Acciones de Solidaridad a través de Europa para City Plaza, SquatBo y los demás Centros Ocupados

– 24 de junio de 2017   por Enough is Enough!]        En Atenas, Berlín, Bruselas, Frankfurt, Lübeck, Wuppertal y muchas otras ciudades de toda Europa protestaron contra las amenazas de desalojo contra las centros ocupados el viernes pasado; #HandsOffAllSquats!“Hands off the squats”Manifestación espontánea en Wuppertal, Alemania, 23 de junio de 2017.

La coordinación de las ocupaciones de refugiados (City Plaza, Notara 26, Oniro, Spyrou Trikoupi, Arahovis, 5ª escuela, Jasmine School, Acharnon 22) pidió el día internacional de acción “Manos fuera de todos los squats#HandsOffAll Squats!

En la convocatoria, los activistas exigen que se parar los desalojos, cerrar los campamentos y los centros de detención, cancelar el vergonzoso acuerdo UE-Turquía, abrir las fronteras y declararon que “no se puede desalojar un movimiento”.berlin23j

En el último año, la represión contra los refugiados y los partidarios ha aumentado con los desalojos, los arrestos y la violencia policial en varios estados miembros de la UE. Algunas de las ocupaciones donde los refugiados vivían de manera auto-organizada fueron desalojadas, por ejemplo en Thessaloniki, Athens and Belgrade. Continue reading “Acciones de Solidaridad a través de Europa para City Plaza, SquatBo y los demás Centros Ocupados”

Prosfygika, Athens: Refugees and Squatters expel Nazis and Police

epeisodia-anteksousiaston-mat-prosfigika-aleksandras-670x400The Squatted Prosfygika are located on Alexandras Av., within close proximity to the Athens police headquarters and the courthouse on Degleri St., where the mega-trial against the Golden Dawn is currently takes place.

Early in the morning of October 31st, anti/riot police forces stormed the Prosfygika jointly with a large group of Nazis. Later on, comrades managed to repel the cops (in uniform and plainclothes), and heavy clashes ensued. Continue reading “Prosfygika, Athens: Refugees and Squatters expel Nazis and Police”

40 Anarchists confront 5000 right wing protesters. Video (Greece)

 SYNTAGMA RIOT40 Anarchists infiltrate and confront 5000 right wing protesters in favour of austerity (Greece)

On Monday 22 June 2015, 40 anarchists of anarchist collective “Rouviconas” in Athens, defied the so called majority in the streets, infiltrated at the center of a right wing protest of approximately 5.000 protesters demonstrating in favour of EU and IMF austerity measures in front of the Greek parliament in Syntagma square and burned several European Union flags shocking the ultra conservative crowd. Continue reading “40 Anarchists confront 5000 right wing protesters. Video (Greece)”

Greece: riots/protests in over 26 cities after Pavlos murdered by Nazis

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In the wake of the murder by Golden Dawn neo-nazis of anti-fascist rapper and metal worker Pavlos Fyssas, age 34, on Tuesday evening, riots and protests took place in over 26 cities across Greece (see below) and more are expected over the next few days and at the weekend. Below we outline what happened, who was involved and the aftermath. Continue reading “Greece: riots/protests in over 26 cities after Pavlos murdered by Nazis”

Roma gypsy camps Trashed by fascist Greek Police

Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Rise Of Nazi Greece.

      The rise of Nazi Greece, first they came for the immigrants, then they came for the Roma, then they came for——!!! The Peloponnese, idyllic. Kalamata, quiet picturesque beauty, not the sort of places in “civilised” Europe that you would expect state terrorism to be open and so blatantly displayed. Then again, there is a class war going on.  Continue reading “Roma gypsy camps Trashed by fascist Greek Police”

3.000 anarchists march in solidarity to Athens Indymedia & 98 FM


27 Apr 2013
3.000 anarchists in Greece march in solidarity to Athens Indymedia & 98 FM
Taking the fight from the internet to the streets. On April 25th, 2013 approximately 3.000 anarchists marched in solidarity to Athens Indymedia and 98 FM that have been censored by the greek State since April 11th, amongst dozens of solidarity actions all over Greece and some parts of Europe.

On April 24th, 2013, a massive solidarity banner was hanged at the main univeristy building in one of the busiest streets in the center of Athens. 72 anarchists were detained for almost 12 hours by the police and 6 were charged with offending the greek national flag by replacing it with the red black of anarchism! Continue reading “3.000 anarchists march in solidarity to Athens Indymedia & 98 FM”

Squat Wars escalate #anarchist Solidarity

Athens squat defies police raid

RESISTANCE against the plutofascist state in Greece continues in the face of continuous attacks by the authorities.

An attempt to crush Greece’s oldest anarchist squat, Lelas Karagianni 37, was defeated on Tuesday January 15 when it was reoccupied later the same day.

At about 12.00pm, cops raided the famous squat, reports Contra Info.

Supporters and neighbours gathered at Amerikis square and then outside the squat, trying to prevent the eviction.

There were several comrades chanting slogans on the rooftop of the building that were caught by the police. Also, two supporters were beaten by cops on the street and detained as well. Heavy repressive forces were deployed downtown, plus a police helicopter.

Soon thereafter, more people were assembled near the squat. A gathering was called for 15.00 outside the police headquarters on Alexandras Avenue, in solidarity with the 14 squatters who were arrested from inside Lelas Karagianni, and a discussion was announced for 19.00 in the Athens Polytechnic (entrance from Stournari street).
Reports Contra Info: “All of the arrested comrades were released at about 17.00 and Lelas

Villa Amalia re-eviction: 10,000 demonstrate!

villa Amalia demoUpdate on Villa Amalia: 10,000 demonstrate in Athens in support of 92 arrested anarchists; statement issued from inside prisona DarkerNet:

10,000 people demonstrated in Athens in solidarity with the 92 people arrested on Wednesday after the re-eviction of the Villa Amalias anarchist centre. The demonstration started from Propylaea of Athens University and marched via Patision Avenue to the courthouse of Evelpidon, where those arrested are being held in custody. The first 10 were released on bail. More demonstrations in solidarity with those arrested took place in Thessaloniki, Chania, Mitilini, Patra, Heracleon and other cities. Below is a statement, translated into English, from those arrested still in prison. .. Continue reading “Villa Amalia re-eviction: 10,000 demonstrate!”

Police Attack rallies Anarchists: Villa Amalias, Athens

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Police stormed the iconic Villa Amalias squat center in Athens, but left and released prisoners after a huge solidaritry response
Police stormed the iconic Villa Amalias squat center in Athens, but left and released prisoners after a huge solidaritry response

Athens: anarchist squat Villa Amalias raided by riot police

At approximately 07:00 GMT+2 on December 20th, riot police raided the anarchist squat Villa Amalias in Athens.

Eight people were detained inside the building, while the police are now searching in the presence of an ninth person who was also in the building at the time of the raid and who is acting as witness to the search. It is expected that this person will also be detained at the end of the operation.

It is still unclear whether or not the police intend to evict the squat.

People are already gathering in solidarity outside the squat in big numbers…… Continue reading “Police Attack rallies Anarchists: Villa Amalias, Athens”

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