Are You Buying or Wearing Gold? … « The forest is bleeding, I can feel it in my heart. »

Barbara Crane Navarro

Photo: Ricardo Stuckert «Brazilian Indiansseries»

«The gold miners pour more poison mercury on the earth than the weight of the gold they take away. They are like living dead, covered in golden mud.»

–cacique Raoni Metuktire

Gold mining destroying Indigenous territory in the Amazon Rainforest

Gold mining and the indiscriminate use of mercury to ferret out gold are turning swaths of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems into a nightmarish moonscape!

As much as 75% of the gold extracted each year is used for jewelry, watches and other vain and futile status symbols sold byCartierand other corporations in the luxury industry as well as discount retailers worldwide.
Tens of thousands of rainforest trees must be uprooted, hundreds of tons of soil mined and mixed with dozens of tons of toxic environmental pollutants that contaminate indigenous lands for that one special gold ring…

«The gold miners are destroying the forest» – drawing…

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