Lithium, and Coal, compared .. ‘For every One Ton of Lithium mined we mine 100,000 tons of Coal’

with Peter Sinclair on Climate Denial Crock of the Week August 18, 2022 via thefreeonline

To scale, from my friend the brilliant Kevin Pluck:

The big mine supplies just a single coal plant in Victoria, Australia.

The smaller one, same scale, inset, supplies 30 percent of the world’s Lithium, for batteries in all our electronic devices.

Greenbushes Mine: Loy Yang Mine:

Another visual comparison – 70 percent of the world’s Lithium vs one coal mine:

from Statista:

In 2021, 277 million laptops were forecast to be shipped, with nearly 160 million tablet units shipped in the same year too. In 2025, laptop shipments were forecast to fall slightly to 272 million units.

All of them have lithium batteries

Fun Fact: Globally, for every one ton of lithium mined, we mine 100,000 tons of coal (0.08 vs 8000 Mtonnes/year)

Add to that all the earth, overburden, and literal mountaintops blown up just to get to that coal, also add in the millions of oil wells, frack wells, offshore rigs, etc.

The difference is staggering.

AND, AND, AND – Lithium can be recycled infinitely. So at some point we literally won’t have to pull any more out of the earth.

We are making a huge leap forward in environmental progress by going electric.

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