Greek Uprising: Defense Ministry stormed. Airport Occupied..

greek defense ministry stormed

Workers at the Skaramangas shipyard in Athens storm the ministry of defense; farmers in Heraclion, Crete raid the Heraclion airport, as tension ahead of the voting of new austerity cuts intensifies

On the morning of October 4th, approximately 500 workers at the Skaramangas shipyard (West Attica), gathered outside the greek ministry of defense on Mesogeion Avenue. The workers were protesting for the fact that they have not been paid their last 6 monthly wages.

The workers quickly gathered around the hellenic army general staff HQ. Soon thereafter riot police entered the courtyard and clashed with the workers. At least 120 detentions of workers were reported and the tension continued outside the police HQ on Alexandras Ave (where anti-fascists are still held following arrests earlier in the week).

At approximately the same time, in the city of Heraclion, Crete, farmers gathered in the city centre to protest again the forthcoming cuts in their pensions, as part of the latest round of austerity cuts expected to be announced in the coming days, or weeks.

Later in the afternoon the farmers moved to the city’s international airport, entering its halls and attempting to smash through the gate of the airport in order to occupy its runway. Riot police used tear gas and the farmers responded by tossing stones at the police.

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  1. INCUBUS wrote:

    Shipyard workers as on RT-

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  2. … wrote:

    Could you tell something about the possibility that unions in greece join the attempt of a general strike all over southern europe at November the Fourteenth? For Portugal a general stike is confirmed for that and it seems the spanish unions are going to join. A german-speaking journalist wrote that the GSEE would be likely to join aswell ( Do you have any information about this?

    Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 7:56 pm | Permalink

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