Canada Province Vows to end Covid restrictions from Feb 7th, others to follow, as Freedom movement escalates

Major protests of millions of people over vaccination requirements for long-haul truck drivers are continuing and growing despite an attempted media blackout worldwide.

Saskatchewan province has had only 1,000 fatalities since pandemic began. And most of them were ‘co-morbidities’. Deaths from ‘just Omicron’ are near zero around the planet, and fear-mongering campaigns for vaccine boosters have only shown that they are little or zero effective.

Police forces have tacitly tolerated the Freedom Convoys and yesterday Ottawa denied that ‘unreliable’ military forces will be called in (3rd Feb).

In addition to dropping the remaining restrictions, beginning February 7th, Saskatchewan province will limit access to PCR testing to “priority populations,”, according to interim Health Authority chief Derek Miller.

Other Canadian provinces are expected to also quickly abandon illogical measures retained and expanded for social control.

Premier Justin Trudeau, who is a leader of the ‘Great Reset’ conspiracy was reported to be in hiding and has made hysterical TV appearances, attacking and insulting the protestors as ‘far right fringe elements’, though polls suggest 53% oppose forced vaccination.

Walk-in and drive-through test sites previously open to the general public will also be shuttered fro Feb 7th, and the government will stop providing weekly updates on new Covid cases, deaths, testing and vaccinations.

Other Canadian provinces have also hinted at dropping some of their restrictions, with the country’s most populous region of Ontario unveiling plans to gradually scale back its measures late last month.

2 Feb, 2022 Plan to tax unvaccinated dropped to avoid ‘angry’ backlash Quebec’s premier said the controversial plan would only further divide Canadians

Alberta’s chief health officer, Deena Hinshaw, also recently argued that such restrictions cannot be used “in the long-term,” suggesting it, too, could look to drop them soon. 

Trudeau in Hiding

Covid-19 measures and associated mandates have become a hot topic of debate across Canada .

Major protests of millions of people over vaccination requirements for long-haul truck drivers have erupted in its capital city of Ottawa and at multiple locations near the border with the United States, creating a blockade of trucks that effectively shut down border crossings in Alberta.

The regional government argues that residents are tired of intrusions into their lives and a perpetual state of panic triggered by the pandemic.


NOTE: TheFreeOnline got banned again for 7 days by Twitter on 3rd feb, for sharing this post above: “Post Omicron Immunity! Time to Quit addictive Vaccines! – But treble vaxxed going Negatively Immune.. info by Joseph Mercola” . NOTE: this post also contains links to the Covid Critical Care Alliance, a non profit, Covid prevention and treatment Protocol that has saved thousands. Readers often follow the link and it’s quite possible Twitter has killed someone by removing this fact checked post.


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