SDF Women aim to Send ISIS back to Hell in Raqqa




Nisrin Ebdullah, of Kurdish Women’s Protection Units (YPJ).

Kobane  The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) lmilitary operation against the Islamic State (ISIS) is advancing quickly towards Raqqa city. Several SDF militias are participating in the campaign, among them the Kurdish Women’s Protection Units (YPJ).

Nisrin Abdullah, the YPJ’s official spokeswoman, told ARA News in an exclusive interview that their priority is securing freedom for the people of Raqqa, in particular the city’s enslaved and tortured women. Continue reading “SDF Women aim to Send ISIS back to Hell in Raqqa”

Turkish Bombers Excluded from Syria after massacring Kurds and Democratic forces (SDF)

Pro-jihadist Turkey can’t conduct airstrikes against Kurds in Syria anymoreturkey-blocked-from-syria-bombing

info from AL-BAB (Kurdish daily News) – Since Oct 22 Turkey’s Air Forces are blocked from continuing their aerial campaigns in Syria as part of their Euphrates Shield operation, as Syria has activated its  S-200 (and possibly S-300) air defense systems against the bombing by Turkish warplanes in Syrian airspace.

 The Turkish Air Forces launched their last air-strike in Syria on Oct. 22, on positions of Kurdish YPG/YPJ forces, which are a big part of the SDF, a fast growing democratic, non-ethnic, non religious, anti-sexist grouping which has partial US support.
 The Turkish military confirmed its warplanes had carried out 26 strikes on areas recently taken by the Kurdish YPG militia , the strongest force in the SDF. from ISIS. Continue reading “Turkish Bombers Excluded from Syria after massacring Kurds and Democratic forces (SDF)”

Syrian Kurds and Allies say YES to partial Ceasefire

The SDF has added their support to the ceasefire Saturdaytimthumb

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) today announced in a brief note that they are “absolutely committed to the cease-fire.”

The alliance, formed by groups Assyrians (SFM HSNB), Arabs (Al Sanadid, the Jaysh Thuwar …) and Kurdish (YPG, YPJ) have pledged to stop the fighting on Saturday, February 27, according to the agreement between the United States and Russia.YPG70


The ceasefire is not applicable to the successful campaign by the SDF (mainly Kurds) against ISIS in NE Syria with US air support . Also fighting with Al Nusra (Al Quaeda affiliated) would be allowed to continue, with Russian air support.

But Turkey would still be hostile, Al Nusra are Turkey’s main protegee north of Aleppo and are battling SDF forces from the Afrin Kurdish enclave, with Turkish artillery support. This means Turkey would have an ‘excuse’ to continue shelling Kurdish areas.

On the whole, however, the proposed ceasefire would be good for the SDF front, they could still resist their main enemies, ISIS and Al Nusra, the other militias and the Syrian Army would become potential allies, and their unique progressive experiment in anti-state municipal anarchism could continue.

The SDF have also announced victory in the mainly Kurdish suburb of Bani Zayd in Aleppo city, where they were heavily attacked by Al Nusra for 6 days. If they can hold it the success further tightens the noose on the Al Nusra dominated part of Aleppo city. See report translated in English below.

Continue reading “Syrian Kurds and Allies say YES to partial Ceasefire”

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