Turkish drones killed three women in Kobanê

Turkish drones killed three women in Kobanê 

On 23 June, three activists of the women’s movement in north-east Syria were killed as a result of a drone attack carried out by Turkey in the village of Helincê (Halinja) near Kobanê

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Kobane people console the three martyrs’ families

The people of Kobane went to the tent of condolence for the martyrs of Helinj massacre, and said that the enemy tries to break the will of women in Rojava Revolution, and stressed the necessity of solidarity among the peoples and the continuation of the struggle.

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The Martyrs’ Families Council of Kobane canton organized a funeral ceremony for the families of the three strugglers who were targeted by the Turkish reconnaissance plane a few days ago.

Hundreds of families and members of civil institutions in Kobane district participated in the ceremony held at the Martyr Dijlah Shrine, south of Kobane city.

The ceremony began with a minute of silence in remembrance of the martyrs, then Sultana Hameidi expressed in a speech she delivered on behalf of the Women’s Movement her condolences to the family of the martyrs, and said: “The enemy always tries to break the will of women because Rojava Revolution is the women’s revolution.”

She added: “The occupation’s practices are carried out from the beginning of the revolution launched by women from the Paris massacre in which three struggling women were assassinated to the martyrdom of Hafrin Khalaf.

In turn, the Member of the Religious Institution Divan, Wahida Sophie, offered condolences to the families of the martyrs, and said that “the brutal regime does not differentiate between stone and human beings, and we pledge the martyrs to follow their footsteps because we are rightful people. The martyrs are sacrificing their lives and themselves for the sake of their land.”

Wahida Sophie stressed at the end of her speech the necessity of solidarity among peoples and the continuation of the struggle until the end.

The martyrs for whom the mourning ceremonies were held are Zahra Berkel and Heboun Mulla Khalil, the two members of the Kongra Star Coordination and Amina Mohammed Wissi, the owner of the house that was targeted by the Turkish drone in the village of Helinj on June 23.


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