Solidarity Acts across Europe for City Plaza, SquatBo and all squats


 In Athens, Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt, Lübeck, Wuppertal and many other cities across Europe people protested against eviction threats against squats on Friday; #HandsOffAll Squats!

Spontaneous demo in Wuppertal, Germany, June 23rd 2017.

The Coordination of Refugee Squats (City Plaza, Notara 26, Oniro, Spyrou Trikoupi, Arahovis, 5th School, Jasmine School, Acharnon 22) called for yesterdays international day of action “Hands off the squats”. In the call, activists demand to keep the squats open, to close the camps and detention centers, to cancel the shameful EU-Turkey deal, to open the borders and stated that “you can’t evict a movement!”

In the past year repression against refugees and supporters has increased with evictions, arrests and police violence in various EU member states. Some of the squats where refugees lived in a self-organised way were evicted, for instance in Thessaloniki, Athens and Belgrade. Again and again there are reports from police violence against refugees in France, Croatia, Hungary and other European countries. Since the EU/Turkey deal, refugees are being detained at the Greek islands and deported back to Turkey.

In Athens people protested against a possible eviction of City Plaza, Papouchadiko and Zoudochou Pigis 119 in front of the ministery of migration. Projects like City Plaza succeed in where the Greek goverment and other EU member states fail; a self-determined life, a life with dignity for those who travelled to a putative Europe under extrem hard conditions.

A life where it doesn’t matter which papers people have but instead a life where people can live together in a self-organised way. Since the former City Plaza hotel was squatted more than a year ago, after the building was empty for several years, more than 1500 people lived in the building. 400 at any one time. Continue reading “Solidarity Acts across Europe for City Plaza, SquatBo and all squats”

Acciones de Solidaridad a través de Europa para City Plaza, SquatBo y los demás Centros Ocupados

– 24 de junio de 2017   por Enough is Enough!]        En Atenas, Berlín, Bruselas, Frankfurt, Lübeck, Wuppertal y muchas otras ciudades de toda Europa protestaron contra las amenazas de desalojo contra las centros ocupados el viernes pasado; #HandsOffAllSquats!“Hands off the squats”Manifestación espontánea en Wuppertal, Alemania, 23 de junio de 2017.

La coordinación de las ocupaciones de refugiados (City Plaza, Notara 26, Oniro, Spyrou Trikoupi, Arahovis, 5ª escuela, Jasmine School, Acharnon 22) pidió el día internacional de acción “Manos fuera de todos los squats#HandsOffAll Squats!

En la convocatoria, los activistas exigen que se parar los desalojos, cerrar los campamentos y los centros de detención, cancelar el vergonzoso acuerdo UE-Turquía, abrir las fronteras y declararon que “no se puede desalojar un movimiento”.berlin23j

En el último año, la represión contra los refugiados y los partidarios ha aumentado con los desalojos, los arrestos y la violencia policial en varios estados miembros de la UE. Algunas de las ocupaciones donde los refugiados vivían de manera auto-organizada fueron desalojadas, por ejemplo en Thessaloniki, Athens and Belgrade. Continue reading “Acciones de Solidaridad a través de Europa para City Plaza, SquatBo y los demás Centros Ocupados”

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