NATO okays Turkish genocide of 170K trapped Afrin refugees in Tell Rifaat/Shebha enclave

The Free

Turkish genocide approved by depraved NATO with okay to attack 170,000 Kurdish refugees in Tal Rifaat/Shebha enclave..

from ANF , SOHR, Kongra Star, @RojavaIC … via thefreeonline
3rd July 2022, ANHA photos..Local children dare to throw stones as thousands of jihadi mercenaries gather like rabid jackals to loot kill rape and kidnap 170,000 refugees from Evil Erdogan’s 2018 conquest and ethnic genocide in Afrin. All trapped in the small enclave of Tal Rifaat and Shebha

Why Why Why? The 2nd biggest NATO army starts artillery and deploys with its jihadi mercenaries to invade and ‘Turkify’ 5 big refugee camps of families it already expelled from Afrin. Families who survive constant blockades, drone and Artillery attacks.

Because these people will not lie down. Because they live, work and fight in common with complete equality for women and smaller communities, Yazidis, Christians, Arabs and others trapped here. Because by genociding…

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