CNT anarchists join lawsuit against Fascist genocide

The CNT union has filed Tuesday in Argentina a complaint against the crimes of Francoism, in a process that is handled in CARTEL-HISTORICO-INFORMACION-Y-PROPAGANDA-2this country against the genocide committed by the regime between 1936 and 1977. Thus, the central anarcosindicalista adds to actions before the courts of Buenos Aires by relatives of victims, associations recovery of historical memory and others.
CNT lawsuit against genocide Franco Argentina

As the CNT pointed out, “the international law on human rights defined as crimes against humanity, and therefore inalienable, a number of crimes, murder, torture, forced disappearance or slavery, among others-that Francoism fulfilled completely “. In this sense, it argues that “the so-called ‘Amnesty Law of 1977, passed with the votes for the PSOE, PCE and PNV parties, was actually ‘final ending’ law which guaranteed impunity for the instigators and executors of serious violations of human rights “.

In this context, CNT has joined in the Argentinian lawsuit as a joint complainant against the crimes of Francoism “providing thousands of names of its militants repressed by the dictatorship, testimonies and statements from eyewitnesses and survivors, as well as documentation of seizure and plunder of property and bank accounts belonging to this union. “

C2-1-20-lowIn 1936, the union had about 1.7000.000 members, a figure that even increased during the conflict. “After almost three quarters of a century of military coup”, the anarcho-syndicalist organization has provided data on “the wrenching impact and repressive action of the totalitarian regime.”

There are estimates of total reprisals by the military uprising and dictatorship: 50,000 shot, killed in rear 73 000,  30 000 missing, 500,000 domestic and 10,000 died in concentration camps, 300,000 prisoners and an unspecified number of violations, Child abductions and robberies.

Throughout its 300 pages the report breaks down the chapters of the repression suffered by anarcho-syndicalism from the first moments of the blow to the defendants in the famous Court of Public Order (TOP), “including those killed, disappeared and tortured and concentration camps, labor battalions and mass graves that the Spanish state has still not recognized and honoured “.

This organization has stressed that the State “has received successive warnings from international bodies to declare the Amnesty Law null and void and the steps required for the establishment of a truth Jose-Hiraldocommission”. However, “37 years after the dictator’s death, the victims are still unrecognised and unpunished the crimes unpunished.” “The Law of Historical Memory  is another ‘endpoint law ‘,  as Amnesty International has documented.”

For these reasons, “CNT aims to intensify action to recover the true memory of each and all those who gave their lives for freedom, restoring the good name of a forgotten victims and stressing the selfless example of those men and confederal and libertarian militants opposed the dictatorship, ” he added.

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