climate criminals plastered in Paris

and here are 3 more!climte criminals

Activists covered the city in “Wanted” posters that call out climate criminals.


Activist group Avaaz thinks that climate deniers deserve a more forceful qualifier for their creative interpretations of the atmospheric sciences—it prefers climate criminals. On Monday morning, volunteers plastered more than 1,000 “Wanted” posters, featuring the faces and names of seven prominent fossil fuel lobbyists who have been obstructing the climate movement. The group put the signs up near Paris’s five-star hotels and handed out fliers to passersby at metro stations. Continue reading “climate criminals plastered in Paris”

“We’ve Worked real hard to Loot the Country” PP general secretary

This is what we used to call a Freudian slip.. when your subconscious  pops out the wrong word and you admit your crimes by mistake.loot  1

Maria Dolores, also President of Castilla meant to say ‘lift up the country (sacar)’ and instead said ‘loot and destroy the country’ (saquear.. as in ‘they sacked Troy’.)

It’s the second time she’s done it, and very timely too, because the latest scandal is that Rodrigo Rato, ex IMF President and guru of The ruling PP, is on the list of 705 elite politicians, business leaders and royals accused of stealing countless billions for nearly 40 years, and legalizing their offshore fortunes in a contrived ”fiscal amnesty”.rata.jpg,q1369403944.pagespeed.ce.CUvXncFVu4_foro

Rato was actually arrested and spent up to 3 HOURS in symbolic luxury custody. Continue reading ““We’ve Worked real hard to Loot the Country” PP general secretary”

La Mafia Española de Rajoy juega La Carta Fascista

no debe admitir nunca

La cortina de humo de Gibraltar


Con o sin Gibraltar, no pasaremos por alto la ilegitimidad de este gobierno, ni de este sistema, y seguiremos combatiéndolo, sacando a la luz todos los truquitos de este gobierno.
Leyendo los principales titulares de los medios de comunicación de nuestro país pareciera que estamos casi al borde de una guerra con Reino Unido.  Continue reading “La Mafia Española de Rajoy juega La Carta Fascista”

Rajoy’s Spanish Mafia plays the Fascist Card

Rajoy’s Government of Scoundrels Stokes Nationalist Tensions For Own Gain


15/08/2013 by Don Quijones

Since taking office in November 2011, Mariano Rajoy’s government has done pretty much everything it can to alienate the Spanish public. Even before completing its maiden year in office, it had broken almost all of its key election pledges. Taxes would not be hiked, it had promised, but they soon were. Banks would never be bailed out with public funds, public spending on vital services would not be cut, unemployment would be a priority, the economy would improve, public hospitals would be safe in their hands… all turned out to be lies. Continue reading “Rajoy’s Spanish Mafia plays the Fascist Card”

Anonymous exposes entire corrupt Spanish Govt: nobody resigns

1864317-trois-anonymous-presumes-arretes-en-espagneHacker makes public all accounts showing the corruption of the PP between 1990 and 2011.
translated from Kaos. en castellano abajo)
Files with all accounting PP since 1990-2011 are hosted on a website file hosting service. They were uploaded by a hacker and announced through the Anonymous network.

The prime minister Rajoy is specifically listed as taking ”commissions” but his party (PP) say he wont even have to explain himself in Congress

Luis is well pissed off and spills the beans Continue reading “Anonymous exposes entire corrupt Spanish Govt: nobody resigns”

Open the Box! Far right Politicos to face Jail?!

Luis the Treasurer nicked 50 million euros

steal millions

When it became clear that Luis Barcenas, ex money boss of the ruling ‘neo-fascist’ Partido Popular, could actually face jail for stealing nearly 50 million euros of public money, he decided to take down a whole lot of other politicians with him. Continue reading “Open the Box! Far right Politicos to face Jail?!”

#15M Newsletter nr 42./Youth without Future/Eviction wars/Ribermusic


Hello from Barcelona,

This is the (almost) weekly newsletter about the activities of 15M movement, mainly in Catalonia.


1. WE ARE NOT LEAVING, THEY ARE KICKING US OUT – #NoNosVamosNosEchanjuventud sin futuro


On April 7th, Spanish youngsters living all around the world followed the mobilization call  of the Spanish collective  Juventud sin Futuro  ( Youth without a future see NL#16, 3 ). The main demo was in Madrid, where thousands of people took to the streets. Solidarity demos and concentrations happened in more than 30 cities all around the world  Continue reading “#15M Newsletter nr 42./Youth without Future/Eviction wars/Ribermusic”

Politicians continue Mass Evictions, order Police to attack Doorstep Demos

many commit suicide when eviction day arrives
many commit suicide when eviction day arrives

‘Escrache’ in Spanish means a demo at the home of a corrupt person in power.

In recent weeks a wave of such demos has spread round Spain, protesting aginst politicians rejection of the proposed popular law to stop mortgage evictions (now running at over 500 a day).

The anti eviction campaign went viral and the PAH platform gathered over 1 million signatures to qualify for presenting a progressive new law.

But the politicians, themselves mired in a huge wave of disgusting money scandals, are rejecting it, to squeeze every penny possible to help their banker friends and feed the insatiable creditors.

They have even refused to abolish ‘dación en pago’ whereby you have to go on paying the mortgage, often for 40 years, even after you have been evicted and the house repossessed. This is so unjust that people are furious. Especially since the public now realise that the credit for loans is just ‘created’ by the banks, out of thin air (though in relation to their levels of our deposits).

They have been quick to rush in new laws against the ‘terrorists’ who take the protest to their homes and urge the police to even more horrific violence to prevent ‘intimidation’.

no more suicides!
no more suicides!

Some mortgage victims just give up, couples suicide together, or jump out the window when the police arrive to evict them, adding to the growing list of mortgage martyrs. Continue reading “Politicians continue Mass Evictions, order Police to attack Doorstep Demos”

Occupy the Plaza 2013.. starting already

0010en  español abajo One hundred people have spent the night in the  camp in Plaza Catalunya whiuch was decided on last night at the Plaza Sant Jaume de Barcelona, outside the headquarters of the Government, where some 600 people gathered to protest against political corruption in a call made on social networks.

One hundred of them joined the proposed overnight in Plaza Catalunya, which was emblematic of 15M movement born in 2011, and some of them have installed tents in an initiative that has the support of the “BCN Camp Plaform “. The 15M Take the Streets movement weny round the world and led to Occupy in the US.

At 11.00 am this morning a meeting was convened in the same square where the demonstrations concentrates to discuss the coming days to hold accountable politicians for corruption cases.

Most of the PP government, including the prime Minister Rajoy have been caught with their ‘hands in the till’ but refuse to resign.

This afternoon in a demonstration has  been called that will start from Plaza Catalunya to the PP headquarters in Barcelona.


Un centenar de personas han pasado la noche en la plaza Cataluña de Barcelona, que el movimiento de “indignados” tomó durante meses en 2011, en protesta por los casos de corrupción política destapados en los últimos días.

La acampada en la plaza Cataluña se decidió anoche en la plaza Sant Jaume de Barcelona, frente a la sede de la Generalitat, donde unas 600 centenar-personas-duerme-Barcelona-corrupcion_EDIIMA20130202_0069_4personas se concentraron en protesta por la corrupción política, en una convocatoria lanzada desde las redes sociales.

Un centenar de los concentrados se sumaron a la propuesta de pasar la noche en la plaza Cataluña, que fue emblema del movimiento 15M nacido en 2011, y algunos de ellos han instalado tiendas de campaña en una iniciativa que cuenta con el apoyo de la plataforma “Acampada BCN”.

A las 11,00 horas de esta mañana se ha convocado una asamblea en la misma plaza en la que los concentrados debatirán las movilizaciones para los próximos días para exigir responsabilidades a los políticos por los casos de corrupción.

Se ha convocado para esta tarde en las redes sociales una manifestación que partirá desde la plaza Cataluña hacia la sede del PP en Barcelona.



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