Bonobos can inspire us to make our democracies more peaceful — Palm Oil Detectives

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Bonobos, sometimes called the “forgotten ape” due to their recent discovery and small numbers, titillate the democrat’s imagination. Before the 1970s, certain primatologists thought bonobos were strange chimpanzees because females govern in this primate society. Frans de Waal, the primatologist and popular writer, has done much to explain the fascinating lives of these “peace-loving apes” and how they are changing the story of human evolution. Jean-Paul Gagnon, University of Canberra Bonobos are unique among apes for how they settle day-to-day conflicts. Personalities and social standing are evident in their society. Squabbles are frequent within or between groups. Bonobos defuse[…]

Bonobos can inspire us to make our democracies more peaceful — Palm Oil Detectives

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