Anarchist Robin Hood on Trial in Barcelona

The Court rejects the suspension in Barcelona of Enric Duran’s trial in Barcelona which will take place on Tuesday 12 February.. SEE DETAILS BELOW

Latest update 12 Feb

Enric presented  again a request for more time which was apparently refused..VERY fishy business with his lawyer.

The trial began but Enris DID NOT APPEAR-

he issued a statement saying ”disobedience is the only way I can be sure of getting my rights” and called for general disobedience and integral horizontal revolution.

The prosecution valled for his immediate capture and arrest.

see twitter here and his site here

Enric Duran Giralt (Vilanova i la Geltrú, 23 April 1976) also known as Robin Bank, Robin Banks or the Robin Hood of the Banks is a Catalan anticapitalist activist[1] and member of the Temps de Re-volts collective.[2] From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.On September 17, 2008, he publicly announced that he had ‘robbed’ dozens of Spanish banks of nearly half a million euros as part of a political action to denounce what he termed the predatory capitalist system.

From 2006 to 2008, Duran took out 68 commercial and personal loans from a total of 39 banks with no guarantees or property as collateral. He had no intention of repaying the debts, and used the money to finance various anti-capitalist movements.[3] In 2008, Duran released both an online article entitled “I have “robbed” 492,000 euros from those who rob us the most, in order to denounce them and build alternatives for society” (translated), and an online video, each explaining what he had done and that he had left the country to view the reaction and consider his next move. This was also published in the free magazine Crisis, in Catalan, of which 200,000 copies were printed and distributed by volunteers throughout Catalonia. A second newspaper, We can! Live Without Capitalism was distributed on March 17, 2009, and a third, We on September 17, 2009.[4][5]

300,000 copies of this and other anti capitalist paper were distributed following Duran's bank Loan Scam
300,000 copies of this and other anti capitalist paper were distributed following Duran’s bank Loan Scam


Stated reasons for civil disobedience

Duran stated that he sought to create a debate about the financial system and the current capitalist system, proliferate protest actions against it and fund the social movements that seek to create alternatives. Duran called his action one of ‘financial civil disobedience’, and stated that he was prepared to go to prison for his actions. He planned for the anniversary of his declaration (September 17, 2009) to be an action day where people meet, both in Spain and abroad, to share alternatives to capitalism.[6][7]

Response of authorities

Enric is currently working with The Cooperativa Integral, a network which combines production and consumer coops and a Lets and Swop scheme, using Eco currency and others
Enric is currently working with The Cooperativa Integral, a network which combines production and consumer coops and a Lets and Swop scheme, using Eco currency and others

In 2009 Duran returned to Spain, and was arrested by Spanish police on March 17, 2009 at the University of Barcelona, as charges had been brought against him by six of the thirty-nine banks concerned. He spent two months in prison before being freed on a bail of 50,000 euros.[8][9]

In November 2011, a presentation was made to a civil judge requesting the annulment of his contract with Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria. On November 25, 2011, the state prosecutor requested that the judiciary pass down an 8 year prison sentence for Duran, for the crimes of presenting false documents (in securing his loans) and continued insolvency. The defence attorney based his case on the fact that imprisonment for unpaid debts has been abolished in Spain. Duran himself responded by maintaining that “I do not think that the judiciary is entitled to judge” (translated from Catalan), due to their disinterested response to the financial speculators who have made necessary great suffering for much of the European population, and to the September 2011 changes to the Spanish constitution to make the repayment of debts the absolute priority of the country. He also claimed his actions as an act of social justice – an attempt to redress in some small way such injustices perpetrated by those in power.[10][11][12]

Duran cited the pardon granted to the chief executive of the Banco Santander, Alfredo Saenz, in November 2011, as an example of the bias of the judiciary towards the powerful and well-connected, and argued that “when the government violates the rights of the people, insurrection is the most sacred of rights and the most indispensable of our duties” (quote translated from Catalan). He called on his supporters not to waste time campaigning for his acquittal or release, but rather to follow his acts of civil disobedience towards the banks with their own. In March 2012 he released a video explaining his legal situation and making the same call.[13][14]

Previous activism

Duran was involved in the “Look for the abolition of debt” campaign(1999/2000), the “Global Resistance Movement” (2000/2002) the “Campaign Against the World enricduranBank”(2001) and the “Campaign Against the Europe of Capital”(2002) [15]

Catalan Integrated Cooperative

In April 2010, Duran began promoting the Catalan Integrated Cooperative as a practical example of the ideals detailed in We can! Live Without Capitalism. In 2011 the cooperative accepted responsibility for a former industrial complex, with a view to turning it into a centre for environmental activities.[16]

The Court rejects the suspension in Barcelona of Enric Duran’s trial which will take place on Tuesday 12 February.

Live without Working..VIVIR SIN
Live without Working..VIVIR SIN EMPLEO

In an unexpected decision, the court also rejected the resignation submitted by the defense attorney who is at odds with Enric for failing to inform him of the date.

Enric does not accept this ruling and continues to call for the suspension of his trial. Today, Monday he is hoping to submit a new lawyer in court since has no confidence in the process that has led so far.

Last Thursday, Enric Duran presented a petition to the second section of the Provincial Court of Barcelona for the suspension of his criminal trial because of differences with his lawyer. The lack of time to prepare for trial linked to the awareness campaign led him to this decision.

Duran had been informed of dates for only three weeks before the trial had been held, but which were published on 15 October. Neither had received any response to the minutes of evidence been presented although it was posted on October 4, implying that the legal process had run its course without him knowing it.

The incident led to a climate of hopelessness and more than doubtful legality, as Enric Duran asked for the revocation of his lawyer.

The defendant further explain the circumstances in writing to be presented Monday, since in its response to the High Court arguing that the reasons presented were not sufficiently detailed.

event699La Audiencia de Barcelona rechaza la suspensión del juicio a Enric Duran, que se celebrará el martes 12 de febrero

En una decisión inesperada, el tribunal rechaza también la renuncia presentada por el abogado defensor

Enric Duran no acepta esta decisión judicial y sigue reclamando la suspensión de su juicio. El lunes espera poder presentar a un nuevo abogado ante el tribunal puesto que no mantiene la confianza en el que ha llevado el proceso hasta el momento.

El pasado jueves, Enric Duran presentaba una petición en la Sección segunda de la Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona para la suspensión de su juicio penal por diferencias con su abogado. La falta de tiempo para preparar la campaña de concienciación vinculada al juicio lo motivó a tomar esta decisión.

Duran había sido informado de las fechas del juicio sólo tres semanas antes de que se hubiera de celebrar, pese a que fueron publicadas el 15 de octubre. Tampoco había recibido el acta de respuesta a las pruebas que se habían presentado pese a que había sido publicada el 4 de octubre pasado, lo que implica que el proceso judicial había seguido su curso sin él saberlo.

El abogado revocado por Enric, le ha informado que fue un trabajador de su despacho el responsable de enviarle esos autos y que no puede comprobar si fueron enviados puesto que tal persona ya no trabaja alli y no hay copia guardada de esos envios. Lo que es un hecho es que ninguna informacion ni oral, ni escrita de este proceso judicial llego al acusado entre el primero de octubre y este reciente 23 de enero,

Los hechos desembocaron en un clima de indefensión y de legalidad más que dudosa, por lo que Enric 251701_259348937501443_1274411331_nDuran pidió la revocación de su abogado.

El acusado va a explicar con mas detalle estas circunstancias en el escrito del lunes puesto que la respuesta de la audiencia, argumenta que las razones presentadas no eran lo bastante detalladas.

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