Let the Games Begin: Hunting down Today’s Climate Killers

”Comrades, friends, sisters and brothers.. Anonymous warriors. The time to act and save our biosphere is now upon us”. N.Y.Mouse


They murdered my Children 30 years from now

”Imagine some maniacs who knowingly put deadly poison in the water supply kill hundreds of millions of people, children, animals and plants as well as destroying their liveable habitat forever .. but only after a 20 or 50 year delay


Well that’s just what the Climate Criminals are doing, right under our noses, and they even have us paying them subsidies of $500 billion a years to do it.

The maniacs know full well what they’s doing, with overwhelming scientific proof, but go right ahead anyway because there’s big money to be made.

Proven climate crime that doesn’t kill its victims till 20 or 100 years later is still  premeditated murder, as well as genocide and ecocide… irrevocable destruction of our biosphere, that thin fragile film of life just 10 kilometers high on a 12,462 km wide planet

English: ExxonMobil Building, ExxonMobil offic...
 ExxonMobil Building, ExxonMobil offices in Downtown Houston (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is we are moral persons able to use our reason and follow our conscience we have a clear and logical duty to try and stop these maniacs, who are even still today spending millions to create false reports and deny the obvious facts of climate catastrophe by greenhouse gases.

Our need to try and stop the destruction of our biosphere for profit is also morally above any national law protecting these people. Because the big Climate Criminals are above any national law and stash their trillions offshore.

We have the right and duty to break  law that protect them, just as if someone is murdering your child you have a moral right to break the speed limit or any other law, for example, if necessary to stop him.wanted-poster

We need to try all legal and illegal means. One person who attacks an oil corporation with a sledge hammer is considered a nutter. But if 100,000 do it….

Stopping the Climate Criminals is no different because the massacres are mainly in the future.  The proofs are more than enough for any court of law. The owners and directors of the fossil fuel industries have known about Climate Change for a generation already. Indeed the results of their cumulative crime have already begun  and there is a grave danger of Runaway domino effects that could make it all too late to stop.

intelligent life

Investors and gamblers on the market are guilty as well, if less so. If you have money NOW is the moment to get it out of fossil fuel industries, before you too are hunted down by angry victims.

Only a mass citizens movement can force governments to break their obedience to their Climate Criminal masters. To counter climate madness and indeed capitalism itself we need to counter Runaway Climate Change with Runaway Citizen Disobedience Campaigns, where one person, then ten, then a thousand, then a millon follow their consciences with actions that say..’You can only continue to do this with me and my friends in prison’.

This is sure to happen. As Climate chaos destitutes whole nations the Climate Criminals will most likely be hunted down to their bunkers and private islands and exterminated one by one. We do not forgive or forget. But because Climate Forcing gases build up cumulatively they may take many decades to take effect and may be impossible to be reduced to a safe level, even when we stop burning fossil fuels, to prevent a change to a range of temperatures excluding human life. power shift

Let’s not forget we live on a rock in space, interior molten lava and exterior a vacuum at absolute zero just a few kilometers up.

Comrades, friends, sisters and brothers, Anonymous warriors .The time to act and save our biosphere is now upon us.”

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Largest Producers of Industrial Carbon Emissions

Nearly two-thirds of all industrial carbon dioxide and methane released into the atmosphere since 1854 can be traced to fossil fuel and cement production by just 90 entities

Over the past several years, scientists have succeeded in tracking with increasing confidence the portion of climate change that is tied directly to human activity, especially the burning of fossil fuels.

Carbon dioxide variations over the last 400,00...
Carbon dioxide variations over the last 400,000 years, showing a rise since the industrial revolution. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently published research documents that nearly two-thirds, 63 percent, of the industrial carbon pollution released into the atmosphere since 1854 can be directly traced to the carbon extracted from the Earth by just 90 entities — 83 producers of coal, oil, and natural gas, and seven cement manufacturers.

Almost all of these giant multinational corporations, state-held companies, and fully nationalized companies are still operating today.

Topping the list of private and state-held companies are Chevron, ExxonMobil, Saudi Aramco, British Petroleum, Gazprom, Shell and the National Iranian Oil Company. These seven companies alone have produced almost one-fifth (18.7 percent) of all industrial carbon released into the atmosphere since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

The top five investor-owned companies on the list — Chevron, ExxonMobil, British Petroleum, Shell, and ConocoPhillips — are responsible for one-eighth (12.5%) of all industrial carbon emissions.

Nearly half (48%) of all industrial carbon pollution released into the atmosphere since 1854 can be traced directly to just 20 entities.

Get involved! You + Your Computer = Carbon Detective

You can help determine, for the first time, how the world’s major carbon producers are contributing to the growing consequences of climate change.

Simply contribute the spare processing time on your computer and you can help complete the vast amount of computations required to fully document the effects and damages resulting from the actions of major carbon producers.

UCS is currently collaborating with top scientists around the world on this ground-breaking research—but we need your help to make it happen.

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