Greek Anarchists sentenced as Escape Bid Fails. Nikos gets life + 129 yrs.

Athens: Prison sentences in the 2nd trial against Revolutionary Strugglegreek anarchists

Helicopter escape bid fails due to bad luck. Pola escapes.  (see report below)

 4 March 2016 REV-STRUGGLE

On March 3rd 2016, the Koridallos prison court sentenced all co-accused in the second trial against Revolutionary Struggle with regard to the attack with a car bomb containing 75kg of explosives against the Bank of Greece’s Supervision Directorate in central Athens on April 10th 2014 (repeated warnings were given via the media and there were no injuries)

The trial was also for the shootout in Monastiraki on July 16th 2014 (when comrade Nikos Maziotis was injured and recaptured by police); and expropriations of bank branches.

Revolutionary Struggle member Nikos Maziotis was sentenced to life in prison plus 129 years and a fine of 20,000 euros.
Pola_RoupaRevolutionary Struggle (fugitive) member Pola Roupa was sentenced in her absence to 11 years in prison on misdemeanor charges (if arrested, she will stand trial on felony charges, too). See article below on Helicopter escape bid.

Antoni StaboulosAntonis Stamboulos was sentenced to 13 years in prison.



Giorgos Petrakakos was sentenced to 36 years in prison plus a fine of 9,000 euros.

See  also:   Pola Roupa vows to Fight as her comrade Falls

Greece: Fugitive Revolutionary Struggle member Pola Roupa implicated in Korydallos prison escape attempt


Over the last days an anti-terrorist media spectacle is unfolding in Greece. Police released a statement about an incident of attempted helicopter hijack on 21 February; a woman using a fake ID card and apparently with the description of Pola Roupa, clandestine member of R.O. – Revolutionary Struggle attempted to hijack a helicopter departing from Thebes with a pistol.maziotisroupa-696x415

The woman had booked a flight to pick up 5 people at a pre-arranged route, but caused the pilot at gunpoint to change direction towards Attica. At one point, the pilot fought back, being an ex-policeman, who claimed to have recognised Roupa through media photographs.…

He tried to take the pistol, leading to a struggle which ended in the helicopter being brought down with two bullet holes in the windshield and one in the instrument panel.pola-roupa

Pola Roupa at earlier arrest..she escaped this time!

The woman then escaped and so far has not been captured. Police recovered a pistol mag, headphones and a wig which were sent for forensic analysis.

The police believe that this was an attempt to spring imprisoned member of Revolutionary Struggle, Nikos Maziotis, from Korydallos Prison, and they also speak as well of anarchist comrade Antonis Stamboulos, bank robber Giorgos Petrakakos and “at least 2 to 3 members” of R.O. – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire who are suspected of participating.

The police now attempt to reconstruct the “synchronisation” of the imprisoned comrades and locate the woman who made the defeated hijacking operation.

Maziotis is held in the isolation dungeon which is the basement of the Woman’s Section of Korydallos, where members of R.O. – November 17 and R.O. – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire are also held.

Searches by the security forces took place in all parts of the isolation basement yesterday night revealing absolutely nothing.

greek A's jailed

 The manifesto and the banks

The request of the lawyers of Nikos Maziotis for the prosecution to produce representatives of the banks which he reportedly robbed, made the presence of the defense strongly felt. The accused took the floor and said the banks were, “predatory organizations, there was no robbery, expropriation is the reality of the event.”

And when asked by the court to speak in his defense, the accused read a text-manifesto with harsh words against the political system and the judges. “Those who live on 300 or 400 euros a month are not terrorised by Revolutionary Struggle, but by you and your regime,” he said addressing the judges. Nikos Maziotis declared himself an “anarchist prisoner of war”. He described the trial as political, claiming it was a title of honor for him to be armed.

The other defendant A. Stamboulou claimed himself an “anarchist prisoner of war” and denied the charges, claiming that they have no relation to reality as there has, “not been found any evidence against him.” And he called his trial “political” and attributed his persecution to the “rage of repressive mechanisms.”

G. Petrakakos, in turn, denied the charges and reserved the right not to speak in his own defense.


 earlier report
Revolutionary Struggle case 2nd trial update.

The proposition of the prosecutor for the 2nd trial of the Revolutionary Struggle case was postponed for Wednesday 24/02/16. The judges refused to appoint a new lawyer forRevolutionary Struggle member Nikos Maziotis, who on his request released his lawyer. Nikos Maziotis left today’s session and the judges decided to postpone it.

The judges show their coup-d’état-like behaviour once again, since they are rushing to complete the trial – as they have stated themselves – so that the 18 month detention period of Adonis Staboulos does not end. And they are willing to even leave the accused without lawyers.

GiorgosPetrakakos and Antonis Staboulos

denounce the arbitrariness and leave thecourtroom  of the 2nd trial of  R.S.  24/02/16
“Because our presence in this trial leaves gained or lost ground at a
political and procedural level, which will affect similar trials in the
future, we cannot but denounce the refusal to appoint an advocate for our fellow accused as he demanded. Combined with the speed the trial is being carried out because of pressure by the judges so that the 18month detention period does not end, this latest incident confirms the arbitrariness that the special courts and special anti-terrorist laws enforce. For all these reasons we are leaving today’s court session.”

theofilou-thumb-large-1-thumb-large24/02/16  Update on trial in appeals court , of  Anarchist communist TassosTheophilou

the court decided to continue the trial onTuesday, March 15th, 2016

On 24/02/16 begins the trial of anarchist Fotis Tziotzis

who is accused of armed robbery and attempted homicide of DIAS cops. A month after the arrests a snitch, also accused of the robbery,  gave the comrade’s name and signed everything the cops told him to. The last pieces of the puzzle were filled in by well-wishing citizens and cops, who with their testimonies contributed once more to a vengeful arrest of a comrade. Excerpt from the first letter of anarchist Fotis when he was arrested.X-Greek-Prisons
‘In the early hours of Tuesday 12/05/2015, while eating with a friend at a restaurant, I am detained by cops of the ‘crimes against life and property’ force and taken to the Thessaloniki police headquarters. There, after a few hours I am informed that I am accused of armed robbery of a supermarket and attempted homicide against police.
I deny all charges and refuse to cooperate with them at any level, a fact that led them to add contempt to the charges since I refused to give them a dna sample or fingerprints.
They will not break me this time either. We continue with head held high. Strength and freedom to the real fighters.
Fotis Tziotzis, Diavata prisons”

   23/02/16  A new search in female prisons of Koridallos
solidarity banner drop in Korydollus Prison during july 2015 hungerstrike
solidarity banner drop in Korydallus Prison during july 2015 hungerstrike

A new search, the second in less than 60 days, took place last night in the special underground section of the female prisons of Koridallos where members of armed organizations are held. (R.S. – C.C.F. – 17N) The search lasted for some time and all the comrades’ cells were searched extensively, as well as the communal spaces and the yard. Just like a few days before, they found nothing this time either. All this took place after 22:00 because of the mobilizations of the special underground section demanding the immediate transfer of Fabio Dousko from GADA (Athens police headquarters) where he was being held illegally, to Koridallos prisons, as well as the removal of the prison director.

  from  ACT FOR FREEDOM NOW!  with thanks

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