New Catalan Strike for Prisoners and Republic amid Far-right Repression

Update Update Update The General Strike in Catalunya called for Wed 8th Nov by small Intersindical-CSC trade union has been supported by the USTEC education union and the main Republican civil groups, Òmnium and ANC .

The strike is to protest the jailing of protest leaders and Government ministers, the occupation of paramilitary security forces, the imposition of Direct Rule, etc

However the majority CCOO (ex comminist) and UGT (ex socialist) trade unions again came out against it and the anarchist  CGT made a statement in favour but left it to their members to decide individually, arguing they haven’t time to consult them. 

All schools and Universities and public offices will certainly close down as well as cities like Girona and LLeida which have a native Catalan majority.

But the bosses organisation Foment de Treball have taken a High Court case to declare the General Strike Illegal.

The neo-fascists in Madrid have been hiring fleets of coaches and even trains to bring in thousands of violent right wing ‘demonstrators’, as seen at last weekend’s huge demo openly led by thugs sporting swastikas, zieg heils and Francoist symbols.

The insidious campaign is to split Catalan society down the middle. over 40% of the population are workers from Spain, most are well integrated over generations with families who consider themselves Catalan. Mixed marriages are common and normal with the 2 languages coexisting perfectly in their homes. Tension between the communities has been minimal (as in ex Yugoslavia before politicians whipped up xenophobia for personal power).

The anarchists too are divided, actively calling and sup`porting the 3rd Oct General Strike from an anti nationalist workers standpoint, but reluctant to continue if a nationalist civil conflict in Catalunya is provoked.

The Spanish nationalist media these days has become a torrent of anti Catalan hatred and outright lies. With an explosion of racist attacks the General Strike on Wednesday and the ‘Mega Demo’ on Sat 11th could finally break the self imposed pacifist stance of the Catalan republicans, which is what the State needs to justify mass criminalization of the majority democratic movement.

                we include below a translation of a key text                

A triumph of popular mobilization

by LLuita Internationalista  on Barcelona Indymedia    The proclamation of the Catalan Republic is the expression of the will of the people of Catalonia to break with the Monarchy. It is the result of a permanent and massive popular mobilization (demos of over a million for 5 years) , which, until  now, has forced the governments of the Generalitat Catalan Govt to apply the popular mandate. The regime of the transition, which Franco left “tied up and well tied up “ (by his legacy) is in its most serious crisis, cracked and may not survive. Continue reading “New Catalan Strike for Prisoners and Republic amid Far-right Repression”

THE ACORN – 34.. Manchester.. Fascism.. CIA.. Assange.. Mining

Posted on May 25, 2017

1. Manchester: an explosion of hate and fear

The vile bomb attack in Manchester on May 22 has left a noxious smell of racism and fascism in the British political atmosphere in the election run-up.

Prime Minister Theresa May was very quick to ramp up the terror alert status to “critical” and send the army onto the streets in a bid to show just how strong and stable she is.

The gesture has a hint of coup d’état about it. Even pro-establishment Guardian journo Jonathan Freedland had to admit that troops  being deployed in the middle of a general election campaign was “new and unsettling terrain for British democracy”. Continue reading “THE ACORN – 34.. Manchester.. Fascism.. CIA.. Assange.. Mining”

We Deny free speech to Nazis who try to Destroy it for Everyone

Freedom against the freedom of speech

With the expansion of neo-fascist and neo-nazi groups in the shadows of ever more racist, xenophobic and sexist “traditional” conservative right-wing political parties, confusion over the significance of the liberal freedom of speech can paralyse radical political criticism and action.  We share below a timely analysis from CrimethInc on the limits of free dialogue when politics must be conceived of as war, as a conflict between ways of life.

We are Not in a Dialogue:

We need Not Just Free Speech……….. but Freedom Itself

antifaschistische-aktion-women-s-t-shirtMaybe you missed this, but you’re not in a dialogue. Your views are beside the point. Argue all you want—your adversaries are glad to see you waste your breath. Better yet if you protest: they’d rather you carry a sign than do more. They’ll keep you talking as long as they can, just to tire you out—to buy time.

They intend to force their agenda on you. That’s what all the guns are for, what the police and drones and surveillance cameras are for, what the FBI and CIA and NSA are for, what all those laws and courts and executive orders are for. It’s what their church is for, what those racist memes are for, what online harassment and bullying are for. It’s what gay bashings and church burnings are for. Continue reading “We Deny free speech to Nazis who try to Destroy it for Everyone”

Prosfygika, Athens: Refugees and Squatters expel Nazis and Police

epeisodia-anteksousiaston-mat-prosfigika-aleksandras-670x400The Squatted Prosfygika are located on Alexandras Av., within close proximity to the Athens police headquarters and the courthouse on Degleri St., where the mega-trial against the Golden Dawn is currently takes place.

Early in the morning of October 31st, anti/riot police forces stormed the Prosfygika jointly with a large group of Nazis. Later on, comrades managed to repel the cops (in uniform and plainclothes), and heavy clashes ensued. Continue reading “Prosfygika, Athens: Refugees and Squatters expel Nazis and Police”

13 women executed by fascists

August 5. Anniversary of the 13 Red Roses

This Aug. 5 marks 73 years from the shooting of the 13 Roses, young people, mostly Socialists , who were convicted of supporting the bombing deaths in General Isaac Gabaldon in July 29, 1939. The case also included two other women, Antonia Torres and Julia Vellisca, andanother 53 men, accused of committing criminal acts for having belonged to the JSU , the PCE or the UGT union during the Republic.
All thes people died that morning shot against the walls of the cemetery in Madrid. The Council of War, held barely 48 hours earlier, sentenced to the maximum penalty for military rebellion military had no time to seek clemency  Of the 13 women, seven of them were minors.

These were a few of tens of thousands illegally executed after the fascist military takeover.We remember especially these 13 women and girls who died together, but as representatives of all the rest, whose deaths have never been recognized or anyone brought to justice to this day, due to the continuing fascist stranglehold on the Spanish justice system. Only last year a top judge Garzon was blatantly barred from office for trying to bring cases to the courts

I swear to crush and sink whatever gets in our way, “said the dictator in his speeches. To date, unfortunately, we know that they fulfilled their threats … of the 13 women who died that morning, seven were children.

Barrero Carmen Aguado, Martina Garcia Barroso, Blanca Vazquez Brissac, Pilar Ibañez Well, Julia Conesa Conesa, Adelina García Casillas, Elena Gil Olaya, Virtues González García, Ana Lopez Gallego, Laffite Joaquina Lopez, Denise Manzanero Salas, Victoria Muñoz García and Luisa Rodriguez de la Fuente. …Dressmakers, pianists, secretaries, advocates, Democrats, women … shot.

Antonia Torres was also convicted, but her sentence was completed in February 1940, shot in the same walls as their peers. Julia Vellisca had better luck, she spent six years in jail and the sentence was commuted.
This year, in which the anniversary coincides with the abolition of social, labor and political rights gained over  the last thirty, we see reappearing the black hand of Franco, the fascists who blatantly try to forget the activists of the democratic history of our country and continue the denial of all rights to the victims of the dictatorship and their families.
Recognize those brave young people like the members of the JSU, defended democratic ideals Republican representing the state at the time, against fascism and barbarism to which obeyed the coup which led to a general war in Spain, is a must for our country’s democratic health.

The event this year, which is, as always, be held by the wall of execution is the most unitary ever, being attended, in addition to family and friends, by representatives of the Young Socialists and Communists, the PCE, the Thirteen Roses Foundation, the United Left and memorialists organizations like Forum for Memory, The Commune, The Seville Lane Width or Sunday Malagón Foundation.

rough translation by thefreeonline

    Death of Théo, 98 /Ha muerto Théo Francos, de las brigadas internacionales

    Fascist Crimes crimes in Spain to be investigated

    Luz verde para la Tortura. Green light for Torture

    Fascists and Church stole and sold 300,000 babies, executed 150,000..

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