Iraq: Turkey kills 18 Kurds in bombing of clinic after killing Yazidi leader + What is the PKK?

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The mass media won’t print this news, “Turkey is our NATO friend”. Imagine if Russia did this! Turkey can bomb five countries, abolish women’s and LGBT rights, send jihadi mercenaries, arm the Syrian forever war, blitz 8 of its own Kurdish cities, close the media, jail the journalists, occupy, genocide and Turkify Afrin, …. NOT NEWS.. but if Russia arrests some neo-nazi dissident.. BIG TIME MEDIA

note.. this ‘TheFreeOnline’ blog is now banned in Turkey with Dozens more pro Rojava and anti Fascist sites

18 “PKK members” killed in drone strike targeting clinic in northern Iraq

At least 18 militants from the…Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) were killed on Tuesday in an airstrike by a drone near the town of Sinjar in northern Iraq, a Kurdish security source said.

This Yazidi Womens Brigade joined the SDF coalition as they closed in on the ISIS HQ in Raqqa in 2018.”We can not remain impassive in the face of the genocide committed by Erdogan and his fascist state against the Kurdish people…. Let’s attack those who are profiting and are financing this genocide”.

The airstrike took place in the afternoon when a Turkish drone bombed a school building used by PKK members as a clinic in a village near the town of Sinjar, some 100 km west of Nineveh’s provincial capital Mosul, Luqman Gally, commander of the Kurdish Peshmerga security forces in the area, told Xinhua.


The airstrike is the second in two successive days, as an aircraft bombed a vehicle in the old market in the center of Sinjar, killing Saeed Hassan Saeed, a leading figure in the Sinjar Protection Units (YBS), also known as Shingal (Sinjar) Resistance Units, and two of his aides, along with wounding two of Saeed’s sons at the scene, according to Gally on Monday.

The YBS is a Yazidi militia formed in Iraq in 2007 to protect the Yazidi community in Iraq….

see also.. Yezidi Kurdish feminist militia YJŞ commemorates its first 5 years: “Being disorganized in these lands means extinction”

So What is this PKK?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is erdogans-plan.png

note: this is your NATO friend Mr Erdogan, the dead women and kids were the “terrorist PKK”

This is important because while on the terrorist list the PKK can have no international existence and Turkey can attack, destroy and kill who and what they want with impunity just by labelling PKK.

The PKK, Kurdish Workers Party, was originally classic underground national liberation Guerilla movement, in the 1980s, when the then 15 million Turkish Kurds had zero rights and totally suppressed language and culture. It was banned as a terrorist group by the US to please Turkey in NATO and the EU was pushed to do the same.

In the 2000’s the PKK completely changed its politics and tactics. With the popularity of the policies of Ocalan and his supporters the ideas of Democratic Federalism were adopted.

These feature womens liberation, autonomy within Turkey instead of secession, social revolution, horizontal instead of hierarchical organisation methods, cooperative culture. The main influence comes from ideas of social anarchism, Murray Bookchin, Michel Foucault, Hannah Arendt, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels as well as feminist political theory.

Armed struggle was out of favour, and the PKK unilaterally declared a truce, twice, with gradual trust building, flowering of Kurdish language culture, cooperatism and especially women’s freedom… The Kurdish Spring.

However hatred and repression of Kurds remained. The ‘Terrorists’ label was never revoked. The AKP far right party gained power on the back of anti minority racism and sponsoring ISIS sunnis in Syria, and finally broke the truce, jailed the Kurdish leaders and bombed and burned 8 Kurdish cities and invaded Syria, 3 times, to root out Kurdish rebels.

So countless thousands pf individuals and groups can be and often are labelled a PKK terrorists and killed or jailed indefinitely, notoriously for critical comments on Twitter, belonging to a coop, or resisting Islamic women’s dress code….

Image result for yazidis in raqqa revenge
Lamiya Aji Bashar, an 18-year-old Yazidi girl who escaped her Islamic State group enslavers, talks to The Associated Press in northern Iraq in this May 5, 2016 photo. She described how she was abducted along with her sisters and brothers when IS overran her village in 2014 and was passed around from militant to militant, trying to escape many times...(AP Photo/Balint Szlanko)

The killings of Yazidis, with the ‘PKK Terrorist’ label this week is especially pernicious. First these are Iraqi citizens in their own country. Famously the Yazidis suffered genocide by the Turkish armed ISIS. Yazidis are Kurds who practice a harmless variety of Islam deemed heretical and death-worthy to ISIS and Turkey, etc.

The survivors, up to 200,000 mainly women and kids fled to Mount Sinjar where they were abandoned, trapped without food, water or medical care, facing starvation and dehydration, until rescued by the PKK, who have exiled guerillas in the mountains.

Under the ISIS religious genocide of Yazidis there were mass killings and abuse and slavery of women, many never seen again.

After being freed by the PKK the survivors embraced the Roijava Revolution and set up their own defense militias, male and female, and fought in the SDF coalition to defeat ISIS in Raqqa. Now the Turkish regime, seeking to whip up racist and religious support, is promoting anti Kurd pogroms at home and drone massacres of Yezidis in Iraq.

see also…Yezidi Kurdish feminist militia YJŞ commemorates its first 5 years: “Being disorganized in these lands means extinction”/

The designation of the PKK as terrorists and Turkey’s inclusion of all Kurdish groups as part of the PKK gives it impunity to massacre the YPG/YPJ and SDF  who are also thus restricted from seeking international support.

But we can argue with plenty of evidence that the PKK guerillas are ‘ANTI TERRORISTS’ They are something more like the Jewish defense network who tried to stop Hitler before he massacred millions of them. Read on to find out more.. or accept the daily Turkish lie machine.

At the beginning of 2019 0ver 1,000 people, mostly Kurdish prisoners in Turkey , were on indefinite hunger strike. Many of them reached the stage of permanent health damage and death. And 6 of the strikers went on to commit suicide in protest before Erdogan’s regime gave in and at least let Ocalan’s lawyers visit him.

They were striking not to protest their obvious innocence or the shocking conditions, but for the right of their leader, Ocalan, to have contact with the outside world.

That may seem a strange thing to die for, but Ocalan in the past has declared 2 ceasefires with the Turkish State, respected by all Kurdish organisations, including the PKK guerillas, which have lasted years and had sparked a promising peace process and ‘Kurdish Spring’..

Ocalan above all is responsible for consistently rejecting terrorism, stalinism and the fight for a new State in favour of ‘municipal anarchist’ communal pacifist ideals and feminist emancipation which have swept through the 18 million Kurdish population (out of 81m in Turkey).

PKK terrorists plotting on Working Women’s Day in Nusaybin before the Turkish NATO airforce demolished their city

So when the hunger strikers demanded Ocalan be allowed to speak they were demanding the first step in a new Peace Process, and the end of the ongoing anti Kurdish pogrom in Turkey and the north of Syria.

North-East of Syria, Rojava: The Kobani canton. Demonstration in a street of Kobani for the release of Apo, Abdullah ocalan, leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Young Kurdish women in the crowd of demonstrators. (Photo by: Andia/UIG via Getty Images)

When Ocalan was finally allowed to speak, through his lawyers, he again set out detailed Peace Plans and offered a ceasefire along with them, see .

But his offers have been rejected out of hand by Erdogan’s terrorist regime, even though his previous calls for peace led to 2 long ceasefires, and were accepted in principle by the Kurdish organisations where he has enormous credibility.

Erdogan evidently has no interest in peace, only in exploiting and victimizing the 18 million Kurds in Turkey and fanning race hatred among his conservative power base to successfully extend his position towards all powerful Fuhrer.

Because the PKK is still branded as terrorist by the US and EU they get little or no international support. But it is Turkey which is more like a terrorist regime with its disgraceful human rights record, which includes documented massacres or mass killings of Kurds in 1930, 1978, 1987, 2009, 2011, and 2016., without detailing the continuing Armenian genocide denial, the present mass jailings of opponents, the sponsoring of jihadi terrorism in Syrtia, etc etc.

Afrin ”terrorists” demonstrate for freedom of their leader Ocalan

Erdogan has presided over severe repression and discrimination for decades against the Kurdish and other minority populations, including by methodically trying to destroy their beautiful culture and language.

Turkey has already invaded Syria three times, the worst example being the bloody attack on the peaceful Kurdish area of Afrin where it installed various jihadi militias as its paid mercenaries and let them loose to murder, rape, kidnap and pillage, expelled most of the Kurdish population to refugee camps and began a ‘Turkification’ program, similar to that in the also Turkish occupied Jarablus, Azuz, Al Bab and Hatay areas.

He has also set himself up as a world Sunni leader, instigating jihadi type groups in Iraq, Pakistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Crimea, Greece, Cyprus, Indonesia, Egypt, Libya, etcetera, with the impunuity of being a key NATO member. So who is the terrorist?

The PKK terrorist listing by the USA, UN and EU is also repeated like an everyday mantra in statements from Turkish state, and many Kurdish organizations and parties, with zero proof, are branded as being terrorists as well. ..But why is this so, when the PKK, following Ocalan’s teachings, had abandoned terrorism and sponsored unilateral ceasefires?

This repeated claim that the PKK are terrorists usually includes the Kurdish YPG and Kurdish led SDF . But there is ample evidence to the contrary.

Indeed Erdogan regularily boasts to his followers in mass rallies that his real aim is to destroy any Kurdish autonomy, return Kurdish women to semi slavery, and take over Kurdish areas of Syria as a step forward in recuperating the Ottoman Empire. The ‘elephant in the room’ is the Rojava Revolution which he is keen to destroy at all costs. These are easily researched facts, and can be explained by looking a little deeper at the historical context, see much more below:

Originally in the 80’s the PKK was a classic national liberation struggle and being communist orientated was declared a terrorist organisation by the US which ordered its ”NATO partners’ and the UN to follow suit.

As the 1st middle eastern country in NATO it was considered essential to keep it on side, and this placation of Turkish state crimes has continued till today, leaving the big Kurdish minority (at least 18 million) defenseless to the charge of supporting ”terrorists” and making them, like the Palestinians, always been the first victims.

This we hope explains why we demand to let Ocalan speak publicly, not because we see him as a godlike leader as the MMS suggests, but because he is the key to peace.

As in many European countries in the past, Turkish nationalist politicians have used xenopohobic campaigns against minorities as a way to secure their power.

The leader Erdogan gained his now ‘legalized’ dictatorship, while arresting jailing and often killing hundreds of thousands of suspects, mainly Kurds and Gulen opposition, but also leftists, feminists, gays and  other minorities.

The unilateral truce and peace process started by Ocalan came to an abrupt end in 2015 when Kurds took part in elections and gained enough seats to enter parliament. The response was immediate, a quick end to the ceasefire was engineered and a huge military operation unleashed on Kurdish towns and cities, reducing many to rubble.

During the shortlived ‘Kurdish Spring’, (2013-2015), Kurdish cities like Cizre declared Autonomy within Turkey, following the Municipal Anarchist blueprint of their imprisoned leader, Ocalan, and called for solidarity uprisings elsewhere, before being occupied, bombed, shelled, gassed jailed or burnt alive when Erdogan broke the truce.

Given that the PKK, when not on unilateral ceasefire, has been mainly engaged in armed conflict with security forces, it should in any case really be categorized as an insurgent movement rather than a terrorist one, particularly since neither Britain nor the US lists the far more extreme Afghan Taliban as a terrorist organisation. (Canada and New Zealand list the Taliban as terrorists, but Australia doesn’t.)

Legalise the PKK ! EU courts declare Kurdish group a ‘party to conflict’ and ‘not terrorist’

from…/… shared with thanks

Labeling of the PKK as a terrorist organization is controversial; as an array of organizations, people, and NGOs contend that the PKK does not engage in organized terrorist activities, or systemically target civilians.[45][46][47][48][49][50] In 2020, the supreme court of Belgium ruled that the PKK was not a terrorist organization, instead labeling the group as an actor in an internal armed conflict.[54][55]

In 2008 and in 2018 the EU court of Justice ruled the PKK was classified as a terror organization with a lack of due process.[51][52] However, the EU still classifies the PKK as a terror organization.[53] In 2020, the supreme court of Belgium ruled that the PKK was not a terrorist organization, instead labeling the group as an actor in an internal armed conflict.[54][55]

The PKK was founded in November 1978 in the village of Fis (near Lice), by a group of Kurdish students led by Abdullah Öcalan. For many uyears it was a Kurdish armed guerrilla movement, which has historically operated throughout Greater Kurdistan, but is now primarily based in the mountainous Kurdish-majority regions of southeastern Turkey and northern Iraq.

In May 2007, serving and former members of the PKK, set up the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), an umbrella organisation of Kurdish organisations in Turkish, Iraqi, Iranian, and Syrian Kurdistan.

In 2013, the PKK unilaterally declared a ceasefire and began slowly withdrawing its fighters to Iraqi Kurdistan as part of a peace process with the Turkish state. The process followed the new program led by Abdullah Ocalan which changed the PKK from a top down underground Stalinist resistance to a horizontal community wide democratic movement with women’s equality. The inspiration of Ocalan was seen as making the transformation accepted.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is free-ocalan-1.jpg
Kurdish Spring lasted 2 years

Kurdish cities like Cizre declared Autonomy from Turkey, following the Municipal Anarchist blueprint of their imprisoned leader, Ocalan, and called for solidarity uprisings elsewhere.

This ‘ Kurdish Spring’ in Turkey lasted 2 years, until July 2015 with a huge cultural political and economic revival and proliferation of civil society among the 20 million Turkish Kurds.

The PKK’s new philosophy also renounced the aim of separating into a new Kurdish State, declaring itself anti- state and against offensive armed actions, seeking local autonomy, and a municipal anarchist society, recognition 0f existence of minorities and the Kurdish language, and many other long denied basic rights.

Channeldraw: My home in Cizre. Destroyed by the turkish force!

Kurdish parties swept to power in local councils and set about anti authoritarian government with co-mayors.

The labelling of the PKK as terrorist was however never lifted by the USA, EU and all its satellite states, and from then on all parties, movements, media and social organisations opposed to Erdogan’s repression were branded as PKK linked, and banned or severely limited, with members often imprisoned and killed.

When the ruling AKP lost ground in 2015 elections and Kurdish and left wing parties aspired to the balance of power the Turkish regime, under Erdogan decided to destroy the revolution and return to the old repressive status quo.

All they asked for was autonomous local government. Nusaybin is one of many Kurdish towns being wiped out on the orders of Erdogan, the darling of Europe.

Genocide in Europe: Nusaybin surrenders after 74 days total ruins and deafening silence

Nusaybin, May 2016, a European city after a Turkish ‘peacekeeping operation’ by the Turkish Special Force butchers, as in dozens more Kurdish majority towns, while Europet urned a blind eye.. The journalist Zehra Dogan spent 20 months in jail for painting the copy of this photo above. Hundreds of journalists are still jailed. Zehra is a founder of JINHA, Turkey’s first women’s news agency, which was shut down in 2016 under Statutory Decree No. 675 along with 180 other media outlets.

Sara Kaya the Kurdish mayoress of Nusaybin now jailed in Solitary without trial

Nusaybin: Last volunteers surrender after 74 days

Nusaybin: Last volunteers surrender after 74 days. How Turkey treats democratic reform.Genocide in Europe: Nusaybin surrenders after 74 days: All they asked for was autonomous local government, feminism and real democracy. Nusaybin is one of many Kurdish towns wiped out by the dictator Erdogan, the darling of Europe.

A series of bombings, supposedly by ISIS, were blamed on the Kurds until a Kurdish group killed a few police in revenge and Erdogan began open war on all Kurds, since all were PKK.

….On July 20 2015—a suicide bomber killed 33 people and wounded dozens more in Suruc. The attack targeted a gathering of Kurdish youth activists planning relief efforts for Kobani due to the ISIS attack. The Erdogan regime was doing everything to provoke an end to the ceasefire at the time. Many Kurds believed that MIT, the secret service of the Turkish regime, was behind the attack or, at a minimum, that MIT had turned a blind-eye to let the attack happen. In retaliation for the Suruc attack, two Turkish police officers were killed by members of a radical youth movement. In response, Turkey was ready and prepared for the causus belli and cracked down, arresting hundreds and launching airstrikes targeting Kurds in Turkey. As part of the deal Turkey granted permission for U.S. warplanes to use Incirlik Air Force Base in Southeast Turkey on July 22, 2015.

Young people flocked to join the PKK and defend their homes but Erdogan ordered the bombing and destruction of entire cities including Diyarbakır, the capital of Turkish Kurdistan, Cizre and Nusaybin,with mass killings and hundreds of thousands of refugees, .

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is c6jme92u4aeimyh_opt-770x433.jpg

All they asked for was peace and democracy: This is what Erdogan did to Kurdish cities just over the border in Turkey in 2015.

Young ‘PKK terrorists’ in Nusaybin before it was destroyed

The PKK went underground again, in the mountains of SE Turkey and Iraq, and resumed a defensive guerilla war, starring in the rescue if the Yazidis from ISIS in Iraq.

However the revolution continued and blossomed south of the border in Rojava, defeating ISIS and creating a new and amazing direct feminist and multi ethnic democracy for the first time in the middle East .

In response Erdogan has launched 3 invasions into Rojava and installed far right jihadi mercenary guerilla groups, recruited from the collapsing Syrian revolution, ethnically cleansing the local mainly Kurdish population and ‘Turkifying’ the language, economy, police, etcetera.

300 on Hunger Strike – How Ocalan Transformed the PKK into Anti-Terrorists In 1999, following his capture, Ocalan decided to abandon demands for independence in favor of campaigning for Kurdish rights and self-rule WITHIN a democratic Turkey. The PKK agreed and initiated its first unilateral ceasefire in 1999 and that lasted until 2004. Neither of the PKK, the SDF or the YPG/YPJ are secessionist, but in favour of a decentralised municipal anti-state.

This could be done while always branding resistance as ”PKK Terrorists” which gives the excuse to Russia and NATO to continue turning a blind eye to Turkey’s invasions, mass murder, ethnic cleansing and occupation of its neighbour, in exchange for gas pipelines, juicy contracts, military purchases, stopping refugee flows to Europe, etc.

This is why its imperative to continue demanding the legalisation of the PKK, , the release of the illegally imprisoned Abdullah Ocalan, and implementation of the progressive peace and disarmament plan, which only he has the support and inspiration to see carried out.


French institutions continue to protest police raids of Kurdish community centres and the arrests of members of Kurds in France.


Human Rights League (LDH) Marseille, the World March of Women, the Movement Against Racism and for Friendship between Peoples (MRAP), the Peace Movement, the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA), the French Communist Party (PCF), the Left Party 13 and the Departmental Union CGT, all reacted to the operations against Kurds in a joint statement.

They demanded the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) be removed from the list of banned organisations. “Human rights are targeted in Turkey, Kurds are oppressed in front of the world, and, while this is happening, the oppressive politics against Kurds in France is unacceptable.”

PKK protest with Ocalan flags

A protester was murdered in eastern Turkey after clashes broke out over the removal of the statue of the founder of the PKK, a Kurdish rebel group.

The statement continued:

“It is time to remove the PKK from the list of banned organisations. European member states, including France, are now acting outside the law in terms of European justice The inclusion of the PKK in the list of banned organisations is illegal, as stated in the decision of the European Court of Justice T-316/14, dated 15 November 2018.”

European courts deal a serious blow to British support for Turkey’s anti-Kurdish war

Ed Sykes
21st November 2018 0 comments

Two European courts have just dealt a serious blow to the UK’s ongoing support for the Turkish state’s war against occupied Kurdish communities. In particular, they’ve taken aim at Turkey’s highly questionable use of the word ‘terrorism’ to justify its abuses.

Turkish Hitler Vows to Massacre Syrian Kurds; + seeks Life in Jail for 237 Journalists

Terrorists? Says who?

Turkey has fought against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) for decades. There have been big losses on both sides and, as in most conflicts, civilians were often caught in the middle.

But today, the PKK condemns all attacks on civilians; and has reportedly never attacked Western targets. In recent years, a peace agreement looked increasingly possible; until Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ended the process in 2015 and repressed his political opponents by calling them ‘terrorists’.

PKK are NOT terrorists! Erdogan rejected Ocalan’s Peace Plan, sabotaged our Truce, bombed our cities…

Britain’s Conservative-led government, meanwhile, is a “real friend” of Erdoğan and gave him the red-carpet treatment earlier this year. This helped to boost his legitimacy just before an election campaign which came amid allegations of war crimes, ethnic cleansingsupport for jihadi forces in Syria, alliances with neo-Nazislooting, and lying.

Despite all this, the British government has fostered a close relationship with Turkey, especially in the run-up to Brexit, selling it over $1bn worth of arms in the last two years. And this alliance has seen Westminster actively campaign to ensure the world keeps seeing the PKK as a ‘terrorist’ group.

On 15 November, however, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled that the Council of the European Union – “supported by” the UK – had “failed to indicate sufficiently the actual and specific reasons” for keeping the PKK on the EU’s list of terrorist groups, particularly in light of recent peace talks.

The court thus ordered the annulment of the PKK’s inclusion on that list from 2014 to 2017. It also ordered the council to pay the PKK’s costs, and the UK to bear its own costs.

North-East of Syria, Rojava: The Kobani canton. Demonstration in a street of Kobani for the release of Apo, Abdullah ocalan, leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Young Kurdish women in the crowd of demonstrators. (Photo by: Andia/UIG via Getty Images)

Court: Turkey’s pre-trial detention of high-profile “political hostage” must end

Turkey’s most high-profile ‘terrorist’ smear focuses on peace campaigner and former presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtaş.

A 2017 letter from numerous public figures and UK MPs explained how he was in prison on “trumped-up charges” amid a fervent government crackdown targeting Demirtaş’s left-wing and pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) ever since its electoral successes in 2015 helped to take away Erdoğan’s majority.

The government targeted the HDP by claiming it had links with the PKK, even though the HDP and PKK are different organisations. By late 2017, it had reportedly arrested around 11,000 HDP members – including elected politicians. And this witch hunt continues today.

On 20 November, however, Turkey’s campaign against Demirtaş and his party suffered a significant setback. Because the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that:

Landmark decision declares Kurdish group a ‘party to conflict’ and ‘not a terrorist organisation’

Mohamed Elmaazi

In a landmark decision, the Belgian Court of Last Resort recently decided that the Kurdish PKK (in Turkey) is a “party to an armed conflict” and not a “terrorist organisation”.

The decision is especially significant because it means that terrorism laws can no longer be used against Kurdish people in Belgium simply for supporting the PKK. And it’s yet another legal move which calls into question the hostile stance towards the PKK of governments like the UK’s.

The Belgian court’s decision in March 2019 is in line with another recent ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). In November 2018, the CJEU determined that it was wrong for the Council of Europe to list the PKK resistance group as a terrorist organisation from 2014 to 2017.

Party to a conflict, not a terrorist group

While the PKK used to struggle for an independent Kurdish state, the PKK and its sister organisations (like the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG) and the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) in northern Syria) now practise Democratic Confederalism.

This left-wing ideology rejects nationalism and the nation-state in favour of a feminist, grassroots, direct democracy seeking environmental sustainability. We can see this in practice today in the region of Rojava in northern Syria.

The Peace in Kurdistan Campaign (PiK) said of the Belgian decision:

According to the defence, the conflict had reached an intensity sufficient to be regarded as a war and not as terrorist activity or a collection of armed clashes.

The Kurdish guerrilla HPG, the defence said, was sufficiently organized and structured to be regarded as an armed force and not just an irregular group.

This meant that the law of war had to be applied, as opposed to the anti-terror law, and that attacks on military targets could not be assessed as criminal acts.

(De)criminalising Kurdish people

In 2001, the UK government labelled the PKK a terrorist organisation. Therefore, any support for the PKK can result in arrest, seizure of assets, and conviction under terrorism charges.

Three Kurdish woman politicians killed in southeast Turkey

A trial in the UK is ongoing for a British father who is charged with attending ‘terrorist’ training camps with the PKK in Iraq and its YPG allies in Syria; even though he was training to fight against Daesh (Isis/Isil), and the YPG are not banned in the UK.

In 2018, The Canary revealed a Metropolitan Police terror training document that listed far-right British and Islamist groups along with animal rights groups, the PKK and the YPG. In January 2019, the office of London mayor Sadiq Khan reportedly placed pressure to stop a Kurdish solidarity event from being held in City Hall by union groups and local councillors.

Could the PKK really be ‘delisted’ from terrorist groups?

Delisting could be a catalyst for peace in Turkey. In exchange for delisting, the PKK would be required to renounce political violence, reiterate its willingness to resume the ceasefire with Turkey, and engage in political negotiations. In exchange for greater political and cultural rights for Kurds in Turkey, Ocalan would give his okay and the country would see sustainable peace


INFO: The State Department has updated the FTO terrorist organisations list by adding and removing groups, and amending designations with new aliases. Currently, 59 groups are listed.  Both FTO and SDGT designations trigger an asset freeze. FTO designations, however, go further by imposing immigration restrictions and making it a crime to knowingly provide “material support or resources” to the FTO…..

Thousands of prisoners and activists around the world joined the hunger strike of Leyla Güven demanding the end of the isolation against Abdullah Öcalan, eventually successful though with at least 6 deaths

Why delisting the PKK would bring Peace

…In February 1999, Turkish forces had captured Abdullah Ocalan in Nairobi, Kenya. At his trial, Ocalan apologized to the families of those killed during the conflict and called for an end to violence, committing the PKK to a democratic transformation.

He announced his commitment to a democratic solution for Kurds within Turkey. The PKK then implemented its first unilateral ceasefire, which lasted until June 2004; halting efforts to reach a peace agreement ensued. In March 2013, Ocalan again called for a ceasefire and withdrawal of forces in exchange for political reforms…..

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is turkish-hitler1.png

Unfortunately any progress is blocked by the current dictator in Turkey who has boasted publicly that he will ”take back all countries once in the Ottoman Empire”. Nevertheless having gained supreme power it would benefit him and everyone else to restart the peace process by rehabilitating Ocalan.

adapted from….. 


NATO’s southeastern spearhead: Turkey’s military aggression in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Caucasus signals proxy conflict with IranMay 2, 2021In “News”

Ankara’s fourth war front: Turkish soldiers killed in new Iraq offensiveApril 27, 2021In “News”

300 on Hunger Strike – How Ocalan Transformed the PKK into Anti-Terrorists

Turkish military “neutralizes” several more Kurds in three separate nationsJuly 22, 2021

The Anticolonial Resistance and the Paradigm of the PKK

PKK are NOT terrorists! Erdogan rejected Ocalan’s Peace Plan, sabotaged their Truce. bombed their cities…

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