Deluge of Scandals and Poverty as Spanish elite claim ‘Recession is Over”.

recession over The Spanish Right have been looting the public ever since they first took power with a military coup and civil war in 1937. Now finally the shit has hit the fan in a welter of accusations and counter revelations, 30 new scandals yesterday… but NOBODY RESIGNS Now they claim the recession ‘is over’ after contracting a public debt for 2 centuries to save bank fraudsters

Irresponsible and heartless Political “liars ,” lead Spain to misery and ” deceive the people ” still in recession     by A Spy in Congress

pobreza 2013Professor of Economics , Roberto Centeno, has warned it is not true that Spain is emerging from the crisis : Continue reading “Deluge of Scandals and Poverty as Spanish elite claim ‘Recession is Over”.”

Rajoy’s Spanish Mafia plays the Fascist Card

Rajoy’s Government of Scoundrels Stokes Nationalist Tensions For Own Gain


15/08/2013 by Don Quijones

Since taking office in November 2011, Mariano Rajoy’s government has done pretty much everything it can to alienate the Spanish public. Even before completing its maiden year in office, it had broken almost all of its key election pledges. Taxes would not be hiked, it had promised, but they soon were. Banks would never be bailed out with public funds, public spending on vital services would not be cut, unemployment would be a priority, the economy would improve, public hospitals would be safe in their hands… all turned out to be lies. Continue reading “Rajoy’s Spanish Mafia plays the Fascist Card”

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