#15M Newsletter nr 42./Youth without Future/Eviction wars/Ribermusic


Hello from Barcelona,

This is the (almost) weekly newsletter about the activities of 15M movement, mainly in Catalonia.


1. WE ARE NOT LEAVING, THEY ARE KICKING US OUT – #NoNosVamosNosEchanjuventud sin futuro


On April 7th, Spanish youngsters living all around the world followed the mobilization call  of the Spanish collective  Juventud sin Futuro  ( Youth without a future see NL#16, 3 ). The main demo was in Madrid, where thousands of people took to the streets. Solidarity demos and concentrations happened in more than 30 cities all around the world  : Buenos Aires, Vancouver, New York, Viena, Berlin, Paris, London, Rome and many more. In   Barcelona, around 100 people answered the call for a concentration at   Catalunya square where several testimonies explained their situation in  an open mike.


The call was a part of the No nos vamos, nos echan  (We are not leaving, they are kicking us out) campaign: as result of the government’s wrong and corrupt administration during years, worsened by the current economical crisis created by financial powers, in Spain young people seem to have no future but choosing between unemployment, job insecurity or exile. The objective of the campaign is to transform this reality through displaying and reporting it in order to create connections and a permanent network between young people that had to emigrate and young people who are still living in their home country, but facing insecurity every day. The main idea is to work together on building alternatives and solutions to the current situation.


A crowdfunding (See NL#15, 1 ) has been set up  in order to support the campaign, motivate new groups of people who become eager to participate, and launch their projects. They are also collecting funds  to pay  the fines on some members of the collective for participating in several pacific mobilizations.


Billete-750x380Juventud sin futuro will keep fighting to create democracy and distribute wealth. If the youth have no future, what future can Spain expect?





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Escrache started in south America, after the dictatorships in Uruguay and Argentina, as a way to point out those who during the dictatorship permitted and participated of the regime and got free with no charges or even with no trial at all. The idea was to mark those people in their private environment, so they feel social refusal for their actions. As well, it’s a way to gather critical mass for a future legal action.

In Spain, PAH started to use a modified form of it stalking politicians as a way to make visible the evictions drama in front of the deputies who were going to vote against the law (ILP) that PAH was proposing (see NL#39,1 ) , “civil desobience, peaceful actions to change unfair laws”. Shouting ”Si se puede pero no quieren” (It can be done, but they don’t want to) and with posters and stickers with these two sentences one in green the other in red to show that there are alternatives but the politicians don’t want to take them, actions all across Spain happen nearly every day. ”This is a campaign to remind the deputies that 90% of the citizens support this ILP, and democracy is listening to the citizens”.


For instance, the last one in Barcelona happened on March, 27th. They made a call to meet at Arc de Triomf and, after giving several instructions, three groups went through three different  streets, informing the neighbours and asking the shops for support . Then, the three groups gathered together in front of the office of a deputee of the Popular Party, Dolors  Montserrat, to ask her to vote positively for the ILP. This was done with several testimonies talking of their experiences as affected by the abusive mortgage law in Spain, to let her know the consequences of her negative vote.


As many politicians complained for being insulted or feeling embarrassed  by the Escrache actions, and after several attempts of politicians to criminalise it with words, even comparing these actions to terrorism, the Home office minister gave orders to identify, fine or arrest anyone who participates of an Escrache action. Several  journalists and intellectuals showed their refusal to the  order as a rising of repression. Even a police union pointed out that these orders might not be legal. Recently even the chief of the government, Mariano Rajoy, invited the population to denounce the people doing escrache.

Now, with the refusal of Catalunya’s  and the Basque country’s autonomical police to follow this order, a massive support of the society to these actions and the government offering only an insufficient law to solve the problem of housing, PAH has announced that Escraches will continue and the pressure on politicians will increase even more ’till they see all their popular legislation initiative fulfilled.


Now a “Primavera Verde” (Green Spring) is on its way : a new PAH initiative askig everyone to use the colour green in their daily life: wearing it, showing a flag on the balcony, on the window, putting a pin on… whatever you can think of to display support to this struggle for a dignified life for everyone.


1365707541987escrac-he-detallec4LINKS      Escrache Campaign  [SP]


Articles    Protesting on Politcians’ doorsteps [EN]


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  • Accounts ,  @PAH @PAH_bcn @escracheBCN
  • HT #Escrache, #Escrachebcn #primaveraverde




The Ribermusic School  is located in Barcelona since 1995, in the Ribera neighborhood, which has witnessed numerous waves of immigration and where various African, Latin American and Asian communities live side by side. The project wants to integrate young and adult people through music, opening a direct access to music to people from unprivileged background.RAVALSTOLTADA-090


It allows children and adolescents to learn the basics of music while making them a part of their own traditional and modern cultures. Professional teachers supervise workshops and help students put on performances that bring the neighborhood to life. Its objective is to create a real music school in the Ribera neighborhood.


Projects already working are: Tantarantan – rhythm and percussion for children -, Ve-Ri-No-Tek – urban music, thecnologies, rap and hip-hop -, Basketbeat that joins basket, music and rhythm, Riberorquestra – a melting pot orchestra made by students from different workshops to play together and perform in various artistic venues.


Each  autumn, Ribermusica organizes the Festival de Tardor, a music  festival  featuring amateur and professional musicians performing in  historic Ribera settings.





Video and Pics


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