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libertad 5 barcelona

Concentración en Madrid en solidaridad con lxs 5 encarceladxs, 26 de Mayo.




  • Día: Domingo 26 de Mayo
  • Hora: 12:00
  • Lugar: Plaza de Tirso de Molina (Madrid)

Concentración solidaria con lxs 5 detenidxs de Barcelona en Sevilla.




Lxs compañerxs del CSOA Sin Nombre convocan para el próximo lunes 27 en Plaza Nueva a las 20:00 de la tarde una concentración de solidaridad con lxs 5 compañerxs detenidxs en Barcelona y falsamente acusadxs de integrar una organización terrorista, entre otros cargos que nacen de la manipulación informativa de los medios de comunicación y de las mentiras deliberadas y reiteradas de la policía.



Lxs compañerxs fueron, por cierto, encarceladxs en prisión preventiva en Soto del Real (Madrid) donde afrontan nada más ni nada menos que un régimen FIES de tercer grado. Todo por expresar sus opiniones en una red social y en las calles, y por movilizarse contra un sistema que depreda la vida y la sustituye por máquinas y mercancía.



If you would like to collaborate  you can contact us at :


On 15th May were arrested at their homes, in the province of Barcelona, Yolanda, Silvia, Juan, Xabier and José by order of the Spanish National Court in a police operation that resulted also in the smashing and seizure of material from Catalan anarchists premises.

Accused of committing crimes of membership of a terrorist group , praising terrorism, recruitment and indoctrination and storage of explosive substances, they are currently remanded in  prison in Soto del Real (Madrid) far away from their family and friends, under third grade imprisonment.

The details of these allegations are: The alleged involvement of these five anarchists on Facebook pages (Bandera Negra and Front Solidari de Barcelona among others) that the state and regional police forces consider to be “terrorist gangs”-despite did not demonstrating any activity outside the networks -; their attendance at demonstrations in which there have been incidents and dissemination of opinions “that have aimed to disseminate subversive ideas and to incite and / or commit crimes against State and capitalist interests “(Writ of 17/05/2013).

Moreover, the prosecution believes that the material seized in their homes reinforces these accusations: Flags and shirts with anarchist iconography, libertarian philosophy books, gasoline from the garage, screws of various kinds, Valencian firecrackers and rockets whose marketing is legal.

In connection with these events, from this platform for the  release of the five anarchists arrested in Barcelona, ​​whose purpose is the dissemination and reporting of the unjust situation in which they find themselves, we here declare:

1. That, taking into account the “evidence” on which they are based, such charges are ridiculously disproportionate and extremely unfair, which demonstrates once again the lack of validity of the current political system, the imperious will of the repressing ruling class the  deeply fascist DNA of the Spanish state and the latent lack of political independence of our judicial system.

2. That the fact that despite accusing them of  such crimes they are not charged under the normal anti-terrorism law or processed with the usual procedure in such cases reveals the judicial circus that our colleagues are involved in and the lack of serious evidence that would lead anyone with common sense to think that they are terrorists.

3. That his arrest and continued detention clearly reflects a desire repressive and ideological persecution to those who reject the current political regime, which is absolutely unacceptable and unjustifiable.

For all these reasons we DEMAND THE IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF ANARCHIST FIVE OF BARCELONA and appeal to the solidarity of all those who, like them, reject the unjust economic system, political and social setup. That is why we ask for your help and support to publicise the situation of Yolanda, Juan Silvia, José and Xavier, till there’s no one is left who hasn’t heard of the vicious of political, media and police  frame-up they have been victims of.

We want them back, our comrades, friends, parents. We want them home free, with us.

apoyamos detenidos @ 2

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