How to Stop the Climate Crisis in Six Months, by Extinction Rebellion UK

Rise Up Times

“We have to move quickly. What we do, I believe, in the next three to four years will determine the future of humanity.”
—Sir David King. Former Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government.

Given there is a real world out there and we have 3-4 years to stop it being destroyed, we have to engage in nonviolent direct action to stop governments imposing upon us the greatest act of criminality in the history of humanity: namely destroying the livelihoods and lives of the next thousand generations.

The Climate Crisis 20:45
The Theory 55:45
The Practice 1:45:40
This video gives you the key elements of success which people are adapting as they step into their responsibilities to force political change. Nothing is more important. We can not longer afford to lose. “We struggle to name any climate scientist who at that time thought the Paris Agreement was feasible. We have…

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