Catalonia: Right and Left pact for a Republic

catalan republic.They said it was impossible, but Right and Left have agreed joint local rule to promote a campaign for Catalan Independence from Spain.

The CiU conservative leader had called elections to cash in on a tidal wave of sentiment for independence, as Madrid reneged on agreements and appeared set on milking Catalonia dry, along with racist and neo fascist insults.

However the electorate  thought differently and CiU lost their majority, while the left republicans shot up. But pro independence parties have a huge majority and a pact was made, the left will have to vote for savage social cuts on top of a record recession, while the right will have to share power and give in to some important ERC demands.

The workers  and social movements have been quick to decry the move as a ruse to defuse revolutionary actions due to the locally collapsing capitalist system.and oppose yet another State, this time in the hands of the corrupt Catalan business and political class.

Ecologists and Greens however celebrated the agreement to tax Nuclear Power, as well as a key measure to tax Carbon Dioxide emissions, which is a brilliant precedent in Europe.

imagesChances of persuading Madrid to allow the referendum however are nil, they have threatened to jail Catalan leaders who propose it. Continue reading “Catalonia: Right and Left pact for a Republic”

Police Kill Anti-Nuke fisherman, Resistance GROWS

A group of fisherfolk staging “jal satyagraha” in the sea, against the Kudankulam nuclear power project at Veerapandianpattinam coast in Tuticorin district on Friday. (Photo: N.Rajesh)

Despite the killing of an anti-nuclear protester by police on Monday, hundreds of protesters forming a human chain stood in sea waters today, for the second day in a row, demanding a halt to preparations for fuel loading into the reactor of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) in Tuticorin district. Continue reading “Police Kill Anti-Nuke fisherman, Resistance GROWS”

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