Ocupat un Banc/ Occupan otro Banco / Banks occupied in Barcelona

Ya son dos o tres los bancos ocupados por Barcelona en pocos dias.

Los indignad*s de La Floresta hacían una Cercavila por los Bancos de Sant Cugat, luego la Paella Popular

en la Plaza, y actuaron una pequeña drama que terminó..SORPRESA con la entrada en un banco anterior en La Plaza.

Participaron hasta 200 personas incluyendo l*s niñ*s.  El Banc Indignat está cerca al Castillo CSO, ocupado hace 10 dias,

así que hay movimiento, también una cooperativa de consumo y varias cosas más


in EEenglish

Now there are I think 3 ex banks OCCUPIED around Barcelona. And on Friday a big crowd played cat and mouse with the baffled police, before successfully occupying another huge building as a ‘home for evicted mortgage defaulters’.

The latest Bank was taken in the La Floresta suburb. After a leafleting and graffiti march around local banks the local  ‘Indignats’ cooked an enormous veggie Paella for up to 200 people. Finally they enacted a drama in the street which ended..SURPRISE in the occupation of an adjoining abandoned bank.(Still going strong). La Floresta is close to the new Occupied Castle Social Center (see post), begun just last week, so there’s plenty of local action, including a small consumers CoOp, an occupied  community garden.. and more stuff.


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