Mariupol Trap: Ukrainian Nazis Kill Civilians, As Russians Approach (Videos 18+)

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Mariupol is a big port city, mainly ethnic Russian, situated in the part of Donetsk still controlled by Ukraine, between the Russian controlled areas of Donetsk Repuiblic (DPR) and Crimea. The Ukranian Nazis aim to again keep the city by any means (as they did in 2014) and have prepared a trap which threatens to cause a bloodbath as Russian troops close in.

On February 26, Ukrainian nazi forces killed a family, who were trying to leave the city of Mariupol. Then, they opened fire on other civilian cars.

The DPR sources shared the following map showing the positions of the joint forces in the region (26th Feb 22):

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The situation in the city remains tense. While the joint Russian, DPR forces are advancing to the city, members of Nazi units like Azov and Gaidar are ‘cleaning’ Mariupol from alleged ‘Russian saboteurs’, killing civilians who are trying to flee from the ‘hostage’ in the city.

While civilians were prohibited to leave the city, more Ukrainian heavy equipment is being deployed on the streets of Mariupol. The Ukrainian tank took its position between two schools:

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In the afternoon, Russian troops renewed their advance towards Mariupol.

Following the advance of the Crimean group of Russian troops, which has passed through Berdyansk, the DPR forces reportedly managed to cut off Volnovakha from Mariupol and now can target the route to Mariupol. Ukrainian forces are close to be trapped in the city.

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Acting mayor of Berdyansk (to the west of Mariupol) Alexander Svidlo reported that Russian troops were moving toward Mariupol and the Berdiansk airport.

“Part of (Russian) forces that was near Primorsk went in the direction of Mariupol. Part of the heavy military equipment is heading near the village of Azovskoye, following cross-country terrain, towards Berdyansk airport. As for the shooting heard by the locals: we have no information about any strikes on residential buildings or infrastructure facilities“. – Svidlo claimed.

The troops are moving with air support from the Russian Air Force. The Russian Air Force conducted at least six strikes on UAF positions in Sartana, north of Mariupol.

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Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On February 26, 2022 (Map Update)

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