“Humanity stands together” – a photo essay of a protest

The lead banner for the march with a list of demands and aspirations. Grassroots organised with no big names or egos involved. Although, a few of the big egos were unfortunately seen skulking around and spouting off at points:(

A token detachment of Tactical Support Group (TSG) cops who replaced the regulars who’d earlier been ‘educated’ by some of the protesters. Around twenty five TSG, which should anything have kicked off, wouldn’t have made much of an impact. Their numbers did increase towards the end of the march as it made it’s way to Whitehall and Downing Street.

The march making its way along Victoria Street with a variety of placards and flags on display.

There were a lot of hand made placards representing a variety of viewpoints, with the makers of them willing to stop and pose for the photographers who were around.

Adding a bit of glamour to…

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