Buenos Aires – The # NiUnaMenos (“Not One Less”) campaign against femicides and gender violence started last month as a grassroots protest against the epidemic of violent crimes committed to women and the lack of action by state authorities on solving the crimes and prosecuting the perpetrators.

Igniting popular support for this movement against femicides was last months murder of Chiara Paez (14), a pregnant teenager, that was found dead and buried in her 16-year-old boyfriend, Manuel Mansilla’s backyard in the city of Rufino (Santa Fe).femicide

Though Chiara’s murder triggered a sense of social urgency, organizers have been discussing possible moves for months. In March, they held a meeting at the Museo del Libro y de la Lengua.

“The event was the result of a a social concern, but also of the historic struggle of feminists,” sociologist María Pía López said. Activist and writer Agustina Paz Frontera agreed: “We cannot say this movement is the result of a summons issued by a group of journalists on Twitter”

“There were deaths. Without activism, nothing explodes on Twitter,” Vanina Escales, another member of the #NiUnaMenos organization, said.74827212478e46aabb2eb7a9a91eff57_18

Fabiana Tuñez, a leader of La Casa del Encuentro, said: “This march is not against anyone. It is just to say that society is rising up to say no more gender violence.”

Organizers said they are seeking to have a pluralistic demonstration. Outside Congress, people began to gather between 2 and 5pm.