solidarity call: Camp Evicted # YoSoy132 Puebla, 60 arrested

Mexico: Press urgent. Evicted Occupy Camp # YoSoy132 Puebla, 60 arrested
It was about 3:20 pm on this day, a group of about 60

People were arrested, including children and adults, on a charge of disorderly conduct …

ADDRESSED TO…..The government of the state of Puebla
                                        The municipal government of the city of Puebla
                                        The local public opinion and national
                                        The media
                                        Society in general.

H. Puebla de Zaragoza on September 15, 2012 – During the early hours of today, a contingent of riot police state supported by a group of municipal police violently evicted the protest camp# Okupa132puebla holding # YoSoy132 movement of the entity with members of the public, in the iron main Zocalo Puebla.

It was about 3:20 pm on this day, a group of about 60 people were arrested, including children and adults, on a charge of disorderly conduct, after the mayor poblano, Eduardo Rivera , along with his group of advisers, they would be respected and ensured that there was no need to worry, a few hours before. Therefore we demand their immediate release. What kind of authority is that they can not respect his word of a couple of hours before?

At this time we do not have all the information but we know that they are divided into small groups and individual delegations are mobilizing to hinder the work of Human Rights and Legal. We also have confirmation of two of them injured Jose Alejandro Vargas Ayala who is in the hospital and Colonia Joaquin Colombres Dr. Hilda (we have his surname).

It is noteworthy that within the camp there was a careful control of alcohol or any drug, so that we are completely sure that there was none of the above within the camp at the time of the eviction, however, do not rule out that the state repressor would be willing to plant evidence to legitimize their actions and thus justify the use of violence on a protest that was maintained at all times 100% peaceful, plural and nonpartisan as are all actions undertaken by the movement # YoSoy132.

We call on the entire society agrees to join today at 9AM in Gallito clock on Paseo Bravo to present all available information and support our fellow detainees and thereby seek the solidarity of society.

We believe that the road ahead is still very difficult but with all our solidarity we can have a Mexico where basic rights such as freedom of expression, freedom of movement, freedom of expression and association are respected. Where the physical and psychological integrity of persons with ideals and beliefs are respected and where the authorities fulfill their commitments and their responsibility is conferred “democratically” to the people.

We hold the State and Municipal Government of the city of Puebla by integrity, physical and psychological, of each and every one of our colleagues, in the understanding that it is they who must ensure our security. For the defense of our rights or a step back. An injury to one an injury to all.

“If we burn together, Who will illuminate this darkness?”
For an authentic democracy.
# YoSoy132
“Mexico is no longer a nation of cowards”
Press and Communication Committee # YoSoy132 Puebla
More information: violently evicted camp # YoSoy132 Puebla, 60 arrested

Desalojan con violencia campamento de #YoSoy132 Puebla; 60 detenidos

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