Murder and Crimes Against Humanity etc. – Criminal Case against Fauci, Gates etc.

Criminal Complaint Filed In The Office Of The Texas Attorney General Alleges Murder and Crimes Against Humanity.

By Patricia Harrity on • ( 24 Comments )

note: this case could smash the entire genocidal Covid conspiracy. Check out the links and 30 page Criminal Complaint pdf here, copy before taken down!.

A complaint has been filed in the United States of America on the 17th January 2022, at the Office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. the chief legal officer of the U.S. state of Texas against individuals who are accused of being complicit in murder and crimes against humanity.

The complainant is a resident of Harris County Texas, Jack Boteler who is representing all interested parties who received the Emergency Use Authorization “investigational injection of genetic biologic material (mRNA or adenoviral DNA) coding for the Wuhan spike protein”

The complaint has extensive, detailed evidence to show that the accused jointly planned and executed the development and release of a biowarfare toxin with the dual objectives of global depopulation, and population control.

Their aim according to the complaint, is to ultimately lead to a one-world government by inducing panic, economic hardship, terror, death, and injury to global populations.

Who Are “They”?

Many of us throughout this two-year period refer to the people that orchestrated the greatest hoax known to man, as “they”. For example. “They” have created a “pandemic” as a trojan horse in order to usher in a New World Order.  Or, “they” are violating our human rights, etc, but who exactly are “they”?

Boteler knows exactly who “they” are and has named names and while the majority of them are the usual suspects, and often cited as the perpetrators, there are a few names here that do not get enough exposure.

While they enjoy their relative anonymity, they are able to continue aiding with the alleged offences with little disruption to their lives. For this reason, the long list of names of the “they” in this complaint are named here, for which I make no apology.

They are:

Although an already sizable list of defendants, Boteler also includes any other person, governmental, or non-governmental organization, incorporated or not, including both U.S. and international media who knowingly aided and abetted the denial or restriction of access to therapeutic treatments for the Sars-CoV-2 virus and/or promoted or distributed Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) experimental gene therapy injections (Covid 19 Vaccines).

Psychological Warfare

The complaint alleges that the above perpetrator’s employed psychological warfare mechanisms, which include, media reports, public policy, coercion, deceit, mandates, bribes, travel restrictions, employment restrictions, free speech restrictions, liberty restrictions, and other tactics.

These mechanisms were used to induce the global population into receiving the pre-planned experimental gene therapy, an accusation which is supported by data and evidence which, although already vast is said to be only a small fraction of demonstrable, evidentiary material.

Factual Allegations

Much of this evidence is cited within a 30-page document which shows the international events that have occurred over many years which have contributed to the crimes.

Here is just a taster of just some of the events and the individuals involved which are cited in the complaint as factual allegations which include virus origins, vaccine development, and promotion, hospitalisations, and censored therapeutics and physician prerogatives.

Or take a look at the complaint here


Boteler has provided evidence that Fauci took steps as far back as 1986 to create a human dependency on vaccines by lobbying for legislation to relieve the pharmaceutical companies of liability through emergency use authorisation (source).

In 1998 Fauci went on to fund research at the University of North Carolina Chappell Hill (UNC) following Dr. Ralph Baric’s clone of the Corona Virus and amplifying the pathogenic “Spike’ Protein. A year later, in 1999 the Coronavirus was engineered as a bioweapon paid for by Fauci through NIAID. and later patented by UNC as the Sars Corona Virus in 2002 – a full year before anyone ever heard the name, Sars. (source) (Source) (source).

Between January 2014 and December 2020, Fauci, along with other named and unnamed Defendants, provided samples of biowarfare agents and funding to the Wuhan level 4 biolab for the purpose of continuing “gain-of-function” research. Fauci later told congress under oath that the purpose was not gain-of-function, evidence would later prove he lied (source) (source) (source).

Particularly notable is that in 2017 Fauci warned President Trump that he would be “having to deal with a major, global pandemic during his first term in office” video below


Bill Gates is well known for his involvement in all things “COVID” related, however, not so well known is the fact he convened a meeting around March 2013, which included Fauci, Eli Broad, Theodore (Ted) Turner, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, George Soros, William Gates Jr., and other Defendants.

The meeting which was held in New York although framed in less “sinister” terms according to the complaint, was for the purpose of planning a mass reduction of the World’s population, as evidenced in part by the presence of Dr. Fauci, the only non-billionaire believed there present. (source) (source) (source) (Source).

On the 17th February 2017, Gates predicted a world-wide pandemic at the 53 Munich Security Conference stating, “Bioterrorism has become feasible enough that a genetic engineer could use computers to create a synthetic airborne pathogen capable of wiping out a fraction of the world’s population quickly.

“The next epidemic could originate on the computer screen of a terrorist intent on using genetic engineering to create a synthetic version of the smallpox virus, or a super contagious and deadly strain of the flu” (source).


On the 9th November 2015, Defendant Ralph Baric, from the department of microbiology and immunology of UNC published A SARS-like Cluster of Circulating Bat Coronaviruses Shows Potential for Human Emergence, resulting from his research to create a virulent disease with manufactured “gain-of function”

The report which was directed and sent Fauci, stated: “Having established that the SHC014 spike has the ability to mediate infection of human cells and cause disease in mice, we next synthesized a full-length SHC014-CoV infectious clone based on the approach used for SARS-CoV.”

Baric also states: “to examine the emergence potential (that is, the potential to infect humans) of circulating bat CoVs, we built a chimeric virus encoding a novel, zoonotic CoV spike protein {. . . ] we characterized CoV infection mediated by the SHC014 spike protein in primary human airway cells and in vivo and conclude these results confirm that the DIV vaccine would not be protective against infection with SHC014 and could possibly augment disease in the aged‐vaccinated group.”(source).


Peter Daszak has been a relative lesser-known name in comparison to Fauci, Gates, and Rockefeller, yet appears to be very instrumental in the planning of the “Pandemic”

In 2015, Dr. Peter Daszak, who was then CEO of EcoHealth Alliance, in an address to the National Academy of Science, spoke on the need to promote a major pandemic, saying that “until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present, and at an emergency threshold it is often ignored.

“To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, he said, we need to increase public understanding of the need for MCM’s such as a pan‐influenza or pan‐coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics follows the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process”.(source).


David Rockefeller seems to be someone who had akways been very open about his plans for the global population, I guess it is true what they say, that the best place to hide is in the open, as although quoted many times for years, his statements never seemed to be taken seriously.

Rockefeller is cited in the complaint from 1984 where he is said to have opined on the need to end self-rule government (source) A decade later, he was still touting the benefits of a one-world government and population control which was quoted from his address at the U.N. General Assembly three years later,

In May 2010, the Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network published Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, which outlines a scenario whereby World powers utilize a global pandemic, naturally occurring or man-made, that presents an opportunity to technocratically control humanity and reduce the size of the global population.

LOCK STEP Scenario, Narratives, depicted a world of tighter top‐down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback (page 18). This publication provided the framework and methodology for the planning and preparation of a planned biowarfare attack on the global population according to Boteler (source) (source).

More Pre-Planning Evidence

Rockefeller was not alone in the preparations for the future “virus” or Trojan horse aiding the acceptance of the NWO. T he complaint has also evidenced that the COVID “Pandemic” was pre-planned through:

  • A 2019, WHO publication a “Worldwide Exercise in the Release of Respiratory Pathogens”, to facilitate a worldwide acceptance of a vaccine (source).
  • An Executive Order in September 2019 for a “Warp Speed” development of a vaccine, Fauci later told congress (Dec 2019), that the President’s E.O. had authorised the mRNA vaccine development.
  • October 2019, Gates, Fauci, Brix, the NIH, CDC and WHO, and associated conspirators planned, orchestrated and conducted Event 201 a practice run of their global response to their criminal enterprise (Source)
  • September 2015,  Richard Rothschild & the Pirbright Institute developed and patented the “Covid 19” Polymerase Chain Reaction (“PCR”) test kit, four and a half years before the discovery of the Novel Corona Virus (Source)
  • January 2018, the World Bank, affiliated financing subsidiaries and associated entities, including  the International Monetary Fund (“IMF”), financed the purchase of Covid 19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (“PCR”) Test kits for more than 50 countries world-wide.

Factual Allegations – Vaccinations

Additional evidence to suggest the whole event has been preplanned was also shown regarding vaccines. For example, October 2016, Defendant National Institutes of Health, and other parties, filed for US Patent WO/2018/081318 to create an injectable compound to cause the recipient to produce prefusion coronavirus Spike proteins.

This injectable is known as the “Moderna Covid 19 Vaccine”. A recently disclosed 2015, heretofore ‘Confidential’ Agreement between the NIAID and Moderna, show that the two jointly owned the vaccine when at the same time sharing the dataset with UNC’s Dr Ralph Baric.(source)

Boteler has also gathered further information regarding how defendants “named and unnamed” but including the CDC, WHO. NIH, fraudulently fraudulently coerced, mandated, tricked and conducted a criminal scheme to increase the fear and terror
among the global population by economically rewarding hospitals, physicians, governments, ministries and health service providers with pecuniary rewards up to US $400,000 per case for diagnosing substantially all sickness, morbidity and fatalities as being caused by Covid 19 (Source)

The vaccines were then hailed as being the answer to those fatalities, yet as of January 2, 2022, the VAERS weekly “Red Box” Report VAERS reached the “unprecedented milestone” of 1,000,227 injuries following coronavirus vaccines. In the 31-year history of VAERS, there are 9,248 reports of fatalities following all other vaccines.

Also, since the start of the coronavirus vaccine campaign there have been 21,002 reports of death following coronavirus vaccines.

It is noted, too, that after approximately 26 reported deaths the Swine Flu Vaccine was stopped. (Source)

The Boteler case, as far as we can see, has it all, and has cited the evidence to support his allegations. We wish him all the very best of luck with his case and thank him for bringing these crimes against humanity to the justice system.

Please if interested read the whole case here



DEbbie 19 hours ago

So many of the sourcesshow up as error 404 so cannot be verified 1 Reply

Patricia Harrity

Patricia Harrity(@patricia-harrity) Author Reply to  DEbbie 18 hours ago

Oh sorry about that. I will go through them and check which ones and see if I can fix that. In the meantime perhaps you could take the sources from the original complaint document. 2 Reply


Rhea Reply to  Patricia Harrity 15 hours ago

It is both links to view the full lawsuit. As previous poster noted, it’s hard to spread important info like this to people who expect (and SHOULD EXPECT!) sources.
Please, please fix links!!
Thnx -2 Reply

Patricia Harrity

Patricia Harrity(@patricia-harrity) Author Reply to  Rhea 13 hours ago

“SHOULD EXPECT”? As I saiid I will try try to fix it. I have spent a long time providing sources, for YOUR benefit, Don’t use you capitals at me, I can’t remember signing a contract to work for you, funny that. Don’t be so rude. 9 Reply


JayBee Reply to  Patricia Harrity 7 hours ago

Where is the original complain document? 0 Reply


G.T. Reply to  DEbbie 14 hours ago

That’s because stuff gets taken down and the links to them are broken. Just ask Dr.s Mercola and McColough about that. Their stuff barely survives two hours. No, (since the interview w/ Joe Rogan), they’ve been deplatformed altogether. 3 Reply

Patricia Harrity

Patricia Harrity(@patricia-harrity) Author Reply to  DEbbie 13 hours ago

The files are now able to be opened and downloaded I believe. Please let me know if there were more than the two showing the criminal case. Thanks 5 Reply


Marshaine Reply to  Patricia Harrity 12 hours ago

Thanks for posting the pdf however, it’s not signed, not notarized and not in the proper format to be filed with a court. Once it has actually been filed and duly processed, please let us know so we can help spread the word. A proper document should show ______ v. United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci, et al, and whomever else was mentioned, and should be signed and showing a stamp showing when it was received by the court clerk. Right now, this is just a paper somebody wrote. 3 Reply

michael ward

michael ward 19 hours ago

Another excellent article by Patricia. America fighting back against this agenda for sure 8 Reply


Criminal Complaint Filed In The Office Of The Texas Attorney General Alleges Murder and Crimes Against Humanity – EMF Madness 18 hours ago

[…] Just In: Criminal Complaint Filed In The Office Of The Texas Attorney General Alleges Murder and Cri… […] 0 Reply

Mike D.

Mike D. 18 hours ago

I would love to think that this is just conspiracy theory and internet bs. But, after the past few years and the insanity of the liberal side of the country? I’m starting to believe. 8 Reply


G.T. Reply to  Mike D. 14 hours ago

Well Hallelujah! A convert that thinks critically for himself. Welcome to sanity Mike. 2 Reply

Michael Davies

Michael Davies 18 hours ago


Our whole being, psyche and hearts have been totally broken with this, as indeed has all trust, our hopes and dreams for the future have all been deliberately crushed, relationships, friendships, even the hope of an end to the absolutely profound loneliness and the sheer brutality of it all, the plethora of scaremongering tactics, many of which are almost inconceivable and many times truly unbelievable. Changing measures from day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month which are absolutely and totally relentless; from Police Overreach to what are blatant lies based on no scientific evidence whatsoever, and indeed quite deliberate manipulation of PCR Tests, data and advice and ’emergency laws’. Place three masks on your face for better protection indeed! That comes from Dr Susan Hopkins.

“You have blood on your hands if you do not wear a mask.” That from Prof Hugh Montgomery, who omitted to inform people that he is a Co-Founder, of a Company named Turbinate Technologies LTD , a producer of PPE equipment including masks. Also, Director of a Company named, Panthair LTD who manufacture and supply medical PPE including masks. No conflict of interest there then? 

Source: UK Companies House.

With regards to mandatory masks; Dr James Meehan has this to say: “I’m seeing patients that have facial rashes, fungal infections, bacterial infections. … In February and March we were told not to wear masks. What changed? The science didn’t change. The politics did. This is about compliance. It’s not about science…” (Dr. James Meehan) 

I could go on, but who would listen to someone who has been abused for so long that one just wants to give up living? You have brutally and indeed deliberately, broken families, friendships, hearts, minds, bodies, freedoms, livelihoods, businesses, hopes, dreams, creativity, peace of mind, the very heart and soul of our countries and indeed all we held dear. 

At one point it made me suicidal, because I thought I was alone, being under ‘House Arrest’ and for not committing any crime other than for being a healthy un-vaccinated person, despite the constant negative rhetoric and single narrative propaganda…we do exist! All I can say is that I cannot express just how much I hate you greedy, evil, vile, inhuman and indeed inhumane protagonists of propaganda who came up with these absolutely hideous ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ and they are criminal acts, and for what you have already done to us all (let alone what you still have planned) and furthermore, I, with a very heavy heart, have to say that I truly believe that what you have, so seemingly glibly undertaken, will take generations to overcome and in many cases it is just too late, the magnitude of the damage caused having already been done and this I believe is totally irreparable now.

You have, through your greed and evil narcissism created a world of division, hurt, regret, fear, relentless scaremongering, sadness, pain and profound sorrow. It is a Dystopian world devoid of common humanity, love and human compassion, a world that I would never want to live in and you created this ‘Life of Fear’ in such a short space of time. This could only have been undertaken and orchestrated in a planned manner, one presumes, over many years, as it is all encompassing and constantly eats away at the very soul of our common humanity. True narcissism indeed; furthermore in so doing, you have brought out the worst in authority and instigated mistrust and hate between individuals, Governments and indeed the larger communities and pitted people against each other. In fact you openly encouraged it; I read that you planned for the old adage of: “Divide and Conquer”. You have broken so many of us and that is simply unforgivable. 

What you are facing now your ‘House Of Cards’ is beginning to crumble before you, is going to be truly monumental in human history, You cannot buy yourselves out of Justice, the Power and the ‘Money God’ that you worship so much, seemingly over everything else, will not save you this time, your unforgivable intentional brutal acts against Humanity are coming to haunt you forever. You cannot keep up this level of fear and you are making mistakes and indeed underestimated the intelligence, the exploring minds of the populace and censoring very eminent professionals in their fields who challenged your one sided narrative. That was a BIG MISTAKE.. If you actually believed in your own narrative, so strongly, you should have had the foresight and the courage to engage in debate and initiate a genuine workable relationship with others and developed a democratic consensus with the support of the world populace, the very people you purport to want to ‘save’ . Let me remind you that you do not own the world despite your obscene wealth. You do not run the world. You do not have carte-blanche to hold any power over us, as you are an unelected clique with grandiose, unworkable visions of a dystopian future. Let me tell you loud and clear, with millions of unheard voices behind me…you do not now and never will own our future. Why? Because our future does not included your brutal narcissistic totalitarian endeavours…your House of Cards are beginning to fall as the truth will always come out. 



11 Reply


G.T. Reply to  Michael Davies 14 hours ago

Amen, Amen Amen! 0 Reply

Novus Ordo Seclorum

Novus Ordo Seclorum 17 hours ago

This is an insane attack against universal caring experts.
At Schizer we care:

and at Murderna we care too: 1 Reply


Marshaine 15 hours ago

I’ve searched the Southern Texas Federal Court docket and do not see any lawsuit listed. Please provide a link to your cited lawsuit and please provide workable links to the rest of your sources. It’s hard to use this information when source links don’t work and information can’t be verified. 0 Reply


Rhea Reply to  Marshaine 15 hours ago

YES! That is exactly how I feel. Cannot find this info on any government channel, so no links? No docs? I literally cannot share this until that changes, or I’m just ‘crazy’.
PLEASE fix links! -1 Reply

ET's Cinema PsychoMasomica

ET’s Cinema PsychoMasomica 15 hours ago

The problem with this is that Ken Paxton is not to be trusted and likely controlled opposition. Here in Texas many of us are hoping his primary opponent Daniel Miller will win in March. Miller is the head of the TEXIT coalition, TNM, which has a membership now of around half a million people. We are trying to get this on the ballot ASAP. Almost none of the so called “conservative” political people can be trusted. The same is true of Governor Abbott. They will sell us out eventually if they stay in power. Pray for us to get these people out before it is too late. We want to make a truly free Republic of Texas that will be a beacon to the whole world. 2 Reply


Selima Reply to  ET’s Cinema PsychoMasomica 10 hours ago

Anyone proposing the United States of America should be torn to pieces is a covert agent working for the enemy. 0 Reply


Purebloodpatriot 12 hours ago

DARPA admits HCQ and Ivermectin are effective treatments aganist Covid. However doctors in US had their medical license revoked for “spreading Covid misinformation” and treating patients with Ivermectin. Doctors who go aganist the narrative are under investigation for daring to speak out against the Biden Regime and for daring to question Big Pharma. They want to block every way possible to reach people for cheap and alternative treatments.
You can get your ivm by visiting Last edited 12 hours ago by Purebloodpatriot 5 Reply


Selima 10 hours ago

Hi there, thank you for posting a link to the PDF of the complaint.
Do you know if it has been assigned a case number? And if so, can you share it? Thanks so much Last edited 10 hours ago by Selima 4 Reply

William H Warrick III MD

William H Warrick III MD 4 hours ago

They need to add Peter Hotez to the list of Defendants.


UK Campaign to Arrest Covid Criminals

BREAKING. IMPORTANT TRANSCRIPT. Hammersmith Police Station Crime Number 6029679/21 – Are you planning to intervene and notify the police about the crimes against humanity occurring at ‘vaccine’ centres located throughout the United Kingdom? Do you want to save lives? Here is the information you’ll need to take with you…

see also> Finally, Police Open Criminal Probe into U.K. Vaccine Rollout | Principia Scientific Intl.

The following forms a transcript of the lady’s dialogue from the video interview between Police Constable Stephen Winn of Leicestershire Constabulary and an unidentified female member of the public that was aired publicly yesterday.

If you feel you want to enter a local police station, make an intervention and lodge a report, the following could either be read verbatim or could give you some excellent pointers on exactly what to say.

If the police agree to assist you in apprehending the alleged offenders, you could accompany them to the vaccine centres and bear witness to them carrying out their duties in closing down these vaccine centres and thereby saving lives, preventing injuries and protecting the UK public.

Reporting Vaccine Crimes Against Humanity to the Police

continues HERE…

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