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Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are! Feminist Coming Out Day Q&A

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As you may know, this month marks Feminist Coming Out Day 2011, a holiday which encourages awareness of issues affecting the feminist community. We’re super excited and honored to be a part of this year’s festivities, and we recently spoke with organizers Lena Chen and Abby Sun to find out more. Read on for their answers!

Tell us a bit about Feminist Coming Out Day (FCOD). What does the project entail?

Abby: Feminist Coming Out Day is a campaign to spread awareness about gender equality. It was started at Harvard in 2010 by a queer students organization and a feminist group as a way of encouraging conversation about gender and demystifying feminism on campus. We made shirts and buttons that said “This is what a feminist looks like” and exhibited photo portraits and testimonials in an exhibition called the Feminist Portrait Project.

This year we wanted to bring FCOD to schools across the U.S. A lot of feminist blogs have been supportive of FCOD (which we’re very grateful for), and we reached out to many colleges and schools. The majority of schools have found us, though! To support these schools and everyone who wants to participate, on feministcomingoutday.com there are links to buy the “This is what a feminist looks like” shirts, buttons, and stickers, and information for FCOD events around the U.S. Anyone can and every feminist should submit a portrait and a statement for our online Feminist Portrait Project. In support of feminist media, proceeds from the merchandise will go to Bitch! (ed.’s note: THANKS!)

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