The City of Westminster is not a fan of anarchists, it seems, after their counter-terrorism unit sent out a document that includes a warning about the dangers posed by anarchists.  Helpfully, the document defines anarchism for us. In fact, it defines anarchism in exactly the same words (and with exactly the same punctuation) as the Wikipedia entry for anarchism. Isn’t that a coincidence? Anyway, the document urges the reader to report any instances of anarchism to the police.

EDL: Lets Stop demo by Child Killer’s fans!

Counter Demos planned to Fascist March with links to mass murderer

Two national unions have joined local union branches and community leaders in backing the demo to celebrate diversity and oppose the racist English Defence League in Tower Hamlets on 3 September. The EDL – an organisation of racist and fascist thugs – is threatening to march through the east London borough on that date. This is the planned culmination of the EDL’s summer of hate. But its attempts to stir up racist hatred against Muslims in the multicultural, multiracial East End of London have been met with a wave of condemnation from across Tower Hamlets’ diverse community and beyond.

Assemble from 11am
Weavers Fields, London E2 6HW


We are issuing this call-out to all those who want to join us in keeping Tower Hamlets FASCIST FREE – to all those who think they can help hand out legal info, defend the community or occupy our radical spaces. Whatever your abilities, there is a role for you to play in keeping the EDL from achieving what they need to boost morale – that is, an incursion into Tower Hamlets – the borough with London’s highest concentration of Muslims. This could be make or break for the EDL.
Some Groups may not wish to join us on the day in tower hamlets, from them we ask for solidarity. Solidarity Actions throughout London can help us greatly, whatever event whatever group has planned can you please do it on the 3rd of September.
Solidarity is our Weapon – Class War not Race War!

Norway killer’s EDL links

Breivik’s Nazi email mates

Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer, emailed his Nazi manifesto to 1,000 contacts around the world—250 of them in Britain.

Dozens of high-ranking British National Party officials are on the list—and plenty of EDL racists too.

EDL supporter Daryl Hobson got the email, for example, and so did a C Donnellan. Clive Donnellan is an EDL and BNP supporter.

Bill Baker of the EDL got it too. He said Breivik’s “actions were great, his targets were wrong.”

‘I inspired him’ says EDL man

When EDL member Paul Ray, aka “Richard the Lionheart”, was first accused of being Breivik’s “mentor”, he denied it and pointed the finger at EDL funder Alan Lake.

But a few days later, he’d changed his mind. “I definitely could have been his inspiration,” he said.


COMMENT BY IAN BONE ….To stop us being blown up by Islamacist nutters the EDL fan   decides to ….blow us up. He’d even done a martyrdom video and copied the Mumbai attack. I don’t share the general enthusiasm to identify any assocition with Nazi groups – he’s a fucking mainstream Tory. Interesting today how columnists like Rod liddle have steered away to other subjects rather than the usual anti-immigration line. they’ll be back next week – and the Mail headline reads ‘Burning hatred of right wing gunman who hated immigrants and multi-culturalism’…… I wonder where he got that from?


The Mentor of terrorism

I wrote a few posts ago that Breivik was ‘Richard Littlejohn  with a gun’ well it turns out that one of the sources most quoted – or directly lifted and cut and pasted -is our very own hate merchant Tory MELANIE PHILLIPS of the Daily Mail…..6 times directly lifted from.

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we’ll need 27 planet Earths by 2050,

Protecting bits of nature here and there will not prevent humanity from losing our life support system. Even if areas dedicated to conserving plants, animals, and other species that provide Earth’s life support system increased tenfold, it would not be enough without dealing with the big issues of the 21st century: population, overconsumption and inefficient resource use.

Without dealing with those big issues, humanity will need 27 planet Earths by 2050, a new study estimates.

The world population, currently at seven billion, is well beyond Earth’s ability to sustain. By 2050, with a projected population of 10 billion people and without a change in consumption patterns, the cumulative use of natural resources will amount to the productivity of up to 27 planet Earths, the study found.

Sustaining the current seven billion people on the planet requires a major shift in resource use. At present, the average U.S. citizen’s ecological footprint is about 10 hectares, while a Haitian’s is less than one. The planet could sustain us if everyone’s footprint averaged two ha, Mora said.

Read more HERE


Another of the authors, Peter Sale from the Canadian Institute for Water, Health and the Environment, put it like this:
"We are just taking too much - managing forests in such as way as they degrade, same with coastal waters, and we have to stop doing this as a species.
"I don't have a solution - I have struggled for some time trying to think what is the way to get people to realise how important this is - but if we don't find it soon, the future is a very grim one.
"We're talking about losing 50% of species in the next half century - that's faster than any previous mass extinction event - and anybody who thinks we can go through a mass extinction and be perfectly fine is just deluding themselves."

THE SOLUTION To Over Consumption   (some notes)

Assuming that a World anti capitalist revolution is not going to happen right now… more’s the pity… It’s high time that radical environmental groups began to think REAL.

One step that could be taken is to stop using fossil fuels. A huge but not impossible task. Renewable energy is approaching the level where it’s ‘cheaper’ than using fossil fuels. A safer, CO2-free non polluting fuel for vehicles has always existed  SEE HERE

But the root of the problem is the mad greed and superconsumption that is the basis of the universal capitalist system.

A common sense moral approach would be for example to sabotage a coal plant, an arms or car factory  etc.  This is already happening, on a very small scale. Check it out HERE,   Such largely symbolic publicity actions maybe only benefits the competition and put people out of work, but if many thousands of people were to start doing it …

Blogging to the consciences of middle class youth is all fine and good, but Direct Action on a massive scale is now needed.

Another sane  and moderate  idea (since their actions are destroying the planet) would be to physically attack  investors and directors in the worst Corporations. Let them retreat already to the luxury bunkers they are urgently preparing. However the ‘ruling class’ have all the security forces on the planet just itching to pounce on anyone who ‘gets real’ in this way, and every media outlet ready to scream ‘terrorist’ for the next 20 years. Also the question of guilt is very relative, few really understand what they are doing, and all of us know we are participating in trashing the Earth…. cont/

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nudismo: 500E fine for taking off T Shirt

nudism now banned

Barcelona has followed other Spanish cities in banning nudism, or even ‘partial nudism’.. ie.. you can be fined up to 500 euros ($700) for  Taking off your t shirt.. boys included. The ‘socialist’ party also supported the new law, which then proved impossible to enforce during the mass Take The Streets demos, camps and street assemblies. While the 15M movement demands revolution the far right corrupt Partido Popular is sweeping towards power.

‘Barcelona era la única ciudad española donde no estaba prohibido pasearse desnudo por las calles. Estaba planificado que la decision de si se aprueba o no la ordenanza que lo prohíbe, e incluso sanciona y multa a quienes no la respeten, se tomase en marzo de 2011, pero aún no se tienen noticias al respecto.’

Ir desnudo o semi desnudo (con el torso desnudo o en bañador) se sancionará con multas de entre 300 y 500 euros (el más alto se reserva para los reincidentes). Aunque el texto establece, que antes de multar, la guardia urbana avisará.

La nueva ordenanza municipal que persigue el nudismo y el seminudismo -concepto cuyos límites parecen vascular dentro de la subjetividad de la policía- ya ha generado las dos primeras multas  Las sanciones, que oscilan entre los 120 y los 500 euros, se han impuesto en dos distritos cercanos a las playas

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