South Bronx: STOP ‘Stop and Frisk’

According to the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU), “more than 4 million innocent New Yorkers were subjected to police stops and street interrogations from 2004 through 2011.” Predictably, “black and Latino communities continue to be the overwhelming target of these tactics. Nearly nine out of 10 stopped-and-frisked New Yorkers have been completely innocent, according to the NYPD’s own reports.”

“As we march up Third Ave.,” Jamel tells the group assembled beneath the cloudy skies to protest the practices, “your job is to recruit everyone you see. You’ve been drafted. You ain’t got no say-so.” Jamel is a photographer, digital media artist and educator, who has been instrumental in organizing many of the Stop Stop and Frisk rallies in black and Latino majority neighborhoods around New York. Rallying the troops to march, he tells the crowd that we are here so that “no more generations of our youth will continue to be brutalized because of the way that they look. We’re here to say, ‘No more of this shit.’”

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One thought on “South Bronx: STOP ‘Stop and Frisk’”

  1. The NYPD has a problem? It’s being run like a corporation? Kelly is a warmonger and a businessman? Our complacency is a testament to the totality of his police state? Our silence is the goal of the open-air prisons he’s made of marginalized neighborhoods? All this oink oink bang bang shit is keeping us safe from terrorism? We haven’t had another 9/11 so quit complaining about a whole generation of Black and Latino youth violated?

    We want our streets back. We should be moving into an era in which the cops do less. Instead, they’re doing more and more. (700,000 S&F’s last year.) Collectively and peacefully we gotta stand up! We all have cameras – there’s no logical reason we can’t cop-watch this cop problem away. Cameras on! Film the NYPD saying, “I’m just doing my job.” Create an exhibit for the emerging, decentralized online museum of the New Jim Crow. Shame these thugs in perpetuity. Their grandchildren will know what they did for a living. Their great-grandchildren will know that gun buy-backs worked wonders and that Stop&Frisk was a crime against humanity.

    *Raw Footage* Elders Arrested By NYPD in Harlem Jan. 5, 2012


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