Deluge of Scandals and Poverty as Spanish elite claim ‘Recession is Over”.

recession over The Spanish Right have been looting the public ever since they first took power with a military coup and civil war in 1937. Now finally the shit has hit the fan in a welter of accusations and counter revelations, 30 new scandals yesterday… but NOBODY RESIGNS Now they claim the recession ‘is over’ after contracting a public debt for 2 centuries to save bank fraudsters

Irresponsible and heartless Political “liars ,” lead Spain to misery and ” deceive the people ” still in recession     by A Spy in Congress

pobreza 2013Professor of Economics , Roberto Centeno, has warned it is not true that Spain is emerging from the crisis : Continue reading “Deluge of Scandals and Poverty as Spanish elite claim ‘Recession is Over”.”

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