Covid 19- What hasn’t the CDC LIED ABOUT for giant Hidden Profits.?

The agency must have told some truths, but it’s hard to identify those statements. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the national public health agency of the United States with an $11 BILLION

budget. Its ‘advice’ is accepted in the ‘US Empire’ and more States worldwide. Millions of us have died or been disabled due to the CDC’s false advice for giant hidden profits.

from thefreeonline February 27, 2023 By Bill Rice, Jr.

Substack All-Star Igor Chudov just published another important article. This article asks if the CDC was lying all along about “vaccine effectiveness?”

My question (and it’s a serious one) is this: Can someone name ONE pronouncement of CDC officials that either wasn’t a lie or of highly-dubious veracity? Or any single director without a portfolio of Pfizer /Moderna shares?

Partial List of Lies …

Per my assessment, lies by the CDC and other national public health agencies and their key experts that are clear despite massive media censorship … (we have added a few more. ed)

Lied about there being no evidence of early cases in America.

CDC lied that “COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for persons who are pregnant, might become pregnant, recently pregnant or breastfeeding”..

Lied when they said there was no possibility this virus leaked from a lab.

“Our data from the CDC today suggests that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don’t get sick.”. Walensky March 29 2021

Lied about the effectiveness of masks.

Lied when they said the virus could be spread on physical surfaces.

Lied when they said it would take only two weeks to “flatten the curve.”

Lied about the vaccines being “safe and effective.”

Lied when they said that virus transmission could easily happen outside.

Lied about the stats of “cases” and “deaths.”

Lied about the mortality risk to children and healthy young adults.

Lied about ivermectin and HCQ being worthless drugs for treatment.

Lied about remdesivir being a safe drug.

Lied when they labeled these shots as “vaccines.”

Lied about the “vaccines” and boosters preventing “severe” cases and deaths.

Lied about the necessity or importance of testing people (including the asymptomatic) over and over.

Lied when they attacked and sought to censor people who were telling the truth.

Lied when they “adjusted” estimates of ILI in the Flu Season of 2019-2020 … to make it seem this flu season did not produce “widespread” and “severe” ILI (Covid?) outbreaks.

Before Covid, lied about the effectiveness of the flu vaccines.

More CDC Lies

authorBill Rice, Jr. Substacker Rebekah Barnett of Australia has an article up where she lists several more lies I didn’t include in my list:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):…

Lied that Natural immunity is not effective;

Lied that mRNA stays at the injection site; 

Lied that mRNA is short-lived in the body;

Lied that the spike protein is short-lived in the body;

Lied that The spike protein alone cannot cause any harm;

Lied that Covid vaccines do not affect reproductive health;

Lied that Covid vaccines are safe for pregnant women.


Bill Rice, Jr.15 hr ago


The CDC’s officials lied in that May 29, 2020 press conference when they said they would continue to look for cases of possible early infection.


Kathleen Janoski16 hr ago

Liked by Bill Rice, Jr.

If the CDC gives advice, do the exact opposite.

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Bill Rice, Jr.16 hr ago·edited 14 hr ago


Start with the assumption it’s a lie. And a lie for a REASON.


refusenick15 hr ago

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They also lied about asymptomatic spread.

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Peter and Ginger BregginWrites Peter and Ginger Breggin Exposi… 16 hr ago

Liked by Bill Rice, Jr.

Thank you Bill for reminding us of the details of the lies, and number of them that CDC has told us. We need to remember these details so they just don’t vanish into a bottomless pit!


Johnny D10 hr agoYou got it going Bill.Your ongoing serial “inventory” articles about the malfeasance and crimes of SCV-2 and C-19 is very helpful. Despite (still) reading 2-3 articles a day for the past 3 years, I am unable to compose such catalogues and inventories as you have done, and so I am very appreciative, as I am sure everyone else reading you is likewise very appreciative….Keep ’em comin’!You are obviously not overwhelmed by the insanity of the barrage of the last 3 years, and people are taking notice. Your last Substack had over 200 comments. That means something good for the movement.A noted propaganda technique is to make the lies as big as possible, and when the populace seems well fooled and hooked, then they just make ’em even bigger and bolder, and more incessantly so.As long as some of the big corporations and bureaucracies keep lying, then all of the rest of the minor minions will want to lie also. They will vigorously defend their lies and that just makes it go ’round more.But if just one big corporation, institution, or bureaucracy starts telling the truth, some of the others will follow suit, and then we might see some breakthrough progress. This can happen. We pray for this kind of truth cascade.At some point in this curve a great chastisement is coming and these people are going to have their lying hearts put on pause, and their mouths washed out with hot soapy water, with maybe some lye and bleach added in.


Bill Rice, Jr.9 hr ago


My wife and I were just having a conversation about that SC family that was involved in so many murders and so much corruption. They were thought to be untouchable forever. Now everyone is suing them and going after them – probably because one journalist told the true story …. so the walls can come tumbling down in a hurry – even with people or organizations believed to be untouchable.


Steve Kirsch

Writes Steve Kirsch’s newsletter 15 hr ago

Liked by Bill Rice, Jr.

So much u missed… six foot rule, safe in pregnancy, …

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Bill Rice, Jr.14 hr ago


Yes, you could quickly double the list. Readers keep giving more examples. I did note this was a “partial” list.


__15 hr ago

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We know they lied about the “14 times more likely” stats, because the evidence is available to prove they gamed the figures.

The “14 times” comes from the April to December 2021 CDC analysis, and the graphs from it were bandied about all over the media and at Whie House press conferences.

That’s here:

In it, the definition of a “covid associated death” is as set out in this referenced document:

As you can see from that, it includes anyone testing positive in the last 30 days and dying for another reason.

The way the data was gamed was by using that criteria and then telling those who were vaccinated that they didn’t have to do routine testing.

That was done first for those travelling on 2 April:

And secondly for anyone including those not travelling on 31 May:

Obviously if only the unvaccinated have to do tests, then the vast majority of “positive” test results will be from those who are unvaccinated and therefore have to take the tests routinely.

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Bobby14 hr ago

Liked by Bill Rice, Jr.

Here is something they didn’t lie about…Remember, they said, “We admit, mistakes were made.”

Oh wait, that is actually a lie too. There were no “mistakes”, they were all deliberate lies!

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Bill Rice, Jr.14 hr ago


Another trait of liars: When they come clean or “confess,” they often do so with more lies.

If memory serves, former VP candidate John Edwards told about five lies when he confessed that he’d had an affair.


JimychangaWrites Surfing the New Normal 14 hr ago

Liked by Bill Rice, Jr.

What a disgusting, rigged system. They’ll take your livelihood, reputation and licenses if you resist their criminally defective products, but it’s ” let them eat cake” when you’re injured by one of their exploding pintos. Wtf?

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Bill Rice, Jr.14 hr ago


They are definitely not afraid to use “the stick.” That’s another reason these people and organizations are so dangerous.


authoreyezingWrites A Light to Trust 15 hr ago

Liked by Bill Rice, Jr.

Won’t tomorrow at 2 pm EST be delicious when the 3 Doctor-peers–Bhattacharya, Kuldorff & Makary–call them all out in the House Committee for Oversight and Accountability! Details and link here:

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Mrs. McFarlandWrites Mrs.’s Substack 14 hr agoThank you…MUST SEE TV!!!

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M J Kelly MDWrites MJ’s Newsletter 16 hr ago

Liked by Bill Rice, Jr.

Of course they were gaslighting the world. Their job was to be the “trusted” public relations arm of the Department of Defense worldwide biomedical security psyop.

They have never done a controlled placebo / vaccine study for any of the vaccines on their recommended list.

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Virginia Heaton16 hr ago

Liked by Bill Rice, Jr.

The CDC has destroyed our medical system. Doctors choosing to side with the CDC have lost all credibility. Hospitals that took money from the FEDS have lost all credibility. However the goal of this REGIME is to destroy the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 🇺🇸 and they are very close to achieving that goal. WAKE UP AMERICA! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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COVID19 HOAX – CDC Is Getting Sued – They Never Isolated The Virus! # …

Bill Rice, Jr.15 hr ago


So many groups and trusted officials are so eager to join forces with … (I hate to say it) liars. The liars are in control.


Mrs. McFarlandWrites Mrs.’s Substack 14 hr ago

Liked by Bill Rice, Jr.

Oh…LIED about the need to vaccinate children!!! Our children!!!

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David Cashion15 hr ago

Liked by Bill Rice, Jr.

Government departments are not legislators.

Legislators have neglected thier jobs.

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Bill Rice, Jr.15 hr ago


The legislators lied when they said they would uphold the Constitution.


J.R.14 hr ago

Liked by Bill Rice, Jr.

Thank you Bill. We have certainly been lied to again and again by people in the Public and Private sectors that have been getting filthy rich by lying to and stealing from the taxpayers!

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Aliss Terpstra15 hr ago

Liked by Bill Rice, Jr.

Good thing there is no statute under which to prosecute the CDC (or any other federal agency) for even one lie, no matter how many citizens are harmed and killed. (Sarcasm)

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Mrs. McFarlandWrites Mrs.’s Substack 15 hr ago

Liked by Bill Rice, Jr.

Fool me 15 times??? Still shame on the CDC!! “ People should be able to trust their government agencies.” No shit Sherlock! But sadly, at the moment due to this endless lying about a myriad of events, I do not trust one single agency or branch of our Government! Great piece Bill!!

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Bill Rice, Jr.15 hr ago·edited 15 hr ago


A few people have asked me why I keep trying to make such a big deal out of my “early spread” research/investigations. The rejoinder is “Well, the virus was unleashed on the world somehow; why does it even matter when it happened?”

My main answer is: Because I want the liars to be exposed as liars. We shouldn’t trust the experts. Especially since they have so much power and control over our lives and futures.


Mrs. McFarlandWrites Mrs.’s Substack 15 hr ago

Liked by Bill Rice, Jr.

My 40 year old son is a realtor in NYC and ironically today is moving back to New Jersey because NYC is THAT bad. Anyway, people in his office we’re getting very sick with “ something” in October 2019 and in their apt building by mid November , multiple cases of a bad flu were being reported. Their apt was two blocks from Jacob Javitz and the docked Mercy ship so they witnessed so many sick people not being able to receive treatment. So there were indeed intentional methods to their madness .

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Cathleen Manny10 hr agoIn January in February 2020, everyone I knew who had kids in elementary school said their kids had a ‘weird flu’ in Nov/Dec 2019. Which, they of course recovered from just fine. I’m in the Midwest USA.

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A few other questions …

Do liars continue to lie? Will liars lie again?

Do liars often try to cover-up their lies?

Do liars in positions of great power often attack people who try to expose their lies?

Is it smart to continue to trust proven or known liars?

How many lies does some person or agency have to tell before people start to realize they are listening to a liar?

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