US sabotages China’s Solar industry and world Climate goals, now accuses China, collapsing talks

Exposing Horizon Advisory, the Defense Department Funded Firm, set up in 2020 to propagate forced Labour allegations in Xinjiang’s Solar industry

Cutting off your Nose to Spite your Face? The US blocked China’s Solar panels after a False War Dept financed Report, crippling their own prospects of reaching Climate Goals as well as the US industry that supplied a rare quartz the Chinese needed to make the panels.
United States bans imports of solar panel material from Chinese company

United States bans imports of solar panel material from Chinese

The US cannot readily make sufficient panels themselves as it will take years to develop the high-tech automized industry based in Xinjiang (impossible to work with forced labour), and US panels will be at least double the price, probably stalling the rollout.

The blatantly false pretext the US and its compromised ‘allies’ used to potentially wreck the global emissions-free electricity market was an ‘evidence free’ Report by the far-right “Horizon Advisory” consultancy, set up just for this purpose in 2020 and paid $278,000to accuse China of ‘forced labour’ in the booming solar panels industry in Xinjiang.

GCL-Poly’s polysilicon plant in Xinjiang

Two of China’s biggest polysilicon solar plants in sanction hit Xinjiang were closed in July after suspicious fire and explosions

FILE - In this Nov. 10, 2020, file photo, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gestures toward a reporter while speaking at the State Department in Washington. Pompeo plans to deliver a speech extolling the Trump administration's foreign policy this week in Georgia ahead of key Senate run-off elections that will determine control of the upper chamber of Congress. The accusation of genocide by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo against China touches on a hot-button human rights issue between China and the West. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, Pool, File)
Mike Pompeo

Despite their 750 Billion dollar a year budget the Defense Dept had the stunning arrogance to not even try to invent a convincing story, knowing that the entire MSM would repeat the lies anyway, even before the

Adrian Zenz China propaganda false data

report came out. A fact-free fantasy only comparable to Mike Pompeo accusing China of Genocide to slap on sanctions, merely on the word of the unhinged Adrian Zenz, a neo-Nazi crackpot in the employ of the US government, and the whole of the West followed suit.

Now on the eve of Cop26 they poisoned chances of a successful outcome by collapsing talks, accusing China for using more Coal.

And this even during sweeping power outages in China due to earlier cuts in coal usage. And even after China just announced it will close down its lucrative export industry of Coal-fired Power plants worldwide to support Climate change mitigation.

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The US ‘Genocide’ Accusation Against China

“Pure coincidence”“On July 19 a series of four flash explosions, followed by a fifth on July 20, ripped through the distillation unit of the 48,000 MT polysilicon plant of Xinjiang GCL, an indirect subsidiary of GCL-Poly Energy Holdings.Also, according to research notes of Roth Capital Partners quoted by pv magazine, a fire occurred at the polysilicon plant of Daqo New Energy on July 1, which has affected a production capacity of 6,000 metric tons (MT)”.

Xinjiang solar firm debunks 'forced labor' lies by hosting Western media, analysts, image #1

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