Remember! ‘Covid-19 Vaccines less than 1% ‘effective’ against our ‘absolute risk’ of getting the virus’.

from thefreeonline on 1sr March 2023 The Most Revolutionary Act and Childrens Health Defense.

Vaccine Makers Claimed COVID Shots were ‘95% Effective’ — But What Did That Mean?

Aided by media Misinformation Pfizer and Moderna still blatantly mislead us about the efficacy of their COVID vaccines by withholding the fact that there’s another way to read the data — one that has more real-world significance . That is the ‘Absolute Risk’.

In 1954, writer and repentant cigarette industry lobbyist Darrell Huff wrote the best-selling book, “How to Lie with Statistics,” with the aim of teaching the general public how to decode the “secret language of statistics.”

‘see also 95% Effective’ May Not Mean What You Think It Means – naked capitalism

In his introduction, Huff wrote: “Averages and relationships and trends and graphs are not always what they seem.” He added: “There may be more in them than meets the eye, and there may be a good deal less.

CDC lied that “COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for persons who are pregnant, might become pregnant, recently pregnant or breastfeeding”. This is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of Mass Murder and Crimes against Humanity for profit

Almost 70 years later, Huff’s admonition that a “well-wrapped statistic” can “sensationalize, inflate, confuse and oversimplify” seems more relevant than ever. For a pertinent modern-day example, one need look no further than COVID vaccine developers’ “headline-worthy” but misleading claims about their products’ “95% effectiveness.”

As BMJ associate editor Peter Doshi and others have confirmed since 2021 , these efficacy data are largely a matter of statistical smoke and mirrors.

see also> Did Pfizer have access to coronavirus before China discovered it? February 2023

Examining a statistic called absolute risk reduction — the two companies’ COVID vaccines barely make a dent at all, reducing someone’s risk of experiencing COVID symptoms (the clinical trials’ endpoint) by less than 1%. This is the practical number that people are likely to care about most.

Knowing the paltry real-world impact of the injections on someone’s risk of developing COVID symptoms, how many people swayed by the misleading “95% effective” mantra might instead have decided to refuse the vaccines —

Products that have revealed themselves to be highly unsafe and, in some cases, fatal?


Press conference after Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla refused to answer in front of European Parliament.. October 11, 2022,
Cristian Terhes 56.7K subscribers 46,000 likes. How did Moderna begin trials on its vaccine in 2017, 2 years BEFORE the pandemic? Has Pfizer had access to coronavirus before December 2019
+.. Pfizer admits it did not know its Covid vaccine prevented transmission of virus when rollout began


After blitzing us with the 95% Pfizer in 2021 went on to brazenly announce its COVID injection is “100% effective for 12-to-15 year-olds.” which led to the authorization of Pfizer’s unlicensed vaccine for the adolescent market, and eventually to children and even babies. Pregnanr women were ordered to take it from the start despite zero testing.

Although the Covid pandemic is basically over and few dare risk their lives with more boosters, Pfizer and Moderna have now won their campaign to make the deadly vaccines compulsory forever in US schools, thus boosting their billions and stock prices. And Vaccinations will even be required for Public School Kindergartens.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-676.png

Many parents who know that COVID rarely poses a threat to children and adolescents already keep their kids away from the experimental shots, but there are many other reasons for taking Pfizer’s claims with a grain of salt.

By now it is clear, though difficult to prove, that the Covid Vaccine Scam has obviously killed and permanently injured far more of us than the virus itself.

Taking into account:

  • the wild ‘overestimation’ of Covid victims due to initial manipulation of the PCR test.. e.g. to falsely signal millions of ‘asymptomatic’ cases.
  • Including in the numbers as Covid Deaths millions of mainly old folks who died of multiple other illnesses and were also said to be or made to test as ‘Covid Positive’.
  • Not counting us as vaccinated until 2 weeks after the jab, thus excluding worst reactions from official numbers
  • Making it near impossible and socially unacceptable to officially comje out as ‘Anti/Vax’ and report ‘Adverse Reactions
  • Blatantly bribing doctors to ignore Covid Vaccine deaths and injuries.
  • Blatantly bribing hospitals to use ventilators, register covid deaths…
  • Blatantly excluding any mention of the vaccine in the media after endless suspicious sudden deaths
  • Banning, ostracising and closing down all reports and reporters of obvious official lies
  • Banning Facebook groups of distraught Vaccine victims with tens of thousands of members.
  • Effectively prohibiting Ivermectin, vitamin D and other non-lucrative prevention and treatments estimated to be capable of preventing 90% of Covid Deaths and injuries
  • Hushing up the ongoing pandemic of elevated menstruation problems, stillbirths, rampant cancers, myocarditis, brain tumours, ADE, Sudden Deaths, Excess Deaths, ……. etc etc etc

It remains to be proven if Covid-19 was a ‘natural’ virus that went wild in our connected world, or an escaped creation of ‘Gain Of Function Research’ for profit in one of the hundreds of US Bio-War laboratories.

But enough proofs of the Vaccine Scam have by now leaked out to give an opinion:

What do you think is worse, Covid-19 or the Covid Vaccines?

Absolute vs. relative risk

In 2020 — just before the FDA issued its initial Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Pfizer’s COVID vaccine — Doshi cautioned the public that Pfizer’s and Moderna’s efficacy results seemed dramatic only because the companies derived them from relative risk data.

Absolute risk, simply explained, is “the likelihood that an outcome will occur.” Relative risk “compares the risk of a health event … among one group with the risk among another group.”

Pfizer told the FDA that eight (of approximately 22,000) volunteers in its vaccine group developed a PCR-confirmed case of COVID-19, versus 162 of 22,000 volunteers in the placebo group. Moderna reported a similar spread — five out of 15,000 in the vaccine group versus 90 out of 15,000 in the placebo group.

When one does the math, the Pfizer clinical trial numbers showed: “The risk reduction in absolute terms [was] only 0.7%, from an already very low risk of 0.74% [in the placebo group] to a minimal risk of 0.04% [in the vaccine group].” (Dividing 0.7 — the difference between the two groups — by 0.74 is the mathematical calculation that produced the touted “95% effective” number).

Only 0.7% more real risk of getting Covid in the placebo group. Even though we now know all Pfizer tests were manipulated in multiple ways. And even the tiny minority that get the virus are over 99% likely to survive, unless very old with ‘co-morbidities’.

so……..-What do you really think is worse, Covid-19 or the Covid Vaccine Scam?


much info from:

– thoughts from 2021 on “Vaccine Makers Claim COVID Shots Are ‘95% Effective’ — But What Does That Mean?”

Sample of 75 comments at original Childrens Health Defense 2021 report HERE

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  2. Lee on s aid: It’s looking more and more like the data was fudged for these vaccines. PubMed is full of articles on the subject. That doesn’t mean the vaccines don’t work. It doesn’t mean they’re unsafe either. However, it does mean that they’re not nearly as effective as we’ve been led to believe, and there are still many unresolved issues regarding their safety.Liked by 2 people Reply ↓
  3. Pingback: COVID ‘vaccines’ are not 67% to 96% effective – they are 0.84% to 1.3% effective. – Teachers Against Abuse
  4. dave on said: Not to mention the FALSE POSITIVES that they can PURPOSELY generate by running higher cycle counts. Would be interesting to know exactly what cycles were run on all of these so-called “confirmed” cases? At this point, trusting conflicted felons to produce honest numbers is like trusting a fox in the hen-house (or more fittingly, a convicted pedophile in charge of a day-care!) These people are criminals!

  • Joopy comment at the original childrenshealthdefense article: …….. It’s remarkable how quickly every aspect of this narrative falls apart upon the even the most rudimentary examinations of the numbers and claims underpinning this con, which are repeated ceaselessly, uncritically, and devoid of context in the media. But in every instance when you soberly and critically look at the factual and scientific basis for isolation, asymptomatic transmission, masks, PCR tests, death certificates, the efficacy/safety of these injections, etc. etc., you find nothing but fraud, lies, and corruption.

  • Which is why they have to resort to using fear and applied psychology so that people become emotionally invested in the propaganda and are deterred from questioning it, so as to avoid conflict, or admitting they’ve been duped, getting called names like “selfish”, or labeled an “anti-vaxxer”, or being associated with Trump and the right. And also blanket censorship in order to manufacture a false consensus which is happily provided by Pharma-funded “experts”. You have to hand it to the conspirators, they understand the human mind/behavior and mass psychology very well, and have weaponized it incredibly successfully against the rest of us, many of whom simply didn’t/don’t have the intellectual tools – due to our historically unrivaled, all-pervasive, cradle-to-grave propaganda machine – to defend themselves against the onslaught. There’s a sort of learned helplessness that’s been cultivated which also exploits childhood trauma many of us have experienced, and most have never addressed let alone resolved.

  • It amounts to fear of becoming conscious and responsible for our own minds, bodies, and lives; thinking and deciding for ourselves, rather than blindly trusting authority figures – first our parents, then teachers, then our bosses, politicians, and media pundits.It’s not easy, and disillusionment is a painful process, but it’s the only way we’re going to stop this global crime against humanity and ongoing genocide, because to “trust the experts” and “ follow the science” means allowing ourselves to be led to the modern-day gas chambers (injection sites) and concentration camps (blockchain digital ID).Because yes, it really is that serious.48 0ReplyShare ›

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