‘Capitalism Must Die!’ free or donation ebook: Stephanie McMillan

Capitalism Must Die a
  “Capitalism Must Die!” ebook now available!

Free or Donation  (you can ‘Buy’ it for 0.00 )

 I finally finished the ebook version of “Capitalism Must Die!”

Here it is: https://gumroad.com/l/hOGG

Feel free to download it and share it with others. I want it to be widely distributed and contribute to the fight against capitalism, so I’ve made it “pay anything or nothing” and used a Creative Commons license. I hope it is useful. We really need to bring the system down, or all could soon be lost.

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Deep Green Resistance.. Warriors against Ecocide


Deep Green Resistance

From Wikipedia,Deep Green Resistance (DGR) is an aboveground environmental movement that views mainstream environmental activism as being largely ineffective.[1]DGR also refers to the strategy described by the movement for saving the Earth.DGR believes that industrial civilization is endangering all life on the planet, and that a broad range of tactics are needed to achieve environmental and social justice in decisive material ways.

It advocates for a radical shift in society’s structure and function and calls for humans to actively fight for the Earth. DGR’s goals are to deprive the rich of their ability to steal from the poor and to stop those in power from destroying the planet. Continue reading “Deep Green Resistance.. Warriors against Ecocide”

Cartoons against Ecocide by Stephanie McMillan

Code Green cartoons against ecocide by Stephanie McMillan

Stephanie McMillan has now suspended her brilliant Code Green comics after readers failed to give her even a few cents to keep going. What a disgrace.. its time to ACT NOW to save our planet!

Stephanie is however continuing for now with her amazing Eco Resistance daily cartoon strip (see below)  and many of the Code Green classics are available here http://stephaniemcmillan.org/

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