CDC admits (by deletion) they were lying on Spike Protein / Millions of us died or sickened to boost profits

from Steve Kirsch and multiple checked sources.. via thefreeonline

CDC admits they were wrong about a huge safety problem by silently deleting the erroneous text

I first saw this on El Gato Malo’s Substack a few days ago. This is not the way to notify the American public you were wrong. Especially on something this important. Steve Kirsch Aug 17 2022

What happens when the scientific evidence is so clear about the spike protein from the COVID vaccines remaining in your body that the CDC has to admit they were wrong?

They just delete the inaccurate statement and say nothing. Nothing!

i know nothing!!! - Sergeant Schultz | Meme Generator

The mainstream press doesn’t pick it up at all of course. There was no press release or anything to let people know.

Instead, the CDC relies on a kitten to get the word out about the change: El Gato Malo’s Substack.

read and add to 386 Comments on Steve’s site HERE!


We knew this already in 2020 but the proof came only on April 30 2021 from the prestigious Salk Institute Report.The first of hundreds of repressed peer reviewed studies showing the Spike Protein in Vaccines escapes and persists around our bodies. Causing multiple illness, insanity and death. CDC and the whole US establishment suppressed the truth and promoted the vaccines to keep the dollars flowing in. Only now in August 2022 do they quietly DELETE the big lie from the CDC advice.

Biden and all the Elite LIE together – Pharma Shares Rise as we sicken and die – video… here’s the proof + Mercola on fertility

see also> Steve Kirsch: 600,000 Americans Died from Covid Vaccines – Substack Data analyst Steve Kirsch, whose surveys and data analysis have revealed multiple bombshells damning to the narrative that the Covid-19 vaccines are “safe and effective,” published the data he obtained indicating 600,000 Americans have now died from the vaccines.

Read the Proof: The mainstream media is being paid to ignore vaccine injuries Steve Kirsch

How to detoxify from the spike protein produced by suffering Covid or by the COVID injection..May 2022

“Key Covid Vaccine ingredient causes deadly Diseases”: Salk Institute Study

‘Vaccines must be Stopped Immediately’ – Alarming Report from Working Group of Vaccine Analysis in Germany ..August 12, 2022

Endemic Corruption: FDA Panel Votes to Drop Clinical Trials for New COVID Boosters to multiply Pharma profit

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Downregulation of ACE2 in Circulation Research

COVID-19 Jab Does Not Work. Here’s Why..

“Key Covid Vaccine ingredient causes deadly Diseases”: Salk Institute Study

Deadly Spike Proteins are main ingredient of mRNA Covid Vaccines.. attack you via Vascular system

12,184 Dead’ from Covid Vaccines in EU.. 10 ways COVID-19 Vaccine could be Killing us

Scam of the Century? Covid levels totally Falsified by manipulation of PCR’s CT level.. 3 times now! – The Free


EUGENICS: Dear Friends, Sorry To Announce A Genocide – By Dr Naomi Wolf – They Really are Killing the Babies
watch the Video Discussion HERE:-Adverse Events in Women of Childbearing Age and Pregnancy with Dr. James Thorp Video

Women-Haters still Deny Millions of Vaccine Reproductive System Victims and Dead Babies, but Truth leaks out.

Medical System won’t believe Women suffer.. Won’t Warn that Covid-19 Vaccines Disrupt Menstruation.. Instead of Answers, we get Orders. .. #patriarchy #MeToo #MedicalMisogyny @anarchafeminist @FeministCurrent #Menstruation #Covid19 #Miscarriage #feministas— mike gilli (@thefreeonline) August 17, 2021

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