Rajoy’s Spanish Mafia plays the Fascist Card

Rajoy’s Government of Scoundrels Stokes Nationalist Tensions For Own Gain


15/08/2013 by Don Quijones

Since taking office in November 2011, Mariano Rajoy’s government has done pretty much everything it can to alienate the Spanish public. Even before completing its maiden year in office, it had broken almost all of its key election pledges. Taxes would not be hiked, it had promised, but they soon were. Banks would never be bailed out with public funds, public spending on vital services would not be cut, unemployment would be a priority, the economy would improve, public hospitals would be safe in their hands… all turned out to be lies. Continue reading “Rajoy’s Spanish Mafia plays the Fascist Card”

Anonymous exposes entire corrupt Spanish Govt: nobody resigns

1864317-trois-anonymous-presumes-arretes-en-espagneHacker makes public all accounts showing the corruption of the PP between 1990 and 2011.
translated from Kaos. en castellano abajo)
Files with all accounting PP since 1990-2011 are hosted on a website file hosting service. They were uploaded by a hacker and announced through the Anonymous network.

The prime minister Rajoy is specifically listed as taking ”commissions” but his party (PP) say he wont even have to explain himself in Congress

Luis is well pissed off and spills the beans Continue reading “Anonymous exposes entire corrupt Spanish Govt: nobody resigns”

Open the Box! Far right Politicos to face Jail?!

Luis the Treasurer nicked 50 million euros

steal millions

When it became clear that Luis Barcenas, ex money boss of the ruling ‘neo-fascist’ Partido Popular, could actually face jail for stealing nearly 50 million euros of public money, he decided to take down a whole lot of other politicians with him. Continue reading “Open the Box! Far right Politicos to face Jail?!”

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