Turkish Hitler Boasts of killing 712 innocent Kurds

The Turkish state claims the killing of 712 Kurds in ten days

Solidarity urgently requested

via Kurdis Cat, translated from     ypgrojava.orgThe Turkish invading forces in Efrin, Syria, is acting with impunity in the face of the surprising incapacity of the Syrian government and the complicity of the US and Russia. According to the invaders, 712 Kurds of the Yekîneyên Parastinê Gel (Popular Defense Units, YPG) have died. It is estimated that the self-defense militia consists of 8,000 Volunteers in Efrîn. Only yesterday, according to Ankara, his terrorist attacks killed 63 people. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reduces the number to 85 murders by the Erdogan hordes. He has not reported Turkish casualties.The Kurdish Red Crescent, Heyva Sor in Kurdistan, who works on the ground in the rescue of victims, has quantified 63 killings for the Turkish attacks. Between January 20 and 29, according to HSK, there have been 163 wounded civilians.Erdogan does not recognize the civilian victims and considers that all the dead are militia people when it is quite the opposite. Turkish mass bombings in Jindires, Bilbil and Reco have caused the most civilian victims.Many people in Jindires are hiding in cellars and caves with incessant bombing with Turkey’s NATO planes made in the US and German built tanks

In any case, it would not be any excuse if the dead were militia, because they are civilians organized by self to defend themselves against the inoperability of the Syrian government and, moreover, they are defending their land from an invasion without any justification or prior provocation.

All the deceased in Turkish terrorist attacks in Efrín, after all, are civilians.

Theresa May has blood on her hands as more children are slaughtered by her UK-armed ally

A group of Kurdish women occupied Conservative Party headquarters in London to protest against the British government’s supply of arms to NATO-member Turkey. Since 19 January Ankara has aerial bombed the mainly Kurdish populated province of Afrin (northern Syria) with many civilans, including children, killed or injured in the onslaught.

“Stop UK Arms Sales to Turkey!” Kurdish women take action to….                    To read more, click HERE

Turkey ‘using ILLEGAL NAPALM’ against ‘CIVILIANS’ in Syria as fighting intensifies   The Express

L’Estat Turc reivindica l’assassinat de 712 kurds en deu dies

Les forces invasores turques a Efrîn, Síria, actuen amb impunitat davant la sorprenent incapacitat del govern sirià i la complicitat dels EUA i Rússia. Segons els invasors han mort 712 kurds de les Yekîneyên Parastinê Gel (Unitats de Defensa Popular, YPG). Es calcula que la milícia d’autodefensa consta de 8.000 Voluntaris a Efrîn. Només ahir, segons Ankara, els seus atacs terroristes van assassinar 63 persones.Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) redueix a 85 els assassinats a mans de les hordes d’Erdogan. No ha donat dades de les baixes turques. La Mitja Lluna Roja Kurda, Heyva Sor a Kurdistan, que treballa sobre el terreny en el rescat de víctimes ha quantificat en 63 els assassinats pels atemptats turcs. Entre el 20 i el 29 de gener, segons HSK, hi ha hagut 163 civils ferits.

Erdogan no reconeix les víctimes civils i considera que tots els morts són milicians quan es ben bé al contrari. Els bombardeigs massius turcs a Jindires, Bilbil o Reco han tingut com a víctima principal el civil. En qualsevol cas tampoc seria excusa si els morts fossin milicians doncs són civils organitzats per auto defensar-se davant la inoperància del govern sirià i, a més, s’estan defensant d’una invasió sense cap justificació ni provocació prèvia. Tots els morts en atacs terroristes turcs a Efrîn, al capdavall, són civils.

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