Police thug squads in Midnight raid on Glasgow squat housing Cop26 activists

Officers accused of trying to break into with battering ram and entering rooms with batons drawn


One activist said police had their batons drawn as they entered rooms, to the distress of many occupants. Photograph: handoutJessica Murray and Severin CarrellMon 8 Nov 2021 16.24 GMT

Last modified on Tue 9 Nov 2021 05.11 GMT

  • The occupants of a disused building in Glasgow that was reopened to offer emergency accommodation for climate activists have accused police of trying to break into the site with a battering ram early on Monday morning.

The activists at Baile Hoose, a former homeless shelter in the Tradeston district, said up to 20 officers from the Metropolitan police and Welsh forces mounted the raid at 3am, claiming to be acting under orders from Scottish police.

The activists said Police Scotland officers arrived soon afterwards and “calmed the situation. [It] was only then that the Met and Welsh police backed off.”

URGENT: Police have broken into one of the other buildings in the courtyard here at Baile Hoose, gaining entry from the street.

They aren’t in the courtyard yet, but it’s not clear what they’re planning to do.

If anyone is awake please come down.— Baile Hoose (@BaileHoose) November 8, 2021


Our Statement

Last NIght (8th November 2021) The Baile Hoose Occupation was attacked by the London Metropolitan Police Force and the Welsh Heddlu(Police). At 3.00am a loud banging was heard coming from the building at the front of the Hamish Allen Centre, 180 Centre Rd, Glasgow.


The night crew who had been sat at the front of the yard, keeping a safe presence on the gate, welcoming late arrivals and people returning from the evenings Cop 26 events and monitoring the police presence and behaviour that evening

(We had recorded 23 assorted police vehicles mostly riot vans each with a large number of police that had driven past the gate slowing down and looking into the yard) The gate crew sent two people to check on the loud noise that was coming from the building and it was quickly apparent that we were under attack. …

There were up to 20 police officers in the building, stood at the windows on all the floors looking down upon the Yard part of the Baile hoose complex. The noise was in fact a battering ram that was attempting to breakdown one of the reinforced doors into the yard.

see also:.. COP26 marchers resist unlawful kettling tactics9 November 2021 — NetPol Photo credit: @YCLBritain Police Scotland have come under heavy criticism after kettling a group of young people at the main COP26 climate march in Glasgow on Saturday, risking a lethal crush for the 50,000 people marching behind them .

The gate crew sounded the alarm to wake up the occupants of Baile house so they could prepare for the liklihood of a dawn raid or illegal eviction. Many of the occupants congregated in the yard, whilst others remained in their room too traumatised to respond.

Many hurridly packed, for as environmental activists they were unfortunately all too familiar with this kind of brutal unprovoked police tactic. More police were also arriving at the gate and a conversation was iniated with the officer who was behind the door who would only identify himself as Paul from the metropolitan police refusing to give his number.

COP26 protesters march on Glasgow defence firm - BBC News

COP26 protesters march on Glasgow defence firm

He claimed that they were acting under the orders of the Scottish Police and demanded to see our paper work he clearly had little understanding of the Scottish law and we informed him this was pinned to the gate.

He said he wasnt interested in this and so we had to explain the piece of Legislation that explains our right to be here. The occupants of Baile Hoose were forced to post a copy of our legal statement through a gap at the top of the reinforced door.


We also informed this officer that negotiations were on going at the front of the gate and the Scottish Police did not have any knowledge of why the Metroploitan police were illegally in the building. It was apparent that they had broken into the property and entered illegally without a warrent.

Initially the police at the gate were not interested in the fact that we had been in dialogue with the Scottish police discounting anything that we said preferring to question us about why we were here in our space.

When Police Scotland arrived they calmed the situation and it was only then that the Met and the Welsh police backed off. The police liason officers arrived and were shocked at what we had experienced.


Another activist said police had their batons drawn as they entered rooms, to the distress of many occupants.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland confirmed that officers went to the building.

“Around 3am on Monday 8 November, officers attended at a property on Centre Street, Glasgow, following concerns for the safety and security of those using the building. Officers will continue to engage with those currently in the property,” the spokesperson said.

A Baile Hoose spokesperson disputed that explanation. She said they had been occupying the building since 3 November and that the Scottish fire and rescue service had already inspected it, giving them advice about fire safety and battery-operated fire alarms, which were now installed.

The activists squatted in the building after it emerged that hundreds of Cop26 delegates, including indigenous leaders, were unable to find accommodation for the summit. There were unconfirmed reports of some indigenous activists sleeping rough

“Baile Hoose has provided a safe home and meals for hundreds of activists during this summit,” a spokesperson said. “There have been a lot of people who have travelled here from all over the world and the country, and quite often people from marginalised communities are not getting their voices heard.”

Glasgow city council, which owns the building, said it had asked the activists to leave last week because it was concerned about the safety of its water supply and the possibility that the building could contain asbestos.

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