Vaccine Efficacy Drops From 100% to 20% Effective, FAUCISM Coming To An End? [VIDEOS]

Rights and Freedoms

The ever changing vaccine numbers and narratives draws ‘the science’ into question


Some people call Tony Fauci Doctor Flip Flops.

Others call him Doctor Fraudci.

MORE NEWS:Data Shows COVID Risk in Children Is Near Insignificant, Yet Vaccine Set To Be Pushed – Drew Berquist

One thing is for sure. He’s repeatedly changed his position on ‘the science,’ whether it’s on masks, lockdowns, social distancing, etc., he hasn’t been consistent in his stances on those things.

This amazing little clip of him and a bunch of different headlines put out by Big Media show how the ‘vaccine efficacy’ narrative has shifted.



“So now we have two vaccines that are really quite effective” – Tony Fauci

“The mRNA vaccine, highly effective.” – Tony Fauci

“Extraordinarily efficacious 94 to 95%, for mild to moderate disease and virtually 100% efficacious.” Tony Fauci

“Because the…

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