Women-Haters still Deny Millions of Vaccine Reproductive System Victims and Dead Babies, but Truth leaks out.

Info here is mainly from Marcie Smith Parenti author of the best report “Why won’t the US medical establishment “believe women”? Covid-19 vaccines do not warn about menstrual disruption” read original HERE

  • a) Severe Menstrual Disruption victims
  • b ) Coverup of huge wave of Miscarriages
  • c) Stllbirths, Deformations and infant cardiac problems…
  • d) Uterine Cancer, ADE and Immune System collapse
  • e) Infertility and long term reactions

It came out that at least half of women submitting to the US Covid vaccines are suffering severe menstruation disruption, often going on for months, OB-GYN, Dr. Jen Gunter, recommending that women:

Of course we know menstruation is a key part of human reproduction, without it we wouldn`t even exist – The US medical capitalists still dismiss women as ‘silly girls’, and suppress tens of thousands of reports of severe menstruation problems and ‘spontaneous’ abortions after receiving MRNA experimental Covid vaccines-.

Empowerment. Empowered women, empowering women | by ANIMOSA | Medium

“I have five female friends who, after receiving Covid-19 vaccines, experienced disruption to their menstrual cycles. Their symptoms have included hemorrhagic bleeding lasting more than a month; heavy intermittent bleeding for four months; passing golf-ball size clots of blood; and extreme cramping, serious enough to land one friend in the ER..

Other women of childbearing age have reported becoming temporarily “postmenopausal” after their second mRNA shot;.. At least two of my friends have symptoms that have not resolved.” .Thousands of women report period problems after coronavirus vaccine

Image: STUDY: Covid “vaccines” kill nine out of 10 babies in first trimester of pregnancy

The vaccine companies are predator capitalists. One of the many laws they break is one, introduced after decades of ignoring us completely, mandating that new vaccines must now at least study effects on women, with the ‘excuse’ that ‘sorry dear we don’t have time’.
(Consideration of Sex as a Biological Variable in NIH-funded Research)

Although the CDC and FDA were happy to detail vaccine side effects like DIZZINESS they commissioned zero research into women’s suffering (up to mid 2021 at least) and banned all mention of severe reproductive symptoms in half of humanity.

Instead they doubled down on the “95% effective and 100% safe” narrative while hugely inflating the case and death statistics with fake PCR levels and raking in tens of billions of dollars.

And that was just the start. Women were ignored but right to complain. For the “6 out of ten menstruation disorders” were followed by a great tsunami of lost foetuses, stillbirths, birth defects and uterine cancers, much of it stll not admitted to this day.

And that’s not all either. Still to come are the strongly suspected mass fertility loss, ADE syndrome, VAIDS (negative immune systems), ‘slow learning’, etcetera .

Translated into human terms all this means billions of years of acute women’s suffering.

But the vaccine companies, the ‘Pharma Industrial complex’, Blackrock and their paid off politicians, doctors and media pundits couldn’t care less.

The fact that there is no warning, nor any urgent research into whether there should be a warning, seems jarringly sexist”

Perhaps the Covid ‘Mass Formation Psychosis‘ includes the curse of patriarchal conditioning and ‘Me Too denial’.

Gender bias in medicine and medical research is still putting women's  health at risk

“Women deserve an immediate and thorough investigation into reports of post-vaccine menstrual disregulation, clear and honest explanations of the findings, medical guidance for restoring menstrual health, restitution where necessary, a redoubled commitment to the principle of informed consent moving forward, and (like everyone else) access to reasonable, clearly-communicated, non-punitive accommodations if they decline a COVID-19 vaccine at this time. 

Instead, women concerned about the health effects of Covid-19 vaccines have been subjected to 1950’s-style dismissals and demonization in blatantly sexist terms that stand at odds with #MeToo era calls to “believe women.”

Indeed, even sex-specific data on the general safety of Covid vaccines for women is scant.

American medicine has a long history of excluding women from pharmaceutical research trials, then assuming the effects of medication tested on men would be the same on women – residue of ancient Greek medicine’s view that the female body was a deviation from the norm, which was male.

medical SimsHead

This goes back a long way. J  Marion Sims is still honoured as the ‘inventor of gynecology with statues all over Nth America, some now torn down by blacks and women.

His fame rests on his use of slaves as guinea pigs in a long series of operations without anesthesia to test out his surgical inventions

see also: We honor Anarcha the Slave! Resisting Patriarchy and Racist Capitalism

Healthcare’s sexist history influences women to refuse Covid vaccines which can cause menstruation disruption, miscarriages, stillbirths, deformed kids and infertility.


Marion Sims is a good example of the long history of medical terror against women and black people around the world. see also: US healthcare’s racist history helps fuel ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ for black people…. Vaccine passports to repress and punish black people after the Floyd rebellion?

How Covid Criminals betrayed and sacrificed Pregnant Women

C.D.C. Recommends Covid Vaccines During Pregnancy

They never did proper tests on pregnant animals because there ‘wasn’t time’. Indeed in most previous animal trials of mRNA vaccines ‘all the animals died’.

For Humans the experimental vaccines were the trial.

On August 11, 2021 the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) overhauled its COVID-19 vaccine guidance for pregnant women, now “urging” them to accept their shots.

Women were rightly skeptical. And black women above all, although social and soon legal pressure was overwhelming. In August 2021 about 3 in 4 pregnant women in the US were still unvaccinated , since then numbers are suppressed and the unvaxxed are seen as semi- terrorists.

Reports on smaller still uncensored sites, like this one, were 100% ignored. Publicized studies were disguised to exclude the huge numbers of miscarriages following the Covid vaccinnes.

92% of Miscarriages were in first 13 weeks”- Peer-Reviewed Study demands “Immediate Withdrawal of mRNA COVID Vaccines”

Researchers In Peer-Reviewed Study Call For “IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWAL of mRNA COVID Vaccines For Use in Pregnant Women, for Those Breastfeeding, Those Of Childbearing Age and for Children”

The study used to greenlight the vaccine for the pregnant did not include women in early pregnancy when most Babies are Lost

The drive to make pregnant women submit to the vaccine rested on a now discredited study by a Dr. Shimabukuro (who on June 10, 2021 also reported no increased risk of myocarditis).

The study manipulated and excluded statistics, but was used (and still is despite being discredited..see: The study, though, was corrected last month after concerns were raised) to legitimize orders to vaccinate pregnant women around the world.

Just one more of the CDC’s blatant crimes against women.Source.

The UK originally recommended that pregnant women and nursing mothers should NOT get the experimental COVID shots, but like the CDC in the U.S., they eventually changed their recommendation to encourage pregnant women to get the shots. (Source.)

The CDC’s Own Stats Show 1,270 Premature Fetal Deaths Following COVID Shots but Recommend Pregnant Women Get COVID Injections

November 8, 2021 by Luther Blissett…EXTRACT… original HERE

Pfizer’s animal data clearly presaged the following risks and dangers

  • blood clotting shortly after vaccination, potentially leading to heart attacks, stroke, and venous thrombosis
  • grave harm to female fertility
  • grave harm to breastfed infants
  • cumulative toxicity after multiple injections

With the exception of female fertility, which “can simply not be evaluated within the short period of time for which the vaccines have been in use”, all of the above risks have been substantiated since the vaccines have been rolled out—all are manifest in the reports to the various adverse event registries.

Those registries also contain a very considerable number of reports on abortions and stillbirths shortly after vaccination, which should have prompted urgent investigation.

As of July 26, VAERS showed many thousands of reports of various menstruation disorders, most related to mRNA Covid-19 vaccines.

There had been 1,624 reports of “menstruation irregular” logged; 1,352 reports of “menstrual disorder”; 563 reports of “menstruation delayed”; 803 reports of “vaginal hemorrhaging”; 239 reports of “postmenopausal hemorrhage”; 95 reports of “hemorrhage urinary tract”; 57 reports of “abnormal uterine bleeding”; and 41 reports of “hemorrhage in pregnancy.”

By November 7, 2021, 2,433 Dead Babies (fetal deaths) were reported in VAERSs as Another Study Shows mRNA Shots Not Safe for Pregnant Women

Someone, Somewhere on Twitter: "#FAMTaughtMe Public Record Project ⚠️ Medical  Misogyny Submit your story with credit, or anonymously. Sharing is  welcomed! https://t.co/k8K627t8Ah… https://t.co/1LsdocduFB"


A Harvard study from 2008 found that fewer than 1% of vaccine-related adverse events were captured by the system.

Even more seriously, there were 691 reports of “spontaneous abortion ”; 88 reports of “fetal death”; and 25 reports of “stillbirth.”

Children’s hospitals “filling up with newborn babies with serious Cardiac Issues, 9 months after mothers got Covid-19 vaccine” – Steve Kirsch

How are they going to explain all the newborns with cardiac problems…

Breaking News.. We have so far no proof this is happening”.

Just as we had no proof of the ubiquitous menstruation suffering after the Covid vaccine.

Just as we had no proof of Myocarditis, Pericarditis, Cardiomyopathy and uterine-cancer covid vaccine deaths, finally partly accepted, with Moderna vaccine banned in various countries for young people.

Just as we had no proof of the horrors of mass baby deaths from miscarriages, hidden by cherry-picked statistics.

see also.. Besides Fetal Deaths, Breastfeeding Babies are Dying and becoming Sick following Mothers’ COVID Shots

9 months have now gone by since the experimental gene jabbing began. Reports are appearing of hospitals filling up with newborn babies with heart disease.

So we can expect confirmation to leak out that these cardiac problems are happening.

Reported 20 Times Increase of Uterine and other Cancers since the COVID-19 vaccine rollout: Diagnostic Lab

from Truth11 shared with thanks

A doctor, who is also the owner of a diagnostic lab has found a 20 times increase in cancers since the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Explaining his findings he said that the vaccines seem to be causing serious autoimmune issues, in a way he described as a “reverse HIV” response.

pic.twitter.com/6Kn7T0vLgu— Nicole Elisei (@EliseiNicole) November 13, 2021

The USA is now force vaccinating 28 million kids between 5 and 11, with an experimental gene therapy that has already killed hundreds of thousands and condemned more to lifelong suffering. Profits so far over 40,000,000,000 US dollars… ACCOUNT SUSPENDED BY TWITTER

“Since January 1, in the laboratory, I’m seeing a 20 times increase of endometrial cancers (uterine cancers) over what I see on an annual basis,” reported Dr. Cole in the video clip shared on Twitter. ….. continue reading HERE

The saga continues with the drive to VACCINATE CHILDREN endorsed by the President of the USA despite Bill Gates Finally Admitting to the Failure of COVID Vaccines. That’s an issue for a whole new post.

Do You Have Blood on Your Hands?.. Now millions of Children Aged 5 to 11 are being Injected with Gene Therapy Shots

Shocking revelation in hidden Pfizer vaccine studies: High death rate among unborn children in pregnant women

The fact that there are more and more reports from all over the world that pregnant women who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus lose their children or they are born “dead” is by now common knowledge. The connection with vaccination has been denied and not investigated.

By The Rio Times – January 23, 2022

note: this post still lacks the information now leaking out on Immune System collapse, infertility and long term women’s vaccine reactions

How Medical Misogyny Fails Patients Who Report Pain | LaptrinhX / News

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