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Urgent: Rally on Saturday on the ZAD to defend the place of reoccupation!
by collective fight against airport Notre Dame des Landes

Urgent – Zad – gathering – Saturday – defense instead of reoccupation

– Saturday, November 24, starting at 6am and all day Saturday and
Sunday …

– Call to gather around the massive site reoccupation of
the chestnut grove and forest huts Rohanne.

The new cabins are still standing, DEFEND them!

Infopoint permanent camp established along the between d81
place called domains (cow-rit) and Rolandière.

Saturday, November 17 we had 40,000 coming reoccupy and rebuild
zad.Toute week on a new place of struggle is built into
a field provided by the owner. New cabins are
are built in the forest of magical week for Rohanne.Une
where hundreds of people share their know-how,
creativity, tools, materials and were able to build a kitchen,
dormitories, meeting rooms, sanitary blocks, treehouses …

Friday, November 23 at dawn, we faced a new
massive police attack on zad. The rose surrounded by tractors
peasant solidarity and numerous barricades was attacked. The
occupants of the reconstruction site were ordered to leave
after being sprayed with tear gas in their beds. Forest
Rohanne was attacked. Every day hundreds of people
resisted, the police harassed, detained construction equipment …
Le Rosier was finally destroyed, but all the buildings constructed
week reoccupation of the site are still standing, as well as
Most of the huts in the trees of the forest of Rohanne.

On the site reoccupation, the prefecture has made a passage
force. Through an interim order to stop the work, it
was given the right to take all necessary tools, materials and ask
seals on buildings. We know she will try to
quickly give the right to demolish. We can not
let them. We therefore call us collect all massively
tomorrow around the place and reoccupation of the forest
protest and prevent destruction.

In parallel, a demonstration in Nantes at 15h is called Place Royale
by Collectif against Nantes airport.
We thank all those who throughout France today blocked the
roads, protesting against the PS, vinci, before the prefectures … 50
gatherings and activities organized in a few hours is not nothing.

We hope that all this will continue in the coming days. This struggle is
tomorrow and in the long term, we will win!

At the call of the meeting from 23 to 19h in the evening laughing cow.

CLCA accuracy: do not forget to bring the gear construction so you can continue to build huts on the ZAD.

See also call CLCA build huts around farouezt: (Far West)

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