Open the Box! Far right Politicos to face Jail?!

Luis the Treasurer nicked 50 million euros

steal millions

When it became clear that Luis Barcenas, ex money boss of the ruling ‘neo-fascist’ Partido Popular, could actually face jail for stealing nearly 50 million euros of public money, he decided to take down a whole lot of other politicians with him.

corrupcion-en-espanaLuis leaked the ‘parallel accounts’ of the Party, detailing kickbacks and commissions paid out over decades to most of the Party Bosses. It didn’t work yet, leaked documents aren’t enough proof if you have lawyers, money and courts on your side. Over 900 Spanish politicians of all parties had already been charged with crimes,with NONE yet jailed and some even reelected..nuff said!

”Popular” Party’s ex-treasurer finally in jail

As his Swiss-stashed fortunes have gradually been uncovered Luis has been shifting them to tax havens, enough for the investigators to claim he might ‘do a runner’ and clap him in jail at long last.

Just last week a similar jailing happened to a mafia banker, but he was released pronto. How long will Luis be confined to the luxury prison wing? Until he promises NOT to reveal any more details about general corruption of Spain’s rulers and Royal family?

map of political corruption cases in Spain
map of political corruption cases in Spain


But it may be too late for a sweet deal. Now the prosecutors have discovered Luis’s safe deposit boxes in Switzerland and issued demands to block them before he can move anything else.

There’s good reason to believe the boxes contain political dynamite enough to blow the Popular Party out of power and let the (also corrupt ) ”socialists” back to the feeding trough.

And even if the boxes are already empty, Luis is by now really pissed off with his former partners in crime and liable to shop the lot of them if, like so many others, he doesnt get a pardon when the heat dies down!

what do we say..Open the Box

say it again OPEN THE BOX

Luis Barcenas (27 June 2013)
Luis Barcenas, seen here arriving at Madrid’s High Court on Thursday, is accused of tax evasion and money laundering

A judge has ordered that Luis Barcenas, the ex-treasurer of Spain’s governing Popular Party (PP), be held without bail until his corruption trial starts.

The ruling came after Switzerland informed the court that Mr Barcenas had transferred money from Swiss accounts to banks in the US and Uruguay.In light of the revelations, prosecutors argued that the politician was a flight risk.Mr Barcenas and his wife deny charges of tax evasion.The couple are suspected of falsifying documents on their tax statements between 2002 and 2006.

Mr Barcenas is also accused of keeping up to 48m euros (£41m) in secret Swiss bank accounts. Prosecutors allege that some of the funds stem from illegal party donations or kickbacks.But the ex-treasurer has denied this, saying that all of the money was made through overseas investments, real estate and art dealings.

High Court Judge Pablo Ruz handed down his decision after Mr Barcenas and his wife had been called in to testify on Thursday.Dozens of people heckled the couple outside the court, the Spanish newspaper El Pais reports.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The case is part of a broader investigation into claims of alleged illegal financing of the PP. The party, which is led by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, has rejected the allegations.

Bárcenas was thought to have stashed away a total of 38 million euros in Swiss banks. But it emerged on Friday that he held 47 million euros in the accounts. Bárcenas has used scores of defense strategies to explain his business dealings and his wife’s personal income, according to court documents.

To justify his wife’s income — in 2006, she deposited 500,000 euros in 500 euro notes at savings bank Caja Madrid — Bárcenas said that the money she earned came from the sale of a painting to an Argentinean art restorer. When contacted by police, the restorer, Isabel Mackinlay, denied knowledge of the transaction.She has admitted that she was neither working nor receiving a steady income during that period.hh

Asked by prosecutors about his trips to Switzerland, Bárcenas explained that they were skiing vacations. But a later search by Dresdner Bank found that he had deposited 3.9 million euros in accounts during 29 trips he made to Switzerland.

from BBC account with thanks


  • -Do not want to wait any longer!- Judge urges Switzerland to open up 3 deposit boxes of Barcenas. They expect to locate inside documents that may incriminate not only the accused but hundreds more political characters …
  • The National Court Judge Pablo Ruz sent last Tuesday a “very urgent”  international letter to the Swiss authorities demanding identification and “immediate preventive blocking” of at least three safes that Luis Barcenas has in the Lombard Odier, the Geneva bank in which the PP ex-treasurer has three consecutive accounts in which he amassed 26.9 million euros.

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